NYC Muni- Meter Laws you ought to know about


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There have been some major changes in the NYC muni- meter laws that are great for the driving community. Check 'em out!

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NYC Muni- Meter Laws you ought to know about

  1. 1. Muni- Meter Laws you ought toknow before Parking in NYCNew York Parking Ticket LLC
  2. 2. You have 5 minutes after you park yourcar to walk to :• Walk to the muni- meter• Purchase time• Return to your car• Display the paid receipt on yourdashboard5-Minute GracePeriodWalking to and from aMuni- Meter
  3. 3. www.mywebsite.comAfter time is up5-MinuteGrace PeriodYou have 5 minutes after timeexpires to move your car>
  4. 4. Under the new law, aparking ticket judge isrequired to dismiss youparking ticket, if”…a valid muni-meterreceipt with an officialstart time stamp andsuch start time is no laterthan five minutes afterthe time of the issuanceof such notice, or othersuitable evidence asdetermined by thehearing officer that sucha receipt was purchased,shall be an affirmativedefense to such aviolation."Parking Ticket forFailure to DisplayMuni- MeterReceipt
  5. 5. Transferring Muni-Meter TimeYou can transfer the unusedtime, if:You can transfer unused time, if:The parking meter rate at such parkingspace is the same as or less than the rateat the location where such parking timewas purchased;Your vehicle is not parked at such parking space inexcess of the maximum amount of time parking isauthorized at such parking space as indicated on postedsigns. For purposes of this paragraph, the length of time avehicle is parked at a parking space shall be calculatedfrom the time such parking time was purchased, asindicated on the muni-meter receip
  6. 6. Parking at a BrokenMuni- MeterParking is permitted for free at a brokenmuni- meter as long as there are no otherworking muni- meters in a parking field.Clear as the nose on your face, right?!Well, maybe not. What is the meaning of a"parking field?"It means a driver is required to check allthe muni- meters on both sides of a blockfor an operational meter..
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