Eng ed advisory final report 2011 2012


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English Education Advisory Report 2011-2012

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Eng ed advisory final report 2011 2012

  1. 1. University ofCentral Oklahoma:English Education Advisory Report Dr. Laura Bolf-Beliveau Academic Year 2011-2012
  2. 2. Overview of Report• Updates on Program• Program Coordinator Achievements• Student Awards• Data Number of Majors/Student Teachers OSAT Scores Survey Responses: Student Teachers Survey Responses: First Year Teachers• Summary & Analysis• Oklahoma C3• Request for Feedback
  3. 3. Updates: 2011-2012• English Education Website http://www.uco.edu/la/english/English-Education/index.asp• Participation in Urban Teacher Preparation Academy (UTPA) This year: Kristen Richardson Next year: Jasmine Smith, Nik Foust, & Tiffany Leach• Program Review NCATE accreditation report due February 2013.
  4. 4. Program Coordinator• Dr. Bolf-Beliveau completed the following activities to advance her knowledge of & participation in the field of English/language arts: -Attended/presented at NCTE’s national convention -Completed NCTE reviewer training & reviewed program -Continued service on OCTE’s Executive Board -Was part of a funded grant with A+ Schools -Attended Common Core meeting at State Department -Participated in SEEDS program & Multicultural Institute• Dr. Bolf-Beliveau also was granted promotion & tenure.
  5. 5. Student Awards• 
Dr. Claude Arnold Scholarship: Briton Heitt• OCTE Geraldine Burns Award for Excellence in English Studies: Nicole Foust• Barbara Kay Gilmore Scholarship in English: Nicole Foust &Theresa Hammill• Clara Kessler Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Vandever• Dr. Loree Rice Scholarship: Nicole Foust• Professor Regenia Woodberry Award for Outstanding Work in Women’s or Ethnic Studies: Jasmine Smith
  6. 6. Number of Majors/Student Teachers• Fall 2011 B.A.Ed. English Education – 117 Students Student Teachers: 8• Spring 2012 B.A.Ed. English Education – 137 Students Student Teachers: 11
  7. 7. OSAT Scores
  8. 8. Survey Responses: Student Teachers
  9. 9. Survey Responses: Student Teachers, Cont.• What suggestions do you have to better the English Education program at UCO? *I think literature is taught to us rather than future teachers learning how direct a class over literature...I believe practice with teaching literature before stepping into the classroom would give student teachers a tremendous advantage. *Additional methods course ongrammar/writing *Classroom management/discipline
  10. 10. Survey Responses: First Year Teachers
  11. 11. Survey Responses: First Year Teachers, Cont.• What suggestions do you have to better the English Education program at UCO? *More relevancy to middle school *Additional preparation for teaching grammar *More practice with ELL, Common Core, & grading with rubrics• If you worked in an urban school (inner city school setting), please describe what additional training would have helped you be better prepared for this school setting. *Awareness of poverty & racial differences *ELL resources *Classroom management
  12. 12. Summary & Analysis• Highest means in teaching literature, creating lessons, & preparing lessons• Lowest means in teaching grammar & classroom management• Additional work needed in grading essays & rubric writing• Emphasis on middle school setting• English Language Learners
  13. 13. Oklahoma C3• Oklahoma will implement the new Common Core Standards (OK C3) beginning in 2014.• Students in English 3843 and English 4843 are required to align lessons with these standards.• Both methods classes have multiple lessons regarding the philosophy and practicality of OK C3.• This change will no doubt be the single largest issue facing English education.
  14. 14. Request for Feedback① After reviewing the advisory report, do you have any general feedback about the program?① Considering your experience in English education or related fields, what should our program at UCO focus on improving?① What suggestions do you have for preparing English education majors to teach grammar/writing and to gain confidence with classroom management?① Given your knowledge of Common Core Standards and OK C3, what should the program focus on prepare for this major shift in education?