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My fitness badges

  1. 1. OverviewMy Fitness Badges is a platform that empowers users to create badges fortheir health and fitness goals. Unlike other badging platforms, where usersselect from a list of available badges, the system is open ended and limitedonly by the ambitions of badge creators.Users will self-select goals by creating badge criteria and artwork. Thecriteria available within the badge creation tool is derived in part fromAligning Forces data. This ensures that the badges are useful to healthcareprofessionals and beneficial to badge creators.Every badge created is a health interest survey. Every badge earned is a datapoint. In the end, users become healthier and our dataset becomes morerobust.Powered by Badge Forge, a finalist in the Badges for Lifelong Learningcompetition.
  2. 2. How it works• Users make an account and begin creating badges on their own or by the advice of their doctor.• Users create badge criteria by picking a subject, action, time, and degree. The system automatically formats the criteria information into sentences.When users complete their goals they can validate their badges with a fourtiered system.1. Self-validation – I did it!2. Group validation – Two friends hold them accountable.3. Expert validation - Doctors and trainers provide confirmation.4. System validation – Confirmation from a GPS or pedometer.
  3. 3. Two stories• Sally makes a New Years resolution to • Jessica needs physical therapy for an be healthier. ankle injury.• She sets some goals and creates • She creates incremental badges for badges to represent them. (running, walking, running, and eventually losing weight, lowering her cholesterol to 200). playing soccer the following summer.• As she completes her goals she earns • Her therapist never has to remind her badges and shares them with her to do her exercises because she has family. made her own goals.• The data from her badges feeds in a • She even made a coop badge with a pool of public data on health trends. fellow patient who has a similar injury.• She receives a bonus at work and a • Jessica meets all of her goals and drop in her insurance rates. exceeds her therapist’s expectations.• During her next check-up she has lost • She plays soccer next summer. weight and her cholesterol is down.
  4. 4. Utilizing DataThe criteria creation tool inside My Fitness Badges will be seeded using publichealth data and health provider recommendations. Each created badge has themeta-data baked into it so the badges are transferable to platforms like MozillaOpen Badges.Sample badge subjects• Weight loss• Exercise• Cholesterol• Health screenings• Dieting• Rehabilitation goals
  5. 5. Tangible RewardsEarned badges could lead to real rewards like: – Insurance premium decreases – Bonuses from employers – Gym memberships – Recognition in a fitness leader board
  6. 6. PartnershipsThe 4-tiered badge validation options within the systemwill make partnerships with organizations mutuallybeneficial.Potential partners include: insurance companies,employers, gyms, and healthcare providers.Badges can be shared on Mozilla’s Open BadgeNetwork. So sharing successes across platforms is easy.
  7. 7. Thank you