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LBi London Annual 2009
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LBi London Annual 2009


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  • 1. ~ time flies like an arrow. fruit flies like a banana ~ Groucho Marx
  • 2. _ _ TIMETABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE Mobile Mobile Blood, sweat, tears & Party Time classical piano playing Little Beasts inc. Sumo should, Do you also Love sumo shouldn’t Building interwebs? Marks & Spencer Fastest-Growing Services OR 365 DAYS IN ONE DAY. OR 525,949 MINUTES IN 1,440 MINUTES. Conversion up, 24:13 / 25.dec The new, the now satisfaction up, thumbs up − New Kind of & the next OR 31,556,926 SECONDS IN 86,400 SECONDS. YOU GET THE POINT. 23:26 / 2009 01:24 / 21.sep − Seriously Christmas Tree − Tiny Talks & Exhibitions 22:45 / 03.apr Spooky Santa Little Fellas 02:03 / 2009 D&AD Finding the future − This Is Not − We Don’t Heart attacks in a brewery Just a Client Count Sheep & new blood 21:12 / 2009 03:26 / 19.may The Conservative Party − Destination: − Will You The Rave! Tomorrow 24 Be There? When blue 23 01 Glowsticks, gurning, meets red 22 02 gauntlets... 20:25 / 24.sep 04:03 / 26.nov − Clickocratising 21 03 − Raving Mad Relaxing Recreation the �� in Brick Lane True, Man! Frisk & frolic, 20 04 The brewery fun & foolery 19:46 / 2009 05:46 / 01.jan opens up − With a Ping − The Creative & a Pong 12 Factory 19 05 Medals & Trophies 18:14 / 2009 06:17 / 16.dec Flexible Space Stealing a prize − Winning Isn’t − Bend It Like More than meets Everything 18 9 3 06 a Brewery here & there the eye 2009 was a brilliant year for us. The year when things truly 24 frames that capture the sweat, blood, and tears it takes to 17:45 / 06.oct 07:57 / 2009 happened. We won pitches and awards, carried out our best be one of the world’s most well-regarded, full-blooded, inde- 17 07 − Morning Virgin Atlantic − Pitch of 24 4 24 work to date – and turned the Brick Lane offices into a sumo pendent digital agencies. Photographs that cover the whole the Decade 6 Star You can count on us, 24 ideas dohyo for some serious Japanese wrestling action. range of agency activities, from early-morning catch-up meet- Sir Richard 16 08 for 24 hours 16:31 / 2009 08:08 / 22.jun ings through to late-night piss-ups in a brewery. − Lost − Good Morning, Abu Dhabi! Every morning, our nimble teams held their stand-up brief- in Transit 15 09 LBi Worldwide Etihad Airways ings. Every Wednesday at 11am, the fire alarm went off. Every Buckle up in the time compressor. Get the stopwatches ticking. A refutation of 15:23 / 7.apr 14 10 09:33 / 2009 A lazy camel ride afternoon, experience architects posted their Post-It notes, Let time fly like an arrow (or indeed like a fruit fly) through the space & time − Satin, Diamonds 13 11 − Thank God to success designers designed their designs, and technical whiz kids did greatest year we’ve had so far. & Manolos 12 It’s Friday whatever it is technical whiz kids do. Starwood Friday Creative Sessions 14:40 / 16.feb 10:29 / 2.nov Glitz, glam, and a − Lots of Free − Standing Cream cheese on bagel It was 365 great days for the bustling creative factory that is sprinkle of attitude & Art on Art Lunches Orders the Old Truman Brewery and LBi. A year of magical thinking 13:27 / 10.jul 11:37 / 13.jan and doing. A year that we’re now compressing into 24 images, Lloyds Banking Group − Smells Like 12:26 / 2009 − LBi Phone BT Don’t feed the Team Spirit − Second Home Cute little gingerbread one taken in each hour of the day. A year in the life of LBi. LBi, spring 2010 creatives Life men with three nipples Electrolux Mobile Campaigns Is that a vacuum Hidden Talents Advertising cleaner in your bag? in your pocket Add some ADD to the weird kangaroo shapes PLAY & WORK
  • 3. 5:46 am — THE CREATIVE 12 3 FACTORY 6 – In 1697, Joseph Truman became manager of the William Bucknall Brewhouse in Brick Lane. Then Charles Dickens wrote about it, Jack the Ripper killed around it, and LBi moved in. In its first-ever interview, the Old Truman shares some stories from the past –
  • 4. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – True, Man! The brewery opens up LBi interviews Old Truman On Thursday 1 January 2009 – Good morning, Old Truman. Is that actually felt the brewing business to be particularly that lift is to do with old age, or perhaps with a your real name? adapted to Mr Micawber. Look at Barclay lack of exercise. But to be honest, it’s all down TR. – It’s true, man! Look: Truman Capote, and Perkins! Look at Truman, Hanbury, and to a conversation I had with LBi’s Head of PR Harry Truman, The Truman Show. That’s my Buxton! It is on that extensive footing that Mr & Marketing, Sarah van Praagh. She needed a favourite writer, my favourite US president, and Micawber, I know from my own knowledge of story for some magazine, and we had a bit of my favourite film, and Truman – that’s my real him, is calculated to shine; and the profits, I am a brainstorm. I said, “Why don’t we try to get name. Don’t wear it out! told, are e-NOR-mous!” me into the Guiness Book of Records?” and she – Okay, steady now Truman. Let’s begin with a – And what about Jack the Ripper? Ever hang instantly went, “Oh, Truman, that’s great, that’s bit of context: you were constructed as William out with him? absolutely brilliant. We’ll slow down your lift Bucknall’s Brewhouse around the time of the TR. – Gee. I thought my publicist had told you until it barely moves at all. That should do the Great Fire… not to ask any questions about that. Suffice to trick.” And that was the end of that. TR. – Yup, good to be a brick building in those say, I wasn’t the only building involved in that – What are the best and worst parts about hav- days, I can tell you. investigation. There was one in Buck’s Row, ing LBi inside you all day? – …but if I’m not mistaken, no one seems to which is now Durward Street. And what about TR. – My favourite part is the rushing to the know who your parents were? 13 Miller’s Court? What about the murders in beer fridges every Friday afternoon. That’s the TR. – Nope. To be honest, I can’t remember Osborn Street? Why don’t you go and ask your best back rub I get all week. The worst is people them either. That’s a long time ago. nosy questions there? complaining about the lift. Look mate, I was – Right. Charles Dickens mentions you in one of – All right, okay, easy now. Let me ask you this a brewery for hundreds of years before you lot his books. Did you ever meet him? instead: how come your lift is so slow? came around. I’ve had my share of beer, and TR. – I didn’t, no, but it’s a lovely passage from TR. – Now, that’s an interesting question. One all of that nagging really gets on my hungover chapter 28 of David Copperfield: “... I have long would have thought that the sluggish pace of nerves at times. Don’t like it? Take the stairs! LIST OF FIGURES 2 1 01 | Old Truman Brewery, north façade 3 02 | Reception area 03 | Reception area 4 04 | HVAC overload, first floor 6 05 | Meeting space, third floor 5 06 | Waiting space 5:48 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 5:49 am
  • 5. 6:17 am — BEND IT LIKE 12 9 3 A BREWERY 6 – “More than meets the eye” was a tagline for the Transformers toys, plastic robots that became vehicles that became devices that became animals – much as Old Truman transforms itself from bar to playground to library to café to sports arena to conference space... – _ HE GOT REALLY TIRED OF WAITING FOR THE LIFT.
  • 6. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Flexible Space More than meets the eye LBi redecorates the basement On Wednesday 16 December 2009 “Work environments that are more open The LBi offices are based on an open floor plan In late 2009, plans were made to refurbish the create more opportunities for observing and – with semi-transparent glass-walled meeting basement of Old Truman completely in order learning from those with more experience and spaces at each end – but that’s not the only to turn it into more of a lounge space, with bet- different skills.” way in which today’s configuration of the Old ter seating arrangements, a cosier look and feel, Thus wrote academic duo Franklin Becker Truman is open. and a more welcoming interior design. and William Sim nine years ago, in their We strongly believe that keeping an open Following an inspiring and exciting design snappily titled seminal study Offices that Work: mind is at least as important as having an open phase, building works are now under way – a Balancing Cost, Flexibility, and Communication. plan, and, accordingly, our spaces haven’t turned scenario that is very much in line with the Even though the open plan office has ex- into a traditional cube farms or bottomless way we view all of our spaces: they are flexible, isted at least since the late 19th century, when seas of cubicles. Instead, the teams work in a ever-changing, ephemeral volumes, meant to be industrial engineers and efficiency experts such completely blended environment, in which an constantly challenged and rearranged. as Frederick Winslow Taylor and (later) Henry experience architect will rub elbows with an art If a team needs a dedicated space in order Ford started experimenting with ways to get director, a media planner share a desk island to win a pitch, that room is swiftly produced, their technicians and clerks to perform repeti- with an account executive. and equipped with everything from projectors tive tasks in a more effective way, it wasn’t until There are no physical boundaries or spatial and jenga games through to sound systems the 1950s that an entirely new office landscape demarcations to separate our Hoxton haircut and Spanish chefs rustling up paellas. If films strategy utilising conventional furniture rather creatives from our button-down project manag- need to be shown on a five-by-five meter large than rows of desks and benches was introduced ers, or our long-lunch suits from our have- screen, we’ll bend the brewery to accommodate by a forward-looking German team named you-heard-my-latest-XML-joke techies. Open this. And if the need should arise to throw a Quickborner. space, open mind. massive party, well, that can be arranged. ILLUSTRATIONS: ALEX CLEAVES | CLEAVES STUDIOS LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | Basement project, bird’s eye view 02 | Bar area, perspective 2 3 03 | Interior perspectives 04 | Library space 4 6:18 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 6:19 am
  • 7. 7:57 am — MORNING 12 9 3 STAR 6 – Before 8am, our maître d’, Derek Smith, enters the building. The first preparations of the day include replying to emails and making sure all meeting rooms are spotless. Derek used to work for Gordon Ramsay. “LBi is similar: no two days are the same” –
  • 8. EREFORD ST LUKE ST G BACON ST R EA Q : V : I : T P : S : X : EA ST RE BETHNAL GREEN RD N SHOREDITCH HIGH ST SCLATER ST CHESHIRE ST DUNBRIDGE ST ST BRICK LN SCRUTTON ST W : GRIMSBY ST 24 lans W O : O CURTAIN RD R LL VALLANCE RD for 24 ours A W PEDLEY ST LY WHELER ST O H HEMMING ST NORTON FOLDGATE HEARN ST B : WEAVER ST ALLEN GARDENS Which is the nearest time capsule? Where can you C WORSHIP ST get your hair cut next to Peaches Geldof? O QUAKER ST BUXTON ST M M Which pub has the best cat? Here are ER C some ideas for what to do near IA L the Old Truman. ST ou UNDERWOOD ST SNOWDEN ST CALVIN ST re Right ere! CLIFTON ST T : H : HUNTON ST SPITAL ST FOLDGATE ST OLD PINDAR ST TRUMAN U : WOODSEER ST BRICK LN R : F : EARL ST HANBURY ST LAMB ST HANBURY ST DEAL ST L : G : E : COMMERCIAL ST PRINCELET ST HANBURY ST BISHOPGATE STEWARD ST M : OLD SPITALFIELDS C : N : MARKET BRUSHFIELD ST FOURNIER ST HENEAGE ST D : FASHION ST CHICKSAND ST VALLANCE RD ST E WHITE’S ST DAVENANT ST G TA SUN ST PASSAGE N WIDEGATE ST O M K : J : LD O LIVERPOOL OLD MONTAGE ST WHITECHAPEL STREET STATION A : STATION WHITECHAPEL RD A. Whitechapel Art Gallery | Museum D. The Ten Bells | Pub G. Atlantis Art Materials | Art Shop J. Mama Thai | Restaurant & Take Away M. Square Pie | Restaurant & Take Away P. Beigel Bake | Take-Away Bakery S. The Carpenter’s Arms | Pub V. Pizza East | Restaurant - by Dave / Operations - by David / Technology - by Gon / Creative - by Nikhil / LBi India - by Mario / EA - by Chris / EA - by Dan / Creative - by Hannah / Creative “Challenge your intellect over “Good pub for an after-work pint; even “Whatever you can think of in art supplies “The food is the delicious bastard child of a “This is the best thing you can get when it’s “I like the smell of boiling salt beef “Great local boozer with a colourful history, “If the lovely people at All Saints made food, the lunch hour” better in summer” – and more” Pakistani man a South East Asian woman” freezing outside” in the morning” courtesy of the Kray twins” this would be it” B. Lounge Bohemia | Bar E. Aroma Cafe | Coffe Shop H. Public Beware | Fashion Shop K. Habibi Sushi | Restaurant & Take Away N. The Pride of Spitalfields | Pub Q. Frame | Studio T. Dennis Severs’ House | Museum W. Taylor Taylor | Hair Salon - by Hannah / Creative - by Falcon / Hospitality - by Laurent / Client Services - by Cheryl / Creative - by Chris / Creative - by Laura / Creative - by Gon / Creative - by Chris / Creative “Shoreditch’s worst-kept secret. Authentic “Very friendly and polite staff serve up “This quirky women’s clothes shop “Small independent Japanese nested on one of “I like this place because it has a cat... “A dance and fitness studio wrapped up in a “This house is a time capsule in the heart “I got my hair cut next to Peaches Geldof Sixties’ décor with great cocktails” English and continental food” is a great find” my favorite streets in London!” A pub cat” whole lot of fun” of Modernist East End” and I didn’t even realise” C. Gilbert & George | Corner F. Nude Espresso | Coffe Shop I. Shoreditch House | Members’ Club L. Rossi Restaurant | Restaurant O. The Light | Bar R. Rosa’s | Restaurant U. The Krays | Road X. Prostitute-sighting | Corner - by Magnus / Creative - by Laura / Creative - by Anil / Suit - by Raúl / Technology - by Gon / Creative - by Jon / Creative - by Laura / Creative - by Laura / Creative “Fournier Street: the best place in town “Proper coffee like you get “Home away from home for the LBi suits – “It was closed down last month after many “Fantastic interior design... but packed “This little Thai restaurant is modern, cosy, “The infamous East End gangster twins, “... look at that man patting his cute dog... for Gilbert-and-George-spotting” Down Under” and where we celebrated our first birthday” years. Those chicken escalopes were great!” with suits and ties” and has a superb menu” lived along Vallance Road back in the day” wait... dogs don’t wear leopard-print tights”
  • 9. 8:08 am — GOOD MORNING, 12 9 3 ABU DHABI! 6 – Check the tan. Scan sandal-clad feet for traces of sand. Try a “Halløj” and check to see whether the answer is in Danish. Those are good methods for spotting a member of our Etihad team, the globetrotting squad behind what might be the best cabin demo in the world – _ IF YOU SHOW ME YOURS, I’LL SHOW YOU MINE...
  • 10. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Etihad Airways A lazy camel ride to success LBi reinvents the cabin demo On Monday 22 June 2009 Agency life can be tough. Campaign work is than the fastest-growing airline in the world. a branded content and communities section. carried out to heart-attack-inducing deadlines. As anyone entering one of its Diamond first We also addressed a number of multi-channel Meeting schedules look like they’re part of a class suites will know, Etihad has no less an opportunities. Maximising our position as a Pantone-sponsored scheme to show off as many ambition than to become the best airline on truly global agency, we are working in col- nuances of ultra-high-priority red as possible. and off the surface of the planet. laboration with our award winning colleagues Pitches call for long hours and late-night brain- The flagship carrier asked us to propose at LBi in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the execu- storming sessions on rainy London terraces. a digital strategy for the next five years of its tion of the proposed game plan. And some people are forced to go to the life. This would lead to a subsequent pitch for A series of quick wins followed. The first of lovely United Arab Emirates (UAE), where whatever we came up with during this intial these, Experience Etihad – The Interactive Tour, temperatures push 48°C in summer, and the strategy phase. is a presentation showcase that had to be devel- comforts of life at home mix with tastes of A blended team of experience architects, oped from concept to finished product in just the exotic. creatives, project managers, and technical whiz one month, so as to coincide with the arrival of The fabulous little federation is filled with kids spent a total of seven weeks in Abu Dhabi. the new Diamond suites. contrasts: DJs spin vinyl next to muezzins The team was given unprecedented access to We believe this is the most advanced airline calling the people to prayer. Lazy camel rides the organisation. It conducted interviews, ran experience demo in the industry, and Etihad’s lead to gorgeous beaches. Yes, for some agency workshops, and analysed competitors, in order Chief Commercial Officer seems to agree. members life can be very tough indeed. to work out a solid strategy. Upon his first viewing of the demonstration Established in 2003 by the President of the We immediately proposed a host of changes website, the CCO instantly ordered eight UAE and emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa to the website areas, including a flight booking touchscreen versions to be made into a table bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Etihad is much more system, an updated holiday booking engine, and that today sits outside his office. Natch. LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | In-flight cabin demo 02 | Cabin demo (launch page, Diamond Class seat) 2 3 03 | Cabin demo (Diamond Class dining) 04 | Cabin demo (chauffeur services) 4 5 05 | Cabin demo (Diamond Class lounges) 8:10 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 8:11 am
  • 11. 9:33 am — THANK GOD 12 9 3 IT’S FRIDAY 6 – To an uninitiated observer the offices may seem eerily empty on a Friday morning. Too few experience architects sticking Post-It notes to the walls, suits on mobile phones, and project managers frowning into space? That would be because they’re all hiding in the basement – _ HONESTLY, I’LL GIVE YOU THE LOT FOR A FIVER.
  • 12. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Friday Creative Sessions Cream cheese on bagel & Art on Art LBi — but is it really art? Every Friday 2009 For the past two years, the fun-loving people in Here are some of the previous madcap themes – Tell us more about Art on Art, design director the office – be they members of the technology that we’ve fooled around with: dada poetry Jasmine Hays! team, experience architects, or mates from the writing, a game in which you fold images of JH. – We were asked to come up with ideas for creative department – have come together on each other’s faces into, well, much funnier faces, an art installation. I thought it would be nice if Friday mornings for some exhilirating sessions. and two hours of solemn life drawing during we bought some pre-framed works of art from Beginning as a celebration of creativity, the morning that followed the LBi Rave. We charity shops and used them to create new art these meetings form an opportunity for col- also invite guest speakers, such as artist/de- pieces. For my own contribution, I bought a leagues from different teams within the com- signer Chris O’Shea who came in to talk to us black-and-white drawing of an owl and gave it pany to share experiences relating to the latest about his mesmerising interactive work with a dash of colour. Internet memes and crazy viral videos. The infrared cameras and robots. – What’s your favourite Friday memory? main purpose is to get some cobwebs out of our Add to this fascinating workshops, during JH. – I really enjoyed the beards. I can’t actually heads, experiment with tech social media, have which we’ve made fake film posters; developed remember why we did them, but someone some fun, and be a bit silly. ideas such as the Gordon Brown Bee Beard thought it would be fun to play around with The play hour is between 9.30am and campaign; come up with ideas for the Mobile moustaches and beards. And it was. 10.30am, leaving half an hour for some free Mobile installation; and carried out the Art – Which breakfast gets your creative juices flowing? breakfast – muffins, bagels, tea, coffee – before on Art project – a cheap and cheerful way to JH. – It’s a bagel with cream cheese and jam, we kick off the session. Last Friday, the mission brighten up the office while contributing to a and some hot chocolate. I never go for a muffin was to imagine what a phone box vice card worthy cause by buying a work of art for less and a bagel; I only do one thing at a time. Some might look like if it was from one of our clients. than ten pounds, altering it, exhibiting the people walk off with three items. I’m not down Horny, that’s what! result, and then auctioning it off for charity. with that. LIST OF FIGURES 1 2 01 | Jasmine Hays (before) 02 | Jasmine Hays (after): Frida Barn Owl 3 4 03 | Stephan Zimelka (before) 04 | Stephan Zimelka (after): G.I. Joe Meets Teepee 5 6 05 | Laura Vanderslott (before) 06 | Laura Vanderslott (after): Badge Washington 9:34 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 9:35 am
  • 13. 10:29 am — STANDING 12 9 3 ORDERS 6 – Insisting on stand-up meetings, adding the word ‘nimble’ to the office vocabulary, and spreading the love through legendary weekly newsletters wasn’t enough for our BT teams – they had to celebrate the UK countryside and dress up as biblical characters as well –
  • 14. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – BT Cute little gingerbread men with three nipples LBi goes nimble On Monday 2 November 2009 LBi is BT’s digital agency of record, retained in close cooperation and share responsibilities that the entire agency operates. But no one across its consumer and business divisions to with each and every person involved in the has yet managed to imitate the weekly Friday improve the performance of digital channels project – including the client. newsletter sent out to all members of the BT – and to stand up and be counted on every BT is our largest global account – at any teams, in which the team’s suits update every- morning of every day of the week, as the dif- given point, there are 50–60 people working one on the most pressing, urgent, and critical ferent teams (working on BT Consumer, BT with this client – and one of our oldest friends; news of the week passed, including reports Business, BT Tradespace, BT iTrader, and BT the relationship has been going since 2001. At on beer-filled computer keyboards, cute little Fibre, as well as on a wide range of other areas the end of each project, the client evaluates the gingerbread men with three nipples and purple within the digital part of the telecommunica- work using specific score cards that address our icing pants, and the shaving of both facial hair tions operator’s wide and diverse offering) performance: responsiveness of service, strate- and, er, bums. gather together in human circles to plan the gic insights, value for money, timely delivery, Digital anoraks with no life outside of day ahead. and so on. If we score above 80 per cent in their BT bubble, clearly? Not quite. For the These “stand-up” meetings are part of the total, all fees are retained. This has historically launch of our new version of BT Tradespace, nimble work process invented by the BT teams. been the case in all evaluation sessions – our we sent a photographer and an art director on a The nimble working methodology borrows latest score of 84.4 per cent was the highest 2,000-mile journey around the UK, celebrating some of the best approaches from the software ever recorded in BT history by a marketing and the heartland of the country’s small business development classic The Agile Manifesto and technology agency. community. And for the LBi Christmas Party, updates them to the BT environment, so as With those kinds of results, it comes as no several suits from the BT teams were spotted to allow our team members to scope out their surprise that the nimble approach originally dancing away dressed up as the Three Kings. deliverables on a four-week basis, and to work devised for BT has started to change the way Wise Men, indeed. LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | Consumer website 02 | Business website 03 | BT Tradespace website 3 04 | BT Get Noticed campaign (BT Tradespace) 2 4 10:30 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 10:31 am
  • 15. 11:37 am — LBi PHONE 12 9 3 HOME 6 – The world has come a long way since 1908, when Nathan B. Stubble- field of Murray, Kentucky, was issued with a patent applied to the “cave radio” telephone – the earliest precursor to cellular telephony. Today, mobile strategies are part and parcel of everything we do – _ THEY’RE PROBABLY CALLING EACH OTHER.
  • 16. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H January 12 39% of the way – Mobile Campaigns Advertising in your pocket LBi on the move On Tuesday 13 Januray 2009 We’ve been dabbling with mobile marketing The recipe app we produced for Philadelphia Our Salt Calculator iPhone app supports the for more than five years, serving several sectors Europe delivers on strategy to become the UK-based Food Standards Agency (FSA) in from financial services to consumer goods. Yet number one branded recipe provider in the its national campaign to reduce excess salt in 2009 was the year when mobiles truly became digital space. the diets of 26 million people in the UK who an integral part of our offering. Thank you very Providing original Philadelphia recipes on consume too much. LBi’s handy nutrition much, Steve Jobs! the go – served up with the ability to search, tool can be used by consumers wishing to lead Skilled in designing and building mobile browse, and manage selections via a Recipe Box a healthier life. The user simply selects the applications, we’ve already carried out high- and a Shopping List feature – turned this app level of salt per 100g from the food label, and profile work within this area for a wide range into a global hit. combines that with the weight of the serving. of clients, including one of the world’s most Our mobile banking app for Deutsche The traffic-light-style system then instantly famous motor sport brands (who unfortunately Postbank AG was developed to allow the bank reveals whether what’s been entered is a healthy couldn’t afford to pay the bills because of a to enjoy first-to-market advantages in its native choice. Launched in October 2009, the app also rather expensive divorce.) Germany. The app connected to the existing features intake guidelines for children. For the directory information company e-banking back end services, and went down Finally, for one of the world’s most highly 118 118, we designed an iPhone app that gives exceptionally well with consumers unfamiliar recognised sports brands, we created a mobile users directions and deals for local amenities. with banking on the move, allowing everyone site tailored for individual loyalties (team and For Starwood, we developed a deluxe concierge to access and use mobile banking, with mini- racing driver), which delivers unique content – service. And at the opposite end of the luxury mal effort. Delivered in an ultra-quick three including video and timing data – to some 20 spectrum, for Volvo, an app with which truck months, the solution meets all online banking million smart phone users. Gee, wonder who owners can upload images of their vehicles. security standards. that client might be? LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | Lloyds Banking Group savings app (pitch) 02 | FSA Salt Calculator iPhone app 03 | Starwood Hotel Finder 2 3 11:38 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 11:39 am
  • 17. 12:26 pm — SECOND 12 9 3 LIFE 6 – Some of our staff also call themselves boxing referees, poets, taxidermists, doctors, ping pong punani, rock stars, DJs, carpenters, classical pianists, photographers, and more. Polymaths, we salute you. Here are some of our most interesting talents –
  • 18. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Hidden Talents Add some ADHD to the weird kangaroo shapes LBi dons a second hat Every evening and weekend throughout 2009 Painter. Sculptor. Musician. Scientist. Engineer. Some second careers are more interesting than – Sounds pretty normal. Mathematician. Inventor. Architect. Anatomist. others, and some are just plain weird. Enter LJB. – Well, there was a lot of morphing of Botanist. Geologist. Writer. Laura Jordan-Bambach, our executive creative animals going on in the shop. We’d create rat That’s a brief sketch outlining a retroactive director, who also happens to be a qualified bats, cat bats, mice performing human tasks, CV for Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci, taxidermist. that kind of thing. In the end, the guy I was archetype of the Renaissance man, and the per- – How come you enjoy stuffing animals? working with started becoming a bit too similar fect specimen when it comes to hidden talents. LJB. – I think it started partly because I had an to the guy from Psycho, so I quit. I haven’t Had da Vinci lived today, of course, his interest in anthropomorphism. I was looking stuffed anything since. Weirdly, once I stopped insatiable curiosity would likely have pushed at nature’s shapes a lot for the art work I was doing taxidermy, I also for some reason stopped him out of art classes while possibly getting doing at university. On my way there I used being a vegetarian. him put on Ritalin for ADHD. He would have to walk past a shop – a taxidermist called – What’s your strangest taxidermy memory? been told off for messing up his notebooks, Animal Fetish. LJB. – My flatmate at the time was a digital for his mirror writing, and for daydreaming – Of course. performance artist, and he asked me to get him during meetings. LJB. – Yeah, I know. Anyway, one day I was a foam kangaroo, this weird kangaroo shape We try not to daydream too much, but LBi short of money so I stepped inside and asked for that goes inside an animal. He glazed it and would have been a good place for Leonardo, a job, and the guy in there said, “What if I train turned it into a musical instrument. That was as our pool of hidden talent shows. In the Old you?” So I spent three years in the back room pretty cool. I also got in trouble once when I Truman, we have co-workers who in their spare with formaldehyde and dead mice. We did a lot put a killed cat in the freezer in a plastic bag. time excel in many disciplines, from music to of props for operas, we stuffed people’s pets, and, My flatmate found it. But I owned that fridge! poetry to sports. occasionally, we’d do repairs on a big animal. It was my fridge. LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | Vikki Sims, classical pianist 02 | Marcus McDonnell, Star Grade boxing referee 03 | Iain Hinchliffe, guitarist, Part Chimp 3 04 | Naun Torres, professional tennis player 2 4 12:28 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 12:29 pm
  • 19. 1:27 pm — SMELLS 12 9 3 LIKE TEAM SPIRIT 6 – Some people would sit back and relax when faced with the challenge of attracting customers to appliances they’ll only be interested in once every seven years. So what did our Electrolux team do? They locked themselves away for a six-week work frenzy, that’s what –
  • 20. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Electrolux Is that a vacuum cleaner in your bag? LBi – bon appetit! On Friday 10 July 2009 Our teams face different challenges. The BT of the market, no real relationship to or prefer- new content into brand sites. Finally, the trans- teams work on presenting a massive range of ence for a brand, and no real reason to think lation of this pan-European work across 12 key products to an equally large target audience. about the specifications and prices of domestic markets into country-specific activites. The M&S team creates strategies to secure a appliances. A good example is the installation on top of lot of conversion on a huge retailer’s website. Yet every year the Electrolux Group, the the Parisian contemporary art space, Palais de Our Electrolux team tries to advertise products second-largest appliance manufacturer in the Tokyo. On the gallery roof a pop-up restaurant to an audience that is interested in buying only world, sells more than 40 million products was positioned, in which food is cooked using once every seven years. including refrigerators, dishwashers, and cook- Electrolux products. We created the accompa- Think about it: When was the last time you ers through brands such as AEG, Zanussi, and nying website, through which guests can find PHOTOGRAPHY: kLEINEFENN felt the urge to buy a new steam oven? The last Electrolux to customers in 150 countries, with more information about the restaurant and time you bought a second fridge on impulse? the help from around 60,000 employees. book a real-life experience of their own. The last time you returned back home from a LBi uses a five-tiered strategy to build If that culinary project sounds rather shopping spree, found a vacuum cleaner in your Electrolux into a believable brand online. relaxed and pleasant, the actual work situa- bag and thought “Oh, no – not again”? Firstly, there’s the CIA – no, not the Central tion was anything but. The team locked itself Most of us use these appliances every day, Intelligence Agency, but rather Customer away for six weeks, working day and night to but few of us pay much attention to them. Interaction and Activation. Secondly, the digi- construct the website. People in the building They’re just there. We wear them out and only tal media strategy (DMS), which outlines how still talk about how the room smelled once the buy new machines when we really have to. It to best create compelling content and helpful poor designers, suits, project managers, techies, follows that brand awareness doesn’t equal tools. Thirdly, the actual creation of this content copywriters, and experience architects were conversion: most customers have no overview and these tools. Fourthly, the integration of the finally let out. LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | Electrolux Art at Home website 02 | Art at Home Inspirations section (detail) 03 | Art at Home Inspirations section 2 3 04 | Electrolux CombiSteam commercial (frame) 05 | Electrolux CombiSteam commercial (final screen) 4 5 1:28 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 1:29 pm
  • 21. 2:40 pm — LOTS OF 12 9 3 FREE LUNCHES 6 – Following a competitive pitch the previous year, in 2009 Lloyds Banking Group brought LBi on board as its digital agency of record. Working partly from a soundproofed room in the client offices, the LBi team has delivered more than 65 releases on time – _ THE SECOND BEFORE THE PHOTOGRAPHER ALMOST DIED.
  • 22. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Lloyds Banking Group Don’t feed the creatives LBi meets money On Monday 16 February 2009 2009 was an interesting year for the banking This is our second largest global account, with in the client’s offices. As the only way that sector, during which Lloyds TSB merged with up to 50 people working on it at a time. So how would happen was if our team could play loud Halifax and the Bank of Scotland to form did we start the work? By locking three people music and stick things on the walls, a special Lloyds Banking Group. At times it seemed up in a room, without access to natural light sound-proofed and splash-resistant room was the challenge for us was to stay on top of the and strategically located as far away from the constructed specifically for the purpose. Don’t client’s metamorphosis. rest of the office as possible, so as to ensure they feed the creatives. The collaboration between Lloyds Banking received close to no human contact. “In retro- The vision for Lloyds Banking Group is Group and LBi – which puts particular empha- spect,” says team member Sarah Morris, “those to be experts in life; an inspiring, engaging sis on digital strategy, experience architecture, three weeks nearly cost us our relationships. and educational brand that people take with design, and front-end technology – has already But we were fine with that – we got lots of free them on their journeys. The challenge for the spawned a wide range of implementations, lead- lunches and dinners.” LBi team was to take this and turn it into a ing up to the most ambitious programme ever So working on the Lloyds Banking Group believable statement online – from piggy bank undertaken by a bank to modernise its digital account is a horrible experience then, depriving savings to retirement planning. platform. The final release will serve at least our staff of their most basic human needs? The work is also about differentiating three million UK customers from the launch in Quite the opposite: one of the most rewarding the bank from the competition in 2013, a spring 2010. Ten million is the target by 2020, things about this relationship is the fact that challenge that had us dreaming up an array and with a range of services that give an average the client always appreciates the work – and of novel ways to bank, involving social media, customer reason to touch the bank three times cares to let us know that we do amazing things. communities, ubiquitous computing, and the every day, the platform will support more than Early on in the relationship, it was agreed Semantic Web. Sometimes, it’s good to lock ten billion predicted log-ins per year. Yikes! that some of the work was to be carried out people up. LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | Pitch screen 02 | Multi-channel pitch touch screen 2 3 4 03 | Multi-channel pitch touch screen 04 | Multi-channel pitch touch screen 5 6 05 | Galaxy projection poster 06 | Persona example 2:42 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 2:43 pm
  • 23. 3:23 pm — SATIN, DIAMONDS 12 9 3 & MANOLOS 6 – Ready for a riddle? What’s huge, luxurious, international, incredibly hospitable, and extremely profitable, visited by tens of thousands of people every day, and yet unknown to most of the world’s population? Why, that would be our most luxurious client! – _ ELEGANCE HAS NEVER BEEN SO UNDERSTATED.
  • 24. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Starwood Glitz, glam & a sprinkle of attitude LBi and the City On Tuesday 7 April 2009 We can all do with a little luxury every now W Hotels has refined and redefined the upscale apps, including a premium concierge service and then, and working on the Starwood ac- hotel experience, becoming the most success- helping high-spending clients find the perfect count is all about adding a bit of glitz, glam, ful new hotel brand in the industry. We like to accommodation. and attitude to the everyday. A strict dress code think that our work, aimed at extending the Apart from the W Hotels work, the main calls for satin, diamonds, and Manolos to be brand to the online world, has played a part in focus last year was on two projects: creating worn at all times by anyone who enters the that achievement. the multi-technology Starwood Toolkit, which Starwood wings of Old Truman. But the team hasn’t only been busying itself allows for the production of stunning banners Okay, so that’s a lie. What’s true is that with W Hotels. LBi is retained as Starwood’s in a highly customised way without the need to Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. media team, and we have worked extremely brief a third-party agency; and sorting out the is one of the world’s largest hospitality owner- closely with the company for more than seven low awareness of the Starwood Preferred Guest ship, management, and franchise organisations. years to drive awareness, as well as delivering (SPG) loyalty programme. Based in New York, it owns and operates nine online booking systems for six of its brands. The latter was addressed through a rich brands: Sheraton, The Luxury Collection, Our media team works closely with creative, media online banner campaign using a first- Westin, Four Points by Sheraton, St. Regis, ePR, and social media experts to deliver a person point-of-view perspective to expose Le Méridien, Aloft, Element by Westin, strategy for both brand initiatives and direct- the user to a football game. The response and W Hotels. response campaigns. was spectacular: 50 per cent of all ads served The last promises to deliver its guests Our work for Starwood includes the were interacted with, and they achieved an “Whatever you want, whenever you want it beautiful website promoting the 2008 Luxury above-average click-through rate of 0.16 per (as long as it’s legal),” which goes some way to Collection Charity Event at the Hotel Marques cent. Now, that’s what we call glitz, glam, and a show what it’s like working for Starwood. de Riscal in Spain, as well as several iPhone sprinkle of attitude. LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | W Hotels logotype interpretation 02 | Starwood Toolkit 03 | Inspirational brand element 2 3 04 | Starwood brands (selection) 4 3:24 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 3:25 pm
  • 25. �              NY AT              4:31 pm — LOST 12 9 3  IN TRANSIT       – Lost Boys never sleep. In Brick Lane, Old Truman might be empty, the computers switched off, the lights turned out, but in other parts of the world members of our global bandit squad will be en route to sister offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Mumbai, Shanghai, New York... – AB Abu Dhabi BE Berlin - Leibnizstraße KÖ Cologne GH Ghent _ AM Amsterdam BE Berlin - Monbijouplatz KØ Copenhagen GO Gothenburg WHEREVER I BALANCE MY FINO, THAT'S MY OFFICE. AT Atlanta BR Brussels EX Exeter HA Hamburg
  • 26.          GO KØ ST AM   BR GH MÖ HA LD BE EX   PA MH MA KÖ MI   AB  MU           5:45 pm — PITCH OF 12 3 THE DECADE   6      � – It was the mother of all pitches: nine exciting and enthralling months from start to finish. We sent Zanya on a mystery trip to New York, rubbed shoulders with some of the giants in our industry, and got to know a lovely place called Crawley. And then we won the Virgin Atlantic account – LD London MI Milan NY New York - Lafayette St PA Paris MA Madrid MU Mumbai NY New York - Park Ave ST Stockholm _ MÖ Malmö MH Munich NY New York - Vestry St ZU Zurich A WOMAN, A PLANE, A POLTERGEIST SkULL.
  • 27. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H –Virgin Atlantic You can count on us, Sir Richard! LBi gets upgraded On Monday 6 October 2009 16 agencies. Four pitches. 2,305 hours of family of adventurers and globetrotters and core to the proposition or information you need investment. 2,000 miles travelled to and from entrepreneurs. Your cabin isn’t exactly a cabin: to get on your plane was taken out. All of the Crawley. So what did we actually do during it’s a boudoir, a private lair, a cocktail lounge, a important details were collated into coloured those nine months? games arcade, an amazing bar, a playground, a fields that float above the main images. We de- We put forward the proposition that flying communications hub, a meeting room, a silver liberately went away from the much-overused with Virgin Atlantic sets you apart from other screen, a gourmet dining room, a night club, a translucent buttons, and instead focused on travellers. It’s a badge, a sign of assurance, a bed, a breakfast club. solid patches of the brand colours. reflection of your ability to make a choice – the Flying Virgin means actually looking for- We injected attitude and pace into the choice to fly with an innovative, honest and ward to eight hours in a chair between London copy, while allowing the fun side of the brand fun airline. An airline that dares to be creative, and New York. It means wanting to speed up to shine through with some tongue-in-cheek inventive, and bold. the check-in process so as to get to the fun stuff humour. And we made interaction design as Going somewhere isn’t just about the sooner. It’s about booking for experience, not important as the way the final pages look. somewhere, but also about the going. The goal for class. It’s about checking in and chilling out. Speaking of which, we sent off our initial of the journey isn’t just about getting to your The use of full-bleed imagery plays off that proposal in a rugged old briefcase. At one destination, but also about having a great time boldness, and makes the page look good even meeting, we showed a video montage of getting there. The journey is part of the goal. when viewed from three meters away. A killer Richard Branson interviews, during which he You and I both fly to New York, but on differ- for today’s open-plan office environments. clutched on to said briefcase while explaining ent planes. Your flight makes you exhausted, The main navigation was turned into a that he wants to play with us on his private is- irritated, hungry, bored. Me? I fly Virgin. journey-based system that clearly matches the land. If that’s what it takes, you can have it, Sir If you fly Virgin, you’re part of a special stages of your trip. All content that isn’t either Richard – but it will cost you 25 billion dollars! LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | Virgin pitch screen: booking engine page 02 | Virgin pitch screen: profile page 03 | Virgin pitch screen: home page 3 04 | Virgin pitch screen: confirmation page 2 4 5:46 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 5:47 pm
  • 28. 6:14 pm — WINNING 12 9 ISN’T EVERYTHING 6 – It’s the only thing. Throughout 2009, we received more than 1,000 pieces of industry press, including some top-ranking trade bibles pronouncing us the best agency of the year. In November 2009 we were the most awarded marketing and technology agency in Europe. And so it begins... – _ TWO SPIVS CAUGHT RUSHING OFF WITH TREASURES FROM THE AWARDS CABINET.
  • 29. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Medals & Trophies Stealing a prize here & there LBi gets the champagne sword out On several dates between 9 January & 10 December 2009 Let’s take it from Winston Churchill, shall we? record number of awards across a wide range a Revolution B2B, a Cresta, and a Marketing “Sure I am this day we are masters of our fate, of creative, technology, and CRM categories, Society award. The NMA gave us an award that the task which has been set before us is not and were named the number one marketing, with a high commendation for our British Red above our strength; that its pangs and toils are creative, and technology agency for 2009 and Cross Refugee Week campaign. We won silver not beyond our endurance. As long as we have 2010 by New Media Age and Marketing. And and bronze awards in the London Internation- faith in our won cause and an unconquerable we didn’t even have to bribe them. al, our work for D&AD won a BIMA, and our will to win, victory will not be denied us.” In November 2009, we were the most campaign for Tourism Ireland won a Golden Ah, good old Winston! awarded marketing and technology agency in Spider for the best use of film. Campaigns Or let’s take it from Red Sanders. The Europe. On one particular day, co-workers were for the British Red Cross and Times Literary story goes that legendary American football allegedly seen spontaneously dancing the Lindy Supplement were shortlisted for both PR coach Henry Russell “Red” Sanders tried to Hop with each other in between the cham- Week and Webby Awards. And that, as already inspire his players in the UCLA Bruins during pagne toasts, the grandiose fireworks, and the mentioned, was over and above LBi grab- a physical education workshop in 1950 by extravagant foam machine disco party we held bing the number one spots in both the NMA telling them: “Men, I’ll be honest. Winning in the basement to celebrate. Marketing League 2009 and the Marketing isn’t everything” – after which he worked up a We were very happy indeed to learn that all League 2009. substantial amount of suspense by enjoying a of our hard work paid off and was recognised as This goes to show that while we don’t win long pause, until finally concluding – “Men, it’s a benchmark for industry peers. the most prizes, we win prizes for more projects the only thing.” So what were the major wins of the year? A than most. Which brings us back to Winston 2009 was a year when medals and trophies pick of the best would include the Generation Churchill. We clearly have the unconquerable started to rain down upon us. We won a Green campaign, which won a Guardian Mega, will to win. Victory will not be denied us. LIST OF FIGURES 01 | Awards found at a stall in Spitalfields Market 1 6:16 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 6:17 pm
  • 30. 7:46 pm — WITH A PING 12 3 & A PONG 6 – Maybe it’s to do with the lines painted on our concrete floors – reminders that badminton and basketball were once played where these days cam- paigns are planned and websites coded. Or maybe we’re just tired of sitting still. Either way, computers off: let the games begin – _ DOING TECHY STUFF AT LBi IS REALLY HARD WORk.
  • 31. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Relaxing Recreation Frisk & frolic, fun & foolery LBi skips class On Tuesday evenings at 7pm Business and sports have a lot in common. And so on, and so on. The short of it is this: pool, others will crouch over the foosball table, Achieving good results in the boardroom making sure that employees get a bit of exercise yet others try to outdo each other in the ping and succeeding on the pitch require the same every now and then – be it by the foosball pong arena. qualities: preparation, training, and the proper table in our basement or on the football pitch, In summer we run a softball league. Sum- setting of goals. be it mental or physical exercise, be it chess mer or not, every Tuesday evening a devoted There’s planning in both. We need to size or boxing or indeed chess boxing (the logical team of energetic football players line up to up the competition before understanding how follow-up to last year’s sumo evening?) – makes begin the LBi match of the week. Laces will be we can beat our rivals, and we need to measure perfect sense. tied, socks rolled down, jerseys tucked inside our performance to make sure we improve at Not only because moving about keeps us shorts. Some weeks, the game will continue by the right rate. healthier and more alert, but because having the foosball tables in a nearby bar. Speaking So let’s get the dusty metaphor bag out and some fun makes the work we do more fun to of which: having a bit of fun outside of work see what we might find in terms of business- engage with, having a laugh is contagious, and really doesn’t need to equal physical action: an entrepreneurship-meets-game-playing: a bit of competitive fooling around with a table LBi film club has been running in the past, and We kick things off. We level the playing tennis racket in hand might give you good ideas the upcoming and much-anticipated bowling field. We step on the gas. We get the ball in for the kind of competition you do at your desk. action will take place in the All Star Lanes their court. We swim upstream. We come up That’s why you’ll find a lot of serious- bowling alley across the road, which comes for air. We hold our horses. We take the bull by sounding antagonism and a lots of not-so-seri- complete with three bowling lanes, a cocktail the horns. We’re team players. We muscle our ous-sounding giggling if you venture down into bar, and a dedicated team to help serve freshly- ways to the top. We play hardball. We declare the Old Truman basement on, say, a Thursday made canapés of our choice. victory and go home. Game over. afternoon. At least two people will be playing Now, that’s the proper way to work out. LIST OF FIGURES 1 3 01 | Connect Four: Harriet & James 2 02 | Connect Four: Harriet 03 | Connect Four: Luke 4 04 | Foosball players 5 05 | Foosball | Football 6 06 | Basement action in Old Truman 7:47 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 7:48 pm
  • 32. pEn dInG 8:25 pm — CLICKOCRATISING 12 9 3 THE UK 6 – 2009 was the year when the word “clickocracy” entered the English language. During Barack Obama’s 21-month campaign, an unprecedented two million user profiles were created online, raising more than $500 million. Which is why one day, we had a call from the Conservatives – _ "THIS’LL LOOk AMAZING IN THE BATHROOM."
  • 33. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – The Conservative Party When blue meets red LBi proposes a non-conservative solution On Thursday 24 September 2009 As human society changes, so does its politics. find new strategies that will energise a younger instead on the organisation of campaigns and During the French Revolution era, members of and disenfranchised British electorate; methods events. The fundamental premise is to make it the National Assembly in Paris who supported to ensure that voters really get involved and easier for common people to participate. the republic sat on the left while supporters of take action in as many grassroots campaigns as We launched in 90 days, and followed that the monarchy sat on the right, thus giving birth possible. We also wanted to lay the foundations up with a new release every three weeks. The to the division between left- and right-wing for a digital data strategy that would build up website will evolve and grow over time as the politics. More recently, in September 2008, a profiles of the electorate and the influences on political climate and the needs of the party digital event changed politics forever, as Barack their voting preferences, in order to make future change in the exciting time leading up to the Obama amassed around $150 million out of his campaigns even more relevant and seductive. election. A final touch was the digital mani- record-shattering haul from donations made The resulting website, festo, which presents the party’s strategies in an on the Internet. During his unprecedented is one of the most advanced campaigning accessible and interactive way. 21-month campaign for the White House, networks of its kind outside of the USA. The Four weeks into the campaign, the website president-elect Obama raised a total of half a collaboration with the Conservative Party has was already paying for itself. The relationship billion dollars online. resulted in what party leader David Cameron between LBi and the Conservative Party is off Democracy had finally gone truly digital. calls “a first in UK politics”. LBi was the Con- to a good start with a suberb tool for drumming The age of clickocracy was born. servatives’ first choice of digital partner. up support, a focal point for local activism, and As we near the time for the next General In stark contrast to competing websites a symbol of the beginning of a post-bureau- Election in the UK, all political parties will such as the Labour Party’s Membersnet, we’ve cratic age, in which people can do much more try to find ways of emulating Obama’s online stayed away from standard social networking for their country’s politics than just vote. That’s success. The Conservative Party briefed LBi to features such as “friending” and blogs, focusing what we call adding clicks to politics. LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | home page 02 | Personal campaign page 03 | Campaigns overview page 2 3 04 | Interactive online manifesto 05 | (detail) 4 5 8:26 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 8:27 pm
  • 34. 9:12 pm — DESTINATION: 12 9 3 TOMORROW 6 – How do you come up with killer creative ideas? How do some of the UK’s best up-and-coming designers view the world? How does “digital light” blur the boundary between light and pixels? If you were in our basement at certain times during 2009, you’d know – _ UNATTENDED ITEMS WILL BE REMOVED AND MAY BE DESTROYED.
  • 35. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Talks & Exhibitions Killing the fear of being silly LBi blah blah blah, look, look, look! All through 2009 Different metrics can be used to gauge one’s to educate the staff and encourage debate using graduate exhibition. We hosted the charity impact on the industry. Awards and accolades, both internal and external speakers. Creative Capital’s Widening the Scope campaign. column inches, client feedback, the sweet after- Janet Grimes and Julian Saunders shared We arranged the UX Book Club, a bimonthly taste of a job well done – and of the celebratory a selection of the best new campaigns and meeting of user experience (UX) profession- pints in the local pub. ideas from around the world. HR Sukhvi, our als who gather to discuss a book on a topic But there are also other ways to judge one’s in-house training maestro, talked us through related to UX, while also allowing attendees to success. Like noticing how people are desperate popular theories such as Freakonomics and The socialise and network with each other. UPA’s to get in on the action, to swing by and be part Tipping Point. World Usability Day event was held in Old of what’s going on in the office. Like watching Professor Alan Dix gave a talk about The Truman on 12 November. There was the series the building becoming a destination site, a New Medium of Digital Light – essentially a of events for Adobe Flex, there was Click, the place in which the brightest minds of our gen- way of blurring the boundary between light annual conference hosted by Creative Review, eration can get together and discuss – or even and pixels. And our own creative duo Laura and there was the Microsoft Future event. decide – the future. Jordan-Bambach and Jake Dyer talked about We also opened up the building for creative This was what happened at the Old Truman How To Come Up With The Killer Creative Idea, Dragons’ Den events, during which people last year. As we picked up awards, won pitches, an inspiring workshop/lecture that totally killed were invited down to the auditorium to watch and threw internal office parties, new possibili- our fear of being silly and had our creative brave entrepreneurs pitch their ideas while the ties opened up for utilising the brewery in even juices flowing. audience drank and heckled (constructively, of better ways, and turn it into a thinkers’ terminal, The D&AD did their New Blood judging course) their concepts. In short, if 2009 had you an ideas repository, a creative haven. It started from the LBi offices, as well as allowing us to longing for a vitamin injection of creativity, Old with our Truman Sessions, the point of which is host both the D&AD Design Awards and their Truman’s basement was the place to be. LIST OF FIGURES 1 2 01 | Marcus Mustafa strutting his stuff 02 | Click crowd 3 4 03 | LBi + Creative Review = Click 04 | Click discussion 5 6 05 | Old Truman basement 06 | Student exhibition, Old Truman basement 9:14 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 9:15 pm
  • 36. 10:45 pm — THIS IS NOT 12 3 JUST A CLIENT 6 –What’s the best part about being the complete digital agency for the fourth largest online retailer in the UK? Could it be working with a solid, 125-year-old brand? Could it be enjoying a relationship that’s been going for over a decade? Nah. It’s all about the biscuits – _ A YELLOW ONE MIGHT LOOk GOOD HERE.
  • 37. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Marks & Spencer Conversion up, satisfaction up, thumbs up LBi melts in the middle On Friday 3 April 2009 Ah, 1998! Microsoft releases the first edition Speaking of fancy, one of the highlights of the the ground a serious e-commerce player could of Windows 98. Two Ph.D. candidates at year was going on a fancy trip to Bangalore possibly need. Stanford launch a brand new search engine with the client. A fitting way of celebrating Throughout 2009, LBi carried out a called Google. goes public with a decade-long relationship, seeing that both complete refresh of the M&S website, in order the highest-rising IPO in history, an early sign LBi and M&S are truly global companies – to improve the customer experience. New tem- of the dotcom boom to follow. the retailer has more than 885 stores around plates were implemented, the search functional- And in the UK, Marks & Spencer becomes the world. Our objectives have always been ity and search results page were enhanced, and one of our largest and dearest clients. A rela- about growing revenue and sales, maximising a host of other improvements made. tionship that began with a non-transactional the customer experience, and making M&S a The result? Revenues up, conversion up, information website and has grown into one leading force in the digital arena – just as it is satisfaction up, thumbs up. In October 2009, of the UK’s most recognised e-commerce sites. already in retail. the BBC ran an article that told the story of Today, it is M&S’s best performing and most Together we’ve created one of the best- how the newly updated M&S website had important store. LBi is the retailer’s complete performing e-commerce websites in the world: become one of the UK high street’s two most digital agency, and a group of dedicated LBi-ers today, is on its way to user-friendly brands online: “The Online High work out of the M&S head office. being a half-a-billion-pound online business. Street Report, from web usability consultancy But that’s not just “a group” – that’s an From helping new customers find M&S online, Webcredible, finds the newly-launched M&S M&S group made up from an ensemble of drawing up and designing an outstanding site much improved – last year it ranked ninth.” some of our greatest minds, who just happen customer experience, through to the purchasing How we celebrated the news? With some to look like a boy band. We reckon the clients journey and the monitoring of our performance delicious M&S biscuits, of course. (Which we fancy them a bit. using the LBi Digital Dashboard, we cover all promptly put down to research.) LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | home page 02 | M&S Living the Dream campaign 03 | M&S 125 Anniversary campaign home page 3 04 | M&S 125 Anniversary campaign, 1920s–1940s section 2 4 10:46 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 10:47 pm
  • 38. 11:26 pm — SERIOUSLY 12 9 3 SPOOKY SANTA 6 – At times, LBi stands for Love Building interwebs. At times, it stands for London Beer inebriates. Here’s our corporate policy when it comes to after- hour office activities: hard work should be balanced with intense leisure activities. Let the fun begin – _ THIS IS OUR MD. SERIOUSLY.
  • 39. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Party Time Sumo should, sumo shouldn’t LBi slips into the party shoes In spring, summer, autumn & also winter of 2009 Some kids dream about becoming professional attire. An official referee made sure everyone rickshaw; and plenty of beer from the world’s football players, others about being the heroes stuck to the rules, and much support was given second/most populaous country. who carry helpless children out of burning by the onlookers, in between pieces of sushi and An overwhelmingly delicious smell of chili buildings. Japanese-themed booze. Executive creative di- pepper, black mustard seed, cumin, turmeric, It is a statistical fact, however, that most rector Laura Jordan-Bambach launched herself fenugreek, asafoetida, ginger, coriander, and people who later in life go on successfully to into one of the battles in such a committed way garlic soon filled the summer night. build believable brands for digital agencies on as to sprain her ankle, resulting in three months Last man standing was managing director a professional basis once aspired to become a on crutches. and Bollywood fanatic, Anil Pillai, dancing his world-ranked sumo champions. Other party themes throughout the year in- socks off to the tunes of Cornershop’s Brimful of Thanks to the combination of inflatable cluded turning Old Truman into an all-singing, Asha and the Asian Dub Foundation’s Flyover. sumo costumes and generous helpings of saké, all-dancing agency as the summer party was Add to these successes events such as the one of the Old Truman socials gave these given a Bollywood makeover. Ascot Horse Racing night, the LBi Brew Your failed sumai the opportunity to showcase their The LBi offices went from Brick Lane Own Beer competition, a brilliant Christmas domination in the sumo dohyō. to Brickywood for this smashing night of party featuring – among many other curious Organised with Japanese efficiency by Indian-themed debauchery, filled to the brim things – a rather phallic rodeo contraption, and Deliverymanagementichuoi and Clientservices- with bengal brews (no, we’re not just talking of course the Rave (featured elsewhere in this inchi, the Sumai Match event saw many of the Darjeeling here) and Bollywood burgers. publication), and it is clear that the work hard/ brightest minds in the agency adopt a Japanese We conjured up spicy Indian specialities, play hard ethos of LBi is securing the agency’s wrestler name and dare battle in fitted loin entertainment including a Tabla player and top spot not just in the creative league tables, cloths. Or at least in oversized, inflatable sumo Bollywood dancers; an original, shipped-in but also in the party rankings. LIST OF FIGURES 1 2 01 | Bollywood party 02 | Laurent, Mike & Amy | Ewen & Laura 3 4 03 | Georgia | karima, Raph & Tricia 04 | Christmas party 5 6 05 | Jon | Mark | Sarah 06 | Sumo night 11:28 pm — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 11:29 pm
  • 40. 12:13 am — NEW KIND OF 12 9 3 CHRISTMAS TREE 6 – Ah, Christmas! Carols and cards, Santas and Scrooges; good tidings and a Happy New Year. And at LBi, a creative team working through the night to give the Christmas tree a whole new meaning. Blended? You’d better believe it – _ LET’S SEE. WHICH ONE FLUSHES THE TOILET?
  • 41. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Mobile Mobile Blood, sweat, tears & classical piano playing LBi goes on an upcycling spree On Friday 25 December 2009 A creative team works through the night to LBi challenged its staff to demonstrate the core specialists. Then we found a classical pianist in reinvent the Christmas tree by installing a large value of ’collaboration’ for Christmas. Based on the finance department, as you do. Carol of the interactive sculpture for the LBi reception area. the upcycling of old agency mobile phones – Bells (also known as the Ukrainian Bell Carol) is The idea is to have 50 hanging handsets each the conversion of useless products into new and a choral miniature work originally composed by play a different note of a beautiful Christmas better ones – this mobile mobile, aptly named the Ukrainian composer Mykola Dmytrovych carol, and flash in time. Mobile Mobile (what else?), became a signature Leontovych, played by Vikki Sims. Individually addressed by a single computer piece for Old Truman’s reception, amusing This is the output of a hive mind, the to create this lovely choral arrangement, the employees and visitors alike. agency using its size to its advantage. The mobile phones become an orchestrated, shim- In September, staff upcycled the disused results? Tens of thousands of blog responses, mering aural volume, lighting up Old Truman’s mobile phones after an agency-wide upgrade exposure on Canal+, and 200,000 carols played. winter darkness. Anyone can visit LBi’s online and switch to a new provider. Guess who! The project also helped raise awareness for live stream to serenade bystanders of this physi- To pull this off we required carpenters, set the charity start-up Mocamobile, which em- cal/digital work of art with their keyboard dex- designers, and a musician to arrange the score. powers social entrepreneurs and NGOs to scale terity. The installation piece can also be played We found all of this in house. rural health diagnosis using mobile phones. in person, or activated with a tweet from the There was blood from our qualified carpen- Mobile Mobile has been made as a semi- web or from a mobile phone. Multi-channel ter chief operating officer (who, not normally permanent hanging (exhibition) space. The grooviness, baby! being the most frivolous of elves, got in touch mobiles will later be replaced with another The background to this experiment is as with his inner Joseph and painstakingly sawed work of art, and following that, this new art simple as it is interesting: searching for a new out the giant plywood structure), sweat from installation space in the Old Truman will be take on the standard Christmas card, in 2009 our creative teams, and tears from our IT updated month in, month out. LIST OF FIGURES 1 2 01 | Preparing 02 | Eating 3 4 03 | Sketching 04 | Craning 5 6 05 | Cutting 06 | Celebrating 12:14 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 12:15 am
  • 42. 1:24 am — TINY LITTLE 12 9 3 FELLAS 6 – Leave Berlin immediately? Large But ingenious? Luxembourg Bowling institute? Light Bold italic? An internal team answers the question “What does LBi stand for?” using colourful posters and a film in which a polar bear is shrunk to fit inside a freezer compartment – _ PROTOTYPING A NEW HAND-CLEANING DEVICE.
  • 43. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Little Beasts inc. Do you also Love Building interwebs? LBi shrinks animals On Monday 21 September 2009 What does LBi stand for? That was the Long Beach interactive, and Lousy Barnet ice supply, and a miniature lion performing a burning question at the centre of the internal implementations? trick or two behind the bar? Just give Little re-branding-and-recruitment project that had The New Media Age ad was the final itera- Beasts incorporated a call, and we’ll cater for the entire agency googling the phrases “words tion of an exercise that saw several colourful your every safari-in-a-box party request. that begin with b” and “interesting adjective posters produced and put up in the basement Flippant and funny as the film is, view- that begins with i” for a few days in order to of the Old Truman Brewery. Against striking ers who visit the supporting part of the LBi submit proposals for an alternative name for green, blue, and purple backgrounds, the typo- website discover an agency that stands for the the company. graphical treatment of previous LBi-branded fusion of marketing and technology, the build- Luxembourg Bowling institute, Light Bold content was given a thorough makeover, as ing of believable brands, and – above all – a fun italic, Love Building interwebs, Looks Better was the historically rather serious attitude in and stimulating place to work. inside, London Beer inebriates, Large But external communications. The treatment was the first in a series of PHOTOGRAPHY: GUTSY ingenious, and Lobsters Breed invertebrates To explore the “What does LBi stand for” planned executions exploring the idea of giving were just a few of the proposals that made it idea further, the first in a series of films was LBi alternate realities. As a creative platform into the LBi recruitment ad in the Top 100 produced, exploring alternate realities for LBi. this idea gives us incredible scope to have fun Interactive Agencies 2009 issue of digital adver- At Little Beasts incorporated, apparently, we and to address the important matter of our tising magazine New Media Age. shrink animals in advanced laboratories, so that purpose, vision, and attitude to the industry Countless others were dreamt up that never they can fit in your hand (or freezer) and add a we’re in. made it into anything but documents doomed bit of roaring fun to your party. Who wouldn’t What the initials actually stand for? Lost to remain unopened, in folders forgotten. How want a tiny rhino walking around amidst the Boys international. Though we almost went with about Large Breast implants, Loud Beats inc., evening’s drinks, a polar bear in charge of the Lizards Bite impulsively. LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | Randy the Rhino 02 | Patrick the Polar Bear 3 2 03 | Party time! 4 04 | Innit! 05 | Little Beasts incorporated poster 5 6 06 | New Media Age recruitment press ad 1:26 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 1:27 am
  • 44. 2:03 am — WE DON’T 12 9 3 COUNT SHEEP 6 – Standing still is never good enough. We always look to bring new services into our proposition, based on new technologies and media. You don’t get time to hang a sign on us. We love the smell of CRM, analytics, digital dashboards, and ePR in the morning – _ LATE AT NIGHT, THE MONkEYS COME OUT TO PLAY.
  • 45. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – Fastest-Growing Services The new, the now & the next LBi carries a crystal ball into the jungle Morning, day & night 2009 What is the future of our business? What new example of this during last year was the Look knowledge into almost every brief we tackle challenges lie ahead? What opportunities, what Beyond the Label campaign carried out for the and all new accounts that we win. fortunes, junctures, and openings? British Red Cross. Using a very limited budget The industry has talked about analytics Those are the questions constantly on we achieved a great viral effect by asking people since day one, but has been very poor at deliv- everyone’s lips. The questions we try to address change their social media status messages. ering on that talking. There's been much theory through our ongoing investment in innovative Immediately recognisable, the campaign was but not much practice. Today, our analytics technologies and emerging services, our dedica- a defining moment for what has grown into a team encompasses almost ten full-time people, tion to the new, the now, and the next.In 2010, dedicated, fast-growing, in-house team of full- retained by half a dozen accounts. Perhaps the these discussions often seem to end in ideas time ePR specialists. defining product of last year was an analytics about branded content, one of our favourite CRM has been a dirty word in our industry tool, the LBi Digital Dashboard, whch has now buzz words at the moment. In 2009, they usually for a decade, following the early years become a standard part of our service offering. concluded with talk about electronic PR (ePR), when focus was on technology alone. More Our attitude is to add some of these fast- customer relationship management (CRM), sophisticated methods have now been created, growing services to the LBi jungle every year. analytics, and the LBi Digital Dashboard. and two years ago, LBi appointed a CRM team In late 2009, it became official that Andrew ePR is an area experiencing unprecedented that during 2009 won a massive migration Pinkess, previously with Rufus Leonard, was to growth. This part of our offering allows clients piece of work for BT Tradespace. Following join LBi London as Client Partner and execu- to listen to the online conversations, analyse this project, and as a result of our understand- tive – as well as leader of the Strategic Services what's being said by whom, and come up with ing that customer relations need to be right at department. The jungle got its Tarzan, who creative approaches to engaging with audiences the heart of successful campaigns, the team has will engage our accounts with the best possible in social spaces. Perhaps the most notable grown to include full-time specialists that inject thinking and deliver on our vision. LIST OF FIGURES 1 01 | BT iTrader 02 | LBi Dashboard 03 | LBi Dashboard 2 3 04 | BT iTrader (detail) 05 | LBi Dashboard (detail) 4 5 2:04 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 2:05 am
  • 46. 3:26 am — WILL YOU 12 9 3 BE THERE? 6 – A world-famous photographer, chromatic backdrops, a near-fatal tele- phone call, and in-depth interviews with some of the best students and interns in the business are some of the ingredients behind one of the year’s highest-profile, prize-winning campaigns – _ CHAMELEON NAILS.
  • 47. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – D&AD Heart attacks & new blood LBi almost gets defibrilated On Tuesday 19 May 2009 The night before the shoot, art director James The resulting shots, however, were not just the The models were asked to not just show up, “Theo” Theophane receives a phone call from result of a well-known photographic precedent. but to actually pledge their allegiance to New animated star photographer, Nadav Kander. Together with copywriter Dan Marks, the art Blood by taking an active interest in the session “Is this James?” “Yes.” “The D&AD thing director had gone to great lengths to try to un- and act out this juxtaposition of the percep- tomorrow. I’m not doing it. I’m being told you derstand how students and interns feel not just tion of the person versus the reality. “The ’real’ want a coloured background. I never heard about the industry, but about those who they Graham Fink is charming, warm, friendly, and anything about a coloured background. I don’t see as the figureheads within it. Themes begun approachable,” explains Theo. do coloured backgrounds.” to emerge: a general feeling of alienation, of de- “Even Simon Waterfall, who can intimidate Now, that’s about as close as you get to a tachment, of not belonging to the same world the hell out of David Bowie, is a charming per- heart attack-inducing moment in our line of as these creatives. As Theo puts it: “Anyone who son in the flesh. The whole process was good, business. But rather than scanning the room can remember touting their book around their honest, pro-bono fun with one of the world’s for defibrilators, Theophane carefully wrote an most respected agencies trying to get it under most sought-after photographers and some of email explaining the idea behind the shoot, the nose of their favourite creative director will the UK’s most notable creative leaders.” comparing the visual style to that of legend- remember this feeling.” The campaign won an IAB creative show- ary photographer Tomas Ruff ’s images in the Nadav Kander had recently finished shoot- case and a BIMA award, and was a finalist at 1970s, which typically featured emotionless ing Obama’s people. Dan and Theo spoke to both London International and the Revolution expressions in a large-scale, high-resolution, him about their idea. In the end, six industry Awards. We were so happy the art director’s passport-type setting. Ten minutes after Theo protagonists were chosen to be portrayed in heart didn’t stop that we gave him a month off clicked Send, Kander was back on the phone. the way they are perceived in the minds of the to pamper it by getting married in Sydney. Now “I’m loving it. See you tomorrow.” digital world’s New Blood. that’s skipping a beat. PHOTOGRAPHY: NAVAV kANDER LIST OF FIGURES 1 2 01 | Caroline Pay, creative director, karmarama 02 | Graham Fink, executive creative director, M&C Saatchi 03 | Neville Brody, founder, Research Studios 04 | Simon Waterfall, founder, Poke 3 4 3:28 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 3:29 am
  • 48. 4:03 am — RAVING MAD 12 IN BRICK LANE 9 3 6 –What do you do if you happen to have a brewery that fits a massive sound system and a lot of people? You throw a rave, that’s what you do. Strobe lights, glowsticking, sweatbands, and 128 old-skool repetitive beats per minute as Old Truman turns into the Space of Brick Lane for a night – _ ¡DOS CERVEZAS, POR FAVOR!
  • 49. _ _ TWO THOUSAND AND NINE 365D/24H – The Rave! PHOTOGRAPHY: JAY GLOW Glowsticks, gurning, gauntlets... LBi blows its neon whistles On Thursday 26 November 2009 1,500 people on the guest list. A lorry load the night by asking a pertinent question: Executive creative director Simon Gill took of booze. One in/one out. Whistles. Rizlas. “Well, were you there or weren’t you? charge of the musical and visual supervision. Glowsticks. Mad dancing. Purported gurning. We’re not talking about the Eighties rave scene Following Dr Gill’s warm-up set, a guest mix Just another normal night in the agency, – if you can remember that with any clarity was played remotely by Ian Tait from Poke, then, innit? then you probably weren’t chomping on the before DJ Cholly and DJ Brin got behind Arranged by the company’s infamous in- right disco biscuits. No, we’re talking about the the wheels of steel to do a brilliant, storming, ternal Piss-Up In a Brewery Productions team, LBi rave in the agency’s capacious Brick Lane four-hour set. Advanced lighting effects were the LBi Rave saw the Old Truman (which has offices last week.” provided by our own managed services guru some serious rave credentials right from the The magazine also heaped peace, love, Jon Russell – who incidentally used to do outset) turn into a boozy, gritty, dancey affair. unity, and respect on LBi’s executive creative sound and vision for Coldcut back in the day Friends, family, clients, and competing director – “Award for outfit of the evening goes – and plundered his garage full of old disco kit agencies were all invited. With rave manage- to LBi ECD and She Says prime mover Laura for added authenticity. ment skills that verged on the professional, LBi Jordan-Bambach” – before going on to state Limited edition LBi Lazer Ray Sweat- turned the night into a “celebration of nothing that “the tequila girls and Jägerbombs proved bands (whatever that means) were handed out, more than the fact that we all work in an all too much for some people but helped pro- drinks were free, hair was let down, toes were industry which has risen above the recession duce tweet of the week from @golansleepweed: tapping, smiles and smileys were all around. A and just deserves to get its trainers dirty while ’#lbirave collateral damage; 7used condoms, brilliant, thumping, pumping, grinding party kissing goodbye to any hope of doing some 1smashed toilet, 1hospitalisation, 1fight’” (ap- was followed by some very sore heads in the work on Friday,” to quote one internal email. parently, a cupboard door was stolen as well), morning after the night before. It was brave, In their lyrical piece on the rave night, industry and that “LBi definitely threw down the party not at all behaved, and fairly depraved. It was bible New Media Age started off their review of gauntlet to the digital agency world.” the LBi Rave. We miss it already. LIST OF FIGURES 1 2 01 | Simon Gill & Nicky Gibson glow in the dark 02 | Rave girl: Anna Watson-Smith 3 4 03 | Laurent Ezekiel: Peace! 04 | Anil Pillai, Anil Pillai’s moustache, Chris Clarke 5 6 05 | John & Iain; Jacqui, Jake & Simon 06 | Rave crowd 4:04 am — LBi Annual 2009 LBi Annual 2009 — 4:05 am
  • 50. _ EDITORIAL 60 55 30 5 25 5 50 10 20 10 45 15 40 20 1/5 SEC 35 25 30 In THE KITcHEn Á La caRTE Head Honchos: Chris Clarke & Anil Pillai p Dorset Apple Cake & Pilau Rice Editorial Team: Gonzalo Azores & Magnus Larsson p Manchego & Meatballs Copywriter: Magnus Larsson p Rotmos Art Director & Designer: Gonzalo Azores p Cocido Madrileño Photographer & Copy Editor: Lorenzo Wood p Diet Coke Contributing Photographers: Gonzalo Azores, Jasmine Hays & Lorenzo Wood p Patatas Bravas, Kangaroo Stew & Yaki Soba Project Manager: Simon Collins p Fish Marketing: Sarah van Praagh p & Chip Production: Simon Collins, James Tuffs, Imogen Thacker & Sarah van Praagh p Sunday Roast Thanks: Mario Andrade, James Burgess, Julian Cross, Hannah Drury, Zanya Fahy, Simon Gill, Iain Hinchliffe, p Doggy Bag Laura Hunter, Michael Islip, Laura Jordan-Bambach, Nikhil Kalanjee, Tanay Kumar, Chris Leckie, Olive Lee, Jill Lloyd, Zak Loney, Marcus McDonnell, Caroline McGuckian, Sarah Morris, Tricia Ofouno, Andrew Pinkess, Vikki Sims, Derek Smith, James Theophane, Naun Torres, & Matt Watts Printed in London by Aldgate Press LTD, on 120/300 GSM Munken Lynx Contact: For more information, please visit © LBi, London 2010. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited, in particular the shot of managing director Anil Pillai on pages 80-81 – post that on Facebook and he’ll send Bombay thugs to get medieval on your ass. All paper used in the production of this magazine comes from well-managed sources.