Chapter 15 friendships


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Chapter 15 friendships

  1. 1.  Emotional support › Reassurance, acceptance, understanding Models for imitation › Teach social and emotional skills Opportunities to practice roles › Time for growth and new experiences
  2. 2.  Most teens find it easier to be friends with the same age and the same interests › Don’t miss out on opportunities to be friends with children; they look up to teens › Children want to imitate teens › You as a teen can learn responsibility to understand their needs and how to meet them.
  3. 3.  Male to male › Tend to share interests and activities with friends Opposite gender friendships › Can help see issues from that gender’s point of view Female to female › Like to share personal concerns and emotional intimate feeling
  4. 4.  Adult friendships › Older adults offer benefits of their experiences as well as personal friendships. › They can help put your problems into proper perspective and you as a teen can give them companionship Other backgrounds › Can bring insights and information that you might not normally encounter
  5. 5.  This can be difficult when the following are a factor: › Shy › Low self-esteem › Lack of experience
  6. 6.  You need to realize that you are worthy of being a friend; you have qualities and abilities that people will appreciate You may fear rejection when taking the first step Realize that nothing is lost by trying Keep trying until you find what works for you
  7. 7.  Smile Speak first Introduce yourself Ask simple questions to get things started Give sincere compliments Focus on others instead of yourself
  8. 8.  Friendly and cheerful Courteous Clean, neat, well- groomed Interest in other people A good listener Easy to get along with Good sense of humor
  9. 9.  Part-time job Community events Community centers Become a volunteer School functions Develop a new interest Join a team
  10. 10.  Oldest and strongest friendships require the most work › Tend to take each other for granted › You become less kind and considerate › Accept friends › Encourage friends in their goals/praise them › Apologize when you hurt friends › Be loyal, reliable and share with each other
  11. 11.  Mutual give and take in the relationship Does not mean that you will always agree on everything with your friend Honesty is also an important part of friendship Need to respect each other and accept difference of opinions
  12. 12.  Peer pressure – attempt to influence someone in a similar age group › May be positive or negative › True friends do not ask a friend to do something that they are uncomfortable with › No one can make you do something you do not want to do  When you want to be accepted and are sensitive to criticism this becomes difficult
  13. 13.  Handling peer pressure › High self esteem helps to see proper perspective Competition › Can be healthy or hazardous Popularity – to be liked and accepted by many › Develop positive traits and care about others › Don’t worry about trying to be popular
  14. 14.  Loneliness › Do not have to be alone to be lonely › “Giving in” to these feelings increases the feeling › Friendships is sharing weaknesses as well as strengths › Loneliness must be overcome with action › Feel afraid others will not accept them  This causes them to withdraw
  15. 15.  Groups that become exclusive, deliberately rejecting people May scorn or ignore others outside the clique Can cause hurt feelings
  16. 16.  Happens because people grow and change The friends have less in common
  17. 17.  If a friendship is causing you trouble/affecting your life… › End the friendship When specific problems occur… › Deal directly with the friend Break off a friendship with tact and concern › Express feelings without blaming or judging the other person
  18. 18.  Feel sad Feel lonely Maybe guilty or blame self Time helps lessen pain
  19. 19. Do you have the qualities of a good friend?