Chapter 7 manage your stress
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Chapter 7 manage your stress






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Chapter 7 manage your stress Chapter 7 manage your stress Presentation Transcript

  • MANAGE YOUR STRESS(Or it will manage you!)
  • Stress is Normal Everyone deals with stress It is normal, natural, and necessary As with everything…it is important to knowhow to cope with it.
  • What is Stress? The arousal of the mind& the body in responseto the demands madeupon you Physical demands Psychological demands Environmentaldemands
  • There are Two Types ofStress Internal Stress – thepressure that you internallyplace upon yourself whenyou experience thestressful event External Stress - theoutside pressures thatcreate a stressfulenvironment
  • Types of Stressors Major Life EventsSuchAs: Marriage Divorce Move Children Job Change Illness
  • Daily Events Conflict Deadlines Being asked to domore for less Multi-tasking
  • Physiological Responses Fight or flight Sweating Increased Heart Rate Increased BloodPressure Increased MuscleTension Increased Respiration Indigestiondifficulties
  • Psychological Reactions Depression Guilt Anxiety Perfectionism Anger Sadness
  • You Know You Are In Trouble Headaches Decreased Productivity Intermittent Sleep Disturbance Fatigue or Lethargy Frequent Illness or Absences fromWork Depression Intermittent Explosive Disorder
  • If You Find Yourself Saying I can’t get out of bed I can’t relax I don’t enjoy life I am procrastinatingabout everything Everything gets on mynerves
  • Or If You Run on Automatic Do you multitask? Do you take care ofothers first? Are you constantlythinking of the nextactivity?
  • You know you are stressedif………… You are too tired to brush or floss your teeth You are too bust to exercise You go to bed without washing your face You forget your thoughts
  • Your Six Needs Emotional Social Intellectual Spiritual Physical Recreational
  • How do You Combat Stress?Attend to Your Physical needs. Get 7-8 hours ofsleep Learn how tobalance your body Find ways toreplenish yourself Put rest andrelaxation into yourday
  • Your Physical Needs Do you have a balanced day of rest,relaxation, and activity? Do you hug people? Do you have physical contact with otherpeople? Do you go to the doctor?
  • Emotional Needs There are 5 primaryfeelings Anger Sadness Happiness Fear Loneliness Mad Sad Glad Afraid Alone
  • Identifying & ExpressingYour Feelings Do you know your emotionalneeds? Do you honor your feelings? Do you express feelings? Do you implode or explode? Do you have safe people to talkabout your feelings?
  • You Are Important!!!There will only be one of you at alltimes….Fearlessly have the courage to beyourself!