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Be proactive-1

  1. 1. Habit #1Be ProactiveBased on the work of Stephen Covey
  2. 2. What happens to a bottle of sodawhen you shake it up?It EXPLODES!
  3. 3. Sometimes things go wrong, and wefeel shaken up. As a result, we mightEXPLODE on someone or something.This is called being REACTIVE. Hasthis ever happened to you? Explainwhat happened and why. Was this agood way to let go of all of yourfeelings? Why or why not?Journal EntryorDiscussionStarter:
  4. 4. When you arePROACTIVE,you make a choice abouthow you react to thethings that happen inyour life. You act like awater bottle. You mightget shaken up or mad,but you stay calm anddon’t explode!
  5. 5. Journal EntryorDiscussionStarter:Is it hard to stay calm(like a water bottle) even whenthings don’t go your way?Why or why not?What steps could you take to bemore PROACTIVE and calmwhen things aren’t going well?
  6. 6. Proactive vs. ReactiveWhen you are PROACTIVE, you make goodchoices about how you respond to somethinghappening. You are always ready with a calmattitude. You do things to make sure that theright things will happen. You are prepared foranything that might happen. When things don’tgo your way, you aren’t happy, BUT you staycalm.When you are REACTIVE, you could explodeat any minute. Things happen and they “catchyou off guard”. You aren’t ready for things thatmight happen. You deal with things when theyhappen instead of being prepared.
  7. 7. Where do you fall?VeryReactiveVeryProactiveHow could you bemore proactive?
  8. 8. How do you feel on dayslike this?
  9. 9. Whataboutsunnydays likethis?
  10. 10. If you could “carry the weatherwith you”….you could have agood day no matterwhat comes your way.
  11. 11. JournalEntry orDiscussionStarter:Do you think it is possible to carry yourweather with you? What do you think thismeans? How would your life be different ifyou could carry happiness or peace withyou no matter what things happen?
  12. 12. circleofinfluencecircle ofconcernFocus on things you canchange or influenceCircle of InfluenceThings youcan’t controlThings youcan control orchange
  13. 13. Things youCAN’Tcontrol orchange:•Other people•The weather•Things you didwrong in the past•How other peopletreat me•HomeworkCircle of InfluenceThings youCAN controlor change:•Your attitude•Your mood•Your reaction togood and badthings that happen•How I treat otherpeopleCan you think of otherexamples from your life?
  14. 14. Be Proactive• Change how you handle things. Makea choice to be positive and focus onthose things that YOU can change.• Make a positive difference in yourfamily, your class, your school and theworld!
  15. 15. Credits:This slide show was created byRebecca Radicchiusing the following resources.1. The Seven Habits for Highly EffectivePeople by Stephen Covey2. The Seven Habits for Highly EffectiveKids by Sean Covey3. The Seven Habits for Highly EffectiveTeens by Sean Covey