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Dating violence and rape
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Dating violence and rape






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Dating violence and rape Dating violence and rape Presentation Transcript

  • Sexual Assault Sexual Assault – Sexual contact that occurswithout the explicit consent of the recipient ofthe behavior. Such contact can take the form of: Harassment Exposing/Flashing Forcing a person to pose for sexual pictures Fondling Unwanted sexual touching or penetration with anyobject
  • Rape Rape – forced sexualintercourse, includingvaginal, anal or oralpenetration. Penetration may be by abody part or an object. Rape may be forcedthrough threats, physicalforce, or psychologicalcoercion. Women, men, and childrenmay be victims ofrape, and victims may bestraight or gay.
  • Date Rape: It can happen toanyone Date rape is difficult to talk about Date rape is a serious crime Date rape is a violation of one’s body and trust Behaviors in date rape are the same as rapeby a stranger or by an acquaintance orsomeone in your family Date rape has nothing to do with love orpassion
  • If Date Rape Happens to You Remember that rape is rape. You are not toblame. Know that action against the rapist canprevent others from becoming victims. Get help immediately. Phone the police, a friend,a rape crisis center, a relative. Don’t isolateyourself, don’t feel guilty or ashamed, and don’ttry to ignore it. It is a crime that should bereported.
  • If It Happens To You Get medical attention as soon as possible. Donot shower, wash, or change your clothes.Valuable evidence could be destroyed. Get counseling to help you through therecovery process. Rape is a traumaticexperience and trained counselors can makerecovery easier and quicker.
  • Why Does It Happen? Although things are changing,society still frequentlyencourages men to becompetitive and aggressiveand teaches women to bepassive and avoidconfrontation. Men say they misunderstanda woman’s words and actions– the excuse, “She said no,but meant yes”.
  • Facts and Myths About DateRape Rape is onlycommitted bystrangers in darkalleys and parkinglots. As many as 84% ofwomen are raped bysomeone they know,such as friends,family or anacquaintance.Myth Fact
  • Facts and Myths About DateRape If a woman israped, then shemust have deservedit, especially if sheagreed to go to theman’s room or woresexy clothing. No one deserves tobe raped. Being in aman’s room orwearing revealingclothing does notmean a woman hasagreed to have sex.Myth Fact
  • Facts and Myths About DateRape Women who don’tphysically fight backhaven’t been raped. If a woman did not orcould not consent tohaving sex, it isconsidered rape.Forcing a woman tohave sex against herwill, whether shephysically fights backor not, is rape, plainand simple.Myth Fact
  • Facts and Myths About DateRape If there isn’t aweaponinvolved, youhaven’t been raped. Whether the manuses a weapon, hisfists, the weight ofhis body, verbalthreats, drugs, alcohol, or takesadvantage of awoman’s diminishedphysical or mentalstate to force her tohave sex, it is rape.Myth Fact
  • Facts and Myths About DateRape It’s not rape if theman is her boyfriendor husband or if theyhave had sex before A woman has theright to decide whatshe does with herbody at all times – ifshe does not wantto have sex, it is herdecision, even if shewillingly had sexwith the man before.Myth Fact
  • Facts and Myths About DateRape When a womanagrees to “makeout” with a man, sheis implying that shewill have intercoursewith him, too. Everyone has theright to say “no” tosexual activity,regardless of whathas preceded it, andto have that “no”respected.Myth Fact
  • Facts and Myths About DateRape Women lie aboutbeing raped,especially whenthey accuse menthey date or otheracquaintances. Rape really happens– to people youknow, by people youknow.Myth Fact
  • Facts and Myths About DateRape When men aresexually aroused,they can’t stopthemselves fromforcing sex on awoman. Men are still able tocontrol themselveseven after becomingsexually excited.Myth Fact
  • Facts and Myths About DateRape Only women areraped. Ten percent of rapecases involve menas a victim.Myth Fact
  • As A Woman, You Can Be clear with men inyour life about what,if any sexualbehavior you arecomfortable with. Do not use alcoholor other drugs. Trust your gutfeelings. Check out a firstdate or blind datewith friends. Leave social eventswith friends, not withstrangers. Always watch yourdrink and neverleave it unattended.
  • As A Man, You Can Realize that forcinga woman to havesex against her willis rape. Accept a woman’sdecision when shesays “no”. Do not use alcoholor drugs. Ask your self howsexual stereotypesaffect your attitudesand actions towardswomen. Understand that if awoman is drunk andyou have sex withher against her will,it’s still rape.
  • Date Rape: Staggering Stats For every 1,000 women attending college, therewill be 35 incidents of rape in a given academicyear. 51.8 % of rapes occur after midnight. 62% of completed rapes occur by classmates orfriends. 16 % of male students who committed rape, and10% of those who attempted rape, did so with atleast one other attacker 57% of rapes occur while on a date. Women are 10 times more likely than men to be
  • 4 Major Types of Date RapeDrugs Gamma Hydroxyburtryate Rohypnol Ketamine Ecstasy
  • Gamma Hydroxyburtryate Also known as GHB. In high doses, the drug starts to work as ananesthetic and can result in sever adverse effects. These include: Slow heartbeat Decreased respiratory effort Unconsciousness Seizure-like activity The effects start to decrease after 3 or 4 hours. The health risks increase significantly when GHB ismixed with alcohol or other drugs.
  • Rohypnol Is used in some countries as a surgicalanesthetic and in the treatment of somepsychiatric disorders. Rohypnol is the most commonly used date-rape drug. It easily dissolves into all fluids and isodorless, colorless, and tasteless. It is a strong tranquilizer and is 10 timesstronger than Valium. It is easy to overdose on Rohypnol whenmixed with alcohol and can leave the victimunconscious after about a minute depending
  • Rohypnol When under the influenceof this drug, the victim is ina sedated state that is justthe way the rapist wantsthem. They do not have theability to fight off an attack. The effect of the drug canlast for up to 12 hours.
  • Ketamine Ketamine- A dissociative anesthetic,developed in the mid 1960’s, used primarily forveterinary purposes. It comes in the form of a clear liquid and canbe placed into any type of drink. The drug causes a combination of amnesiaand hallucinations. It also stops the feeling of pain and lowers theheart rate leading to oxygen starvation to thebrain and muscles. It can lead to temporary paralysis.
  • Ecstasy Ecstasy comes in a tablet that can come inmany different colors and usually has sometype of design on the surface. Ecstasy causes inappropriate and/orunintended emotional bonding, tendency tosay things you might feel uncomfortable aboutlater. It can also cause muscle tension, increase inbodytemperature, hypothermia, dehydration, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Signs of Being Dosed You feel intoxicated when you have beendrinking a non-alcoholic beverage. You wake up feeling fuzzy. You have injuries to your body that you cannotexplain. You start to feel dizzy or sick suddenly afterdrinking the beverage. You feel as if you aregoing to pass out.
  • If You Have Been Dosed Get to a safe place and tell someone you trust. Get someone to transport you to a hospital orcall 911. Try to obtain a sample of the beverage fortesting. Call the police immediately. Remember that you are not alone.
  • If It Happens To Someone YouKnow Believe the person Offer comfort andsupport Do not judge Go with him/her tohospital, police station,or counseling center Let him/her know thathe/she is not to blame Don’t take over forhim/her Don’t force him/her tomake decisions Don’t minimize his/herfeelings Do not blame him/her bymaking statements suchas, “I told you not to goto the party” Encourage him/her toseek counseling
  • Dating Safety Tips Open your ownbeverages Don’t share or exchangedrinks Never leave a drinkunattended Don’t drink anything thattastes unusual Never leave withsomeone you just met. Ifyou do, give the personsname and description to Always tell someone youtrust your plans for theevening and what to doif they don’t hear fromyou. Take your own car. Have money for a taxior phone call Be aware of yoursurroundings. Don’tallow that person toisolate you from others.
  • Facts About Teen DatingViolence Teen dating violence doesnot discriminate. It runs across race, gender,and socioeconomic lines. Teens who are part of aviolent relationship aremore likely to experienceviolence in their adultrelationships – violencethat’s often more severe.
  • What Does Dating Violence LookLike? Teens and young adults experience the sametypes of abuse in relationships as adults. Thiscan include: Physical Abuse: Any intentional use ofphysical force with the intent to cause fear orinjury, like hitting, shoving, biting, strangling,kicking or using a weapon. Verbal or Emotional Abuse: Non-physicalbehaviors such as threats, insults, constantmonitoring, humiliation, intimidation, isolationor stalking.
  • What Does Dating ViolenceLook Like? Sexual Abuse: Any action that impacts aperson’s ability to control their sexual activity orthe circumstances in which sexual activityoccurs, including rape, coercion or restrictingaccess to birth control. Digital Abuse: Use of technologies and/orsocial media networking to intimidate, harass orthreaten a current or ex-dating partner. Thiscould include demanding passwords, checkingcell phones, cyber bullying, sexting, excessiveor threatening texts or stalking on Facebook orother social media.
  • The Facts About Teen DatingViolence One in five high school girls has beenphysically or sexually assaulted by a datingpartner, significantly increasing their risk ofdrug abuse, suicide, and other harmfulbehavior. A current or former boyfriend or girlfriendvictimized 94% of the 16-19 year-old femalevictims of intimate partner violence. 40% of teenage girls between the ages of 14-17 report knowing someone their age who hasbeen hit or beaten by a boyfriend.
  • The Facts About Teen DatingViolence 58% of rape victims report having been rapedbetween the ages of 12-24; and, in 9 out of 10rapes in which the offender was under 18, sowas the victim. Both victims and abusers attribute theresponsibility for violent dating behavior tovictims, citing reasons like: provocation by thegirl; the victim’s personality type; the girl’sneed for affection; communication problems;and peer group influence.
  • Warning Signs While there are many warning signs of abuse,here are ten of the most common to look for: Checking your cell phone or email without permission. Constant put-downs. Extreme jealousy or insecurity. Explosive temper. Isolating you from family or friends. Making false accusations. Mood swings. Physically hurting you in any way. Possessiveness. Telling you what to do.
  • The Cycle of Violence Phase One: Tension Building Batterer experiences increased tension Victim minimizes problems Batterer increases threats Victim withdraws Batterer controls more Tension becoming intolerable Victim feels like they are walking on eggshells Poor communication
  • The Cycle of Violence Phase Two: Abusive Incident Batterer unpredictable; believes he is losingcontrol Victim is helpless; feels trapped Batterer highly abusive, incident occurs Incidence of violence or threat occurs Victim traumatized Batterer blames victim
  • The Cycle of Violence Phase Three: Honeymoon Period Batterer is loving, apologetic and attentive Victim has mixed feelings Batterer is manipulative Victim feels guilty and responsible Batterer promises change Victim considers reconciliation Victim often recants/minimizes abuse
  • The Facts About Teen DatingViolence If a teenage girl is physically assaulted duringan episode of dating violence while in highschool, she is statistically much more likely toexperience another physical assault during herfirst year in college. Male peer support for violence against womenis a constant predictor of male violence withinpost-secondary educational institutions. Between 1993 and 1999, 22% of all homicidesagainst females ages 16-19 were committedby an intimate partner.
  • The End!