Secrets of business success syllabus


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Secrets of business success syllabus

  1. 1. Metropolitan Community College Class Syllabus – 2008 WinterCLASS IDENTIFICATIONTITLE: Secrets of Business SuccessPREFIX/SECTION: RDLS 1410_4ACREDIT HOURS: 3CLASS BEGINS/ENDS: 12/3/08-2/25/09MEETING DAY(S)/TIMES: Wednesday 1-3:30NO CLASS DAYS: 12/25/08 to 1/1/09 and 1/19/09WITHDRAWAL DATE: 2/10/09CLASS LOCATION: Fort Omaha Campus Bldg 10 Room 208LAB LOCATION: N/ACONTACT INFORMATIONINSTRUCTOR NAME: LaCorkney BishopOFFICE LOCATION: N/AOFFICE TELEPHONE: 402-290-8026FACSIMILE: N/AOFFICE HOURS: By appointment onlyEMAIL ADDRESS: lbishop8@mccneb.eduFACULTY WEB SITE: N/AACADEMIC AREA: Learning Design & SupportDEAN’S TELEPHONE: 457-2287COURSE INFORMATIONCOURSE DESCRIPTION:This course is designed to provide an in-depth look at the soft skills and self-managementskills people need to provide effective customer service and support in all workplaceenvironments.COURSE PREREQUISITES:NoneCOURSE OBJECTIVES:No business or organization can succeed without building customer satisfaction.Likewise, no person can call him/herself a success in business or in life without meetingthe needs of their internal and external customers. We all interact with people whodepend upon us to provide them with information, guidance, services, products or socialsupport. The customer service foundations taught in this course will enable students toapply their skills when dealing with a variety of personality types and situations.
  2. 2. REQUIRED & SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS:Pen, pencil, paper, highlighterCLASS STRUCTURE:This course will include lecture, discussion, small and large group activities. Studentsare expected to complete all in-class assignments, chapter projects, participate in classdiscussions, and fully participate in group activities.You are responsible for obtaining any missed information from another student, asinformation presented in class will not be re-presented on an individual basis.ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT WORKTYPES OF ASSESSMENTS/ASSIGNMENTS:Final exam, one minute papers, attendance, class participation, presentation andcompletion of all written and class assignments.GRADING POLICY:Attendance and punctuality 25 points per classOne Minute Papers 10 points perAssignments 50 points perQuizzes 50 points perFinal 100 pointsASSESSMENT OF STUDENT LEARNING PROGRAM:Metropolitan Community College is committed to continuous improvement of teachingand learning. You may be asked to help us to accomplish this objective. For example, youmay be asked to respond to surveys or questionnaires. In other cases, tests or assignmentsyou are required to do for this course may be shared with faculty and used for assessmentpurposes.USE OF STUDENT WORK:By enrolling in classes offered by Metropolitan Community College, the student givesthe College license to mark on, modify, and retain the work as may be required by theprocess of instruction, as described in the course syllabus. The institution shall nothave the right to use the work in any other manner without the written consent of thestudent(s).
  3. 3. INSTRUCTOR’S EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENTSATTENDANCE/PARTICIPATION POLICY:Regular attendance is critical to the success of this course. Three or more absences mayresult in an Instructor Withdrawal. It is THE STUDENTS responsibility to attend classand communicate with me if you are experiencing any problems.COMMUNICATION EXPECTATIONS:When you communicate with others in this course, you must follow the Student Codeof Conduct (, which calls forresponsible and cooperative behavior. Please think critically, ask questions, and challengeideas, but also show respect for the opinions of others, respond to them politely, andmaintain the confidentiality of thoughts expressed in the class. You may also wish toreview information at HONESTY STATEMENT:Students are reminded that materials they use as sources for class work may be subject tocopyright protection. Additional information about copyright is provided on the librarywebsite at or by your instructor. In response to incidentsof student dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, etc.), the College imposes specific actionsthat may include receiving a failing grade on a test, failure in the course, suspensionfrom the College, or dismissal from the College. Disciplinary procedures are availablein the Advising/Counseling Centers or at WITHDRAWAL:If you cannot participate in and complete this course, you should officially withdraw bycalling Central Registration at 402-457-5231 or 1-800-228-9553. Failure to officiallywithdraw will result in either an instructor withdrawal (IW) or failing (F) grade. The lastdate to withdraw is noted in the CLASS IDENTIFICATION section of this syllabus.LEARNING SUPPORTMCCs Academic Resource Centers, Math Centers, and Writing Centers offer friendly,supportive learning environments that can help students achieve educational success.Staff members in these centers provide free drop-in assistance with basic computing,reading, math, and writing skills. Self-paced, computer-assisted instructional support inreading, vocabulary, typing, English as a Second Language, and online course orientationis also available.Detailed information about the Academic Resource, Math, and Writing Centers is in theStudent Handbook, College Catalog, and online at
  4. 4. ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES:If you have a disability that may substantially limit your ability to participate in this class,please contact a Disability Support Services Counselor located in the Student ServicesOffice on each campus. Metropolitan Community College will provide reasonableaccommodations for persons with documented qualifying disabilities. However, it is thestudent’s responsibility to request accommodations. For further information, please visit and/or contact Student Services.TECHNOLOGY SUPPORTFor assistance with student email, passwords, and most other MCC technology, contactthe Help Desk at 457-2900 or RESOURCES:By using the information technology systems at MCC (including the computer systemsand phones), you acknowledge and consent to the conditions of use as set forth inthe Metropolitan Community College Procedures Memorandum on Acceptable Useof Information Technology and Resources. It is your responsibility as a student tobe familiar with these procedures. The full text of the Procedures Memorandummay be found at the following website: DATESWinter Quarter Begins December 1, 2008(M)Last class before Holiday Recess December 22, 2008(M)Holiday Recess (College Closed) December 25, 2008 – January 1, 2009First Day for Faculty to Initiate Instructor Withdrawal First class sessionMartin Luther King Recess/College closed January 19, 2009 (M)Last Day of Winter Classes February 26, 2009(Th)Grades Due and Posted to WebAdvisor by 5 p.m. March 2, 2009(M)