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Areas of Focus:                         Digital Bridges into a Physical World                         Today, more than eve...
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Bergenfield & Associates Spring 2010 Overview


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Bergenfield & Associates Spring 2010 Overview

  1. 1. Digital TechnologyBergenfield & Associates Experts Connecting Physical World Results Spring 2010Who We Are:Allan Bergenfield founded Bergenfield & Associates (BA) in 1985. Mr. Bergenfield has spent more than 40years in the retail and consumer products business sectors and is a well-recognized industry expert.BA provides three primary services to our clients/ business partners:1) Marketing & Strategy Guidance, Planning & Consultancy,2) Distribution Assistance & Strategic Partnerships, and3) Business Development Guidance, Planning, Deployment & Consultancy.BA’s core area of focus is identifying, developing, and deploying customized consumer facing digitalproducts/ solutions in connection to physical (i.e. retail) locations.BA’s is an actively involved in the following business sectors: Technology (early stage and large companies), Retail (mostly large retailers), Gaming & Hospitality, Wireless, Stored Value & Reloadable Debit Inside the Four Walls of the Enterprise (digital signage (marketing/ merchandising)), Consumer Products, and Online Adult Education (Board Role).Prior to founding BA, Allan Bergenfield spent more than 40 years in the consumer product industry as aSenior Executive for several companies.Management Team Bios: Commercial in confidence. Copyright © 2010 Bergenfield & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved 1.
  2. 2. Areas of Focus: Digital Bridges into a Physical World Today, more than ever, consumers are reading fewer newspapers than ever before, all while, the price to advertise in these very same media sources continue to rise. This is well evidenced by the fact that this year, more money will be spent in the United States on DigitalBA has attracted Advertising than Print Advertising ($119.6 billion versus $111.5 billion) *considerable notoriety * Source: Research firm Outsell recentlycompleted a high Moreover, the average United States consumer spends 12 hours per week online, which represents aboutprofile two-year 32% of their media time. However, Digital Advertising makes up only 13.6% percent of advertising spendretention by a large in the United States. **technology company in ** Source: Susan Wojcicki, Google’s vice president of public policy and communicationswhich BA had created, In parallel, BA recognizes the fact that most of the largest physically located business operators (retailers)developed and have an enormous annual marketing & advertising cost with print advertising. BA believes this representsconceptualized an a massive opportunity when one also considers the ‘time-starved’ consumer shift of how, when and whereentirely new managed they are choosing to consume content today.service business modeland go to market The fact remains these very same large national business operators (retailers) experience an annual coststrategy for a Digital ranging between $200m and $750m for the print costs associated with the “Sunday Insert” aloneLoyalty point solution (depending on the size and footprint of the operator).within a broadermobile-2-enterprise Clicks-2-Bricksplatform. BA is actively engaged and is presently achieving highly successful results with ‘clicks-2-bricks’ consumerBA had also created focused digital solution deployments. These solutions are delivering returns on investments that haveand developed the proven to:long-term strategic  Decrease customer acquisition costs, while;road map includingmultiple point  Increasing Basket Sizes/ Spends and Unique Store Visits, while;solutions, and  Driving Measurable In-Store Sales for the Business Operators.platform While e-commerce continues to grow at double-digit percentages, consumer product packaged goodsinterconnectivities; today only account for 4% of all e-commerce revenue. Accordingly, the average woman between 18-45which focused on near years of age goes online to research, learn, and hunt 90% of the time she makes a purchase. Of that 90%,term strategic and 93% will go into a physical establishment/ location to make the actual purchase. *tactical benefits like * SOURCE: BIG Researchmarket share and This very same demographic also represents 80% of the household purchasing power in the United Statesevolutionary corporate and is the largest demographic of social media giant Facebook. These individuals are socially viral, alwayspositions connecting connected, and seek value. They spend an average of 7 and one half hours a month on Facebook alonethe four walls of the (more than 3 x the time of Google) and check their account status multiple times a day. **enterprise to and **Nielsen, March 2010.within the four wallsof the home. Allelements connected by Mobilethe consumer’s mobile There are 267 million people in the United States using a mobile phone. In this year alone, smart phonedevice representing sales have increased by 193% and by 2014, 735 million mobile internet-connected devices are predicted tothe glue between the ship, up from 262.7M in 09 *solutions/ platforms. * SOURCE: Juniper Research Mobile Phones have gone from a device that makes and receives calls to…  Sending and receiving emails;  To send and receive text messages;  To playing music and entertainment;  To and through the consumer adoption of applications;  The remote control to our lives; and  Enabling speed, presence, localization and inevitably, convergence and real-time predictive analytics. Commercial in confidence. Copyright © 2010 Bergenfield & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved 2.
  3. 3. Food Chain Theory Moreover, analysts predict by 2012, 40% of Internet access will be generated via mobile devices and bylooks at the value 2014, $14b is the expected in m-commerce revenue. This number is up from $4.1 billion in 2009,chain members and representing average annual growth over the forecast period of nearly 24%. *asks the ‘transparently * SOURCE: eBay-commissioned survey conducted by ACNielsen, April 2010obvious’ question… Mobile Applications are today’s version of a yesteryear’s billboard or web site. That is why close to 65% of‘Are eyeballs, click or marketers and publishers plan to invest in mobile apps this year alone *. Apple now expects 3b appview through rates, downloads by the end of next year and analysts predict that combined Mobile Apps download will hit 50band time spent more by 2012 **important than * SOURCE: eMarketer, March 2010 **SOURCE: GetJar, March 2010measureable outcomesor purchases at the Sales from mobile applications are expected to reach $1.6 billion this year, up from its previous estimate ofelectronic point of $537 million. The company expects app sales to reach a "whopping" $11 billion by 2014. *sale?’ * SOURCE: Yankee GroupMany of the large Mobile Applications in connection to new and or existing inside the four walls hardware and softwarephysically located positions represent ‘new, vacant, ocean side property on white sandy beaches’ that will open thebusinesses operators opportunity to create new soft/ hardware solutions and entirely new revenue opportunities/ business(i.e. retailers) are also models.the largest buyers of The solutions clearly provide the business operator a means to deploy programs that offer a measurabletheir vendor’s return on investment while enabling the technology solutions to be paid for by participation of the retailer(s)products and services. vendor community. Vendors too have an equally compelling ‘added value’ in marketing and remarketingThese same vendors directly to and where the consumer is choosing to consume content today.also happen to havesome of the largest BA has attracted considerable notoriety having recently completed a high profile two-year retention by aglobal digital large technology company in which BA had created, developed and conceptualized an entirely newadvertising budgets. Is managed service business model and go to market strategy for a Digital Loyalty point solution within ait more important for broader mobile-2-enterprise platform.a major brand to BA had also created and developed the long-term strategic road map including multiple point solutions, andadvertise on a search platform interconnectivities; which focused on near term strategic and tactical benefits like market shareengine or through a and evolutionary corporate positions connecting the four walls of the enterprise to and within the four wallsRetailers Digital of the home. All elements connected by the consumer’s mobile device representing the glue between theSolution (where the solutions/ platforms.retailer is one of theBrands’ top five global At present, BA has gained considerable early success at bringing consumer facing digital solutions tooutlets) that could market and collaborating with the retailers in creating revenue neutral and positive business models/enable measurability programs, that the vendor community pays for as a new contractual form of cooperative the point of saleand more effective Food Chain Theoryremarketing In 2008, Lawrence Bergenfield created and published (Digital) Food Chain Theory (FCT). FCT questionsthereafter? and follows the financial motivations of the value chain members, their order of importance, and theBergenfield states ‘the perceived benefits to the value they provide regarding Digital Advertising.future will illustrate FCT analyzes the ‘playing field’ changes/ shifts that are happening and will continue to happen. With that,that Physical World it also questions the accuracy to the value (and potentially, valuations) of the search engine giants and orBusiness Operators will any company that has significant share of its revenue derived from digital advertising.use their purchasingpower to exploit these FCT considers today’s digital advertising benefits and guiding metrics and asks a simple rhetorical questionvery same digital to prospective advertisers. “What would you prefer… spending money on View/Click Through Rates, Timeadvertising budgets.’ Spent, Banner Ads, and buying Search Words or using the same digital dollars and capturing outcomes at the point of consumption (electronic point of sale)?”The choice is clear:Digital Advertising FCT goes on to ask… “If you were a large brand, would you spend your marketing and advertising budgetDollars captured/ on… eyeballs or outcomes?”measured at the point FCT points out the flaws of today’s focus on ‘Push’ (one-way communications) advertisements; but,of outcome/ electronic concludes Business Operators (Retailers) Deployment of consumer facing closed-loop ‘opt in’ solutions arepoint of sale OR the key to true ‘Push/ Pull’ dialogue that optimizes customer acquisitions, measurements, registrations,continue with indexing/ segmenting, and remarketing (enabling ‘predictive analytics’).yesteryears push styleadvertisements via Moreover, these very same Operators (Retailers) have the clear ability to measure the very same DigitalSearch Engines?’ Advertising expenditures at the point of consumption/ point of purchase. “This is the game-changing paradigm (‘food chain’) shift”, Bergenfield states. Commercial in confidence. Copyright © 2010 Bergenfield & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved 3.
  4. 4. References: StrategyJames Mastrian- Our strategy in working with our clients is to listen, learn, and survey. Through this process and theformer Chief Operating Officer accumulated feedback, it enables us to provide substantive feedback and recommendations that tacticallyof Rite Aid focus on program adjacencies that enable a sustainable path/ road map for future growth.Mobile: 440-725-5786 At each step along the way, BA is focused on customized cross-channel metrics that help to significantly interdepartmental communications and system operability.Robert Kwait- BA helps bridge the digital gap between what is possible and what is practicable – from where you are nowformer Senior Executive of to where you want to be. BA has a vast breadth of first hand retail experience - we are retailers talking toCVS Stores retailers. Everything we do is in a retail context and based on experience.Office: 216-831-5010 Our customers include both retailers and major retail systems supply corporations. We are retail experts who can help your business understand and face head-on the changing landscape of the retail marketplace.Benson Riseman-Founder, Green Dot Corp. Some of our partners and capabilities include:Mobile: 310-433-6529 Mobile Application Development – Major Smart Phone Operating Systems such iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Java, and Palm; covering + 80% of the phones operational in the marketplace.Additional Information can be Designed Solutions include Digital Loyalty Management, Shopping List Management, and Videofound at: Rewards Mobile Applications. Digital/Mobile/Retail Integration – Goods arrive in the back of the store, are inventoried, and stocked; descriptions and offers are posted, advertised, and integrated into the Web-store, the web presence, loyaltyphones-articles/digital-food-chain- program, and mobile application. The customer engages in the store, on the web, or through their phonetheory-digital-bridges-into-a-physical- and enjoys a seamless experience. The retailer can manage the system from the time it arrives until itworld-1858930.html exits. Components Include: Intelligent barcodes to eliminate fraud and control redemption;Additional References can be 2D barcodes for visual search and in-store information;found on Recommendationstab at: Kiosks and price check terminals; and Digital Signage.or additional can be furnished Video Values/ Rewards – more efficiently acquire, register, measure and index customers who earnupon request. rewards for watching video while driving in-store sales; Hyperlocalization – offers on contingent on stock-on-hand and driven by backroom operations; and Imaging Scanner integration – new applications beyond UPC barcodes. Bergenfield & Associates, Inc.  Lawrence Bergenfield +1.240.447.7781 Commercial in confidence. Copyright © 2010 Bergenfield & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved 4.