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Twitter As A Professional Development Tool
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Twitter As A Professional Development Tool


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An introduction to Twitter for educators.

An introduction to Twitter for educators.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. And how it can help you
  • 2.  
  • 3. Twitter is a Microblogging Tool
    • Found at
    • Free membership
    • Sharing ideas in short form (140 characters or less)
    • Allows you to “follow” anyone with an account (you see everything they post)
    • You will receive teaching tips, suggested resources, lessons that work, as well as news in the education field
    • You can post questions, concerns, news. “What interests you.” Those who follow you will see your posts.
  • 4. Why would educators use it?
    • Simplest form of professional development
    • Connect with experts in the education field located all over the world
    • Targeted feedback and resources from peers
    • Get the latest news quickly
    • Establish a PLN
    • It’s easy and fast
  • 5. How to Begin Sign up
  • 6. Set up user name and password
  • 7. Main Page Type your entry, press update Your Username, Following, Followers Tweets You Receive
  • 8. Twitter Etiquette
    • Don’t type in all capital letters
    • Tweets should be less than 140 characters (128) so they can be retweeted.
    • You can reply to anyone by clicking on the arrow next to a tweet, but remember: everyone who follows you can see your tweets
    • If you think something is important, retweet by copying post and placing RT @ before it. Always give credit.
    • Think about adding to the conversation
    • As teachers, professional tone should be norm
    • Don’t overtweet
  • 9. Who to follow?
    • You can search for people by name.
    • Those you’ve read, seen at conferences, heard about
    • Experts in field (try WeFollow or Twitter for Teachers) links on smmfaculty wiki
  • 10. You can control who follows you
    • You will receive an email message every time someone requests to follow you.
    • You can accept or block.
    • You will have spammers following, can eliminate by looking at followers list and eliminating.
  • 11.  
  • 12. Contact Information
    • Created by Lauren M. Bott, Librarian, St. Mary Magdalen School, Wilmington DE
    • Questions? [email_address] , Twitter: lbott