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Short presentation on why you should

Short presentation on why you should

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • What is mobile and why do you need it? Is it really that big of a deal?\nIn short.... mobile is everything right now and yes! You need it.\n
  • The numbers say it all. 5.3 Billion is about 77% of the worlds population. This isn’t to say that they are all using smartphones, in fact the ration of smartphones to feature phones is 4:1. But feature phone can bring in a ton of business. \nAs you look through these bullet points you can see some potential benefit to being mobile ready. But we aren’t limited to just websites, we need to think advertising too.\n
  • How has the “new” mobile web effected web design? Just look at the example above. This is’s mobile app for the iPhone. I picked an area an area and then drew a map with my finger and all the houses for sale popped up. There are tons of innovative designs like this out there that make mobile technology amazing. Not to mention the obvious.\nIt is interesting to note the move to the mobile web is more than just a trend and the numbers prove it.\n
  • So, what do you do if you have an established website full of Flash and a complete disaster on the small handheld screen? There are several options listed above you can try. I like because they have services for any site that will work, but these are just a few drops in a rather large bucket full of options.\n
  • Take my site for example. It is a Wordpress site that up until about three weeks ago looked like the screenshot to the right on my iPhone. One of my clients asked me to make his site more mobile friendly and so I tried a few options on my site first. What do you think?\n
  • The is my site pre-mobile ready. No flash and very small navigation options. Still nice to look at, under a microscope, and certainly not finger friendly.\n
  • Here it is with the two options I narrowed it down to. The left is a Wordpress plug-in called WP Touch the one on the right is the Mobile Pack. I prefer WP Touch, it is prettier and shows more of the post. But either is better than nothing.\n
  • I have had my iPhone for two years and I love being able to access anything from anywhere, as long as it is convenient.\n
  • So what do you need to do? GO MOBILE, the solution is simple and doesn’t have to cost much money. I went mobile in about 10 minutes for free. If you don’t you will get left behind.\n
  • Don’t believe me? Look at these numbers again.\n
  • Contact me for more information and ideas about going mobile and how it can help you and your business.\n
  • Transcript

    • 1. Do you need mobile? by Lincoln Banry
    • 2. The Numbers lion Mobile Subscr ibers Worldwide• 5.3 Bil on People Accesse d the Internet•I n 2009 Half a Billi he Internet on 25% of Mobile Us ers Only Access t• their Phones • 6.1 TRILLION SMS Messages Sent in 2010 • 10 TRILLION SMS Messages Pre dicted for 2013 by Lincoln Banry
    • 3. The Effect• Location Based Services• Compact Design• Focus on What Matters • Perso nal Interaction • Image Sizes • No Flash (A pple Products) 1% Down (Web) 36% Up (Mobile) • GMAIL: 7 cess Via Mobile • TWITTER: 16% S ign Up & 40% Ac rowth in Mobile Traffic to the Web • 600% G by Lincoln Banry
    • 4. C onversion Technology available to help you go mobile?What’s sh to HTML5 Co nverter (Beta)•A dobe’s Wallaby Fla ube’s New HTML 5 Embed Code• YouT• Mobify... by Lincoln Banry
    • 5. Conversion Technology lug-ins... Blog with P Your WordpressMobilize Mobile Pack WP Touch Wordpress by Lincoln Banry
    • 6.• No Plug-ins• Clutte red small screen• No flash Missing Flash by Lincoln Banry
    • 7. The Difference h do you prefer on a small phone?Whic by Lincoln Banry
    • 8. The E xperience g the Internet in Your PocketThere is Nothing Like Havin by Lincoln Banry
    • 9. The ConclusionYou Gotta Go Mobile! by Lincoln Banry
    • 10. T he Proof illion Mobile Subsc ribers Worldwide• 5.3 B illion People Acce ssed the Internet• In 2009 Half a B Users Only Acce ss the Internet on• 25% of Mobile their Phones ILLION SMS Mes sages Sent in 2010 • 6.1 TR SMS Messages P redicted for 2013 • 10 TRILLION by Lincoln Banry
    • 11. The I nformation m: hts-2011-a/wwmobi.Maroting-research-mobile-web-stats-su tp:/ ality- wle-m ke ll Staking.cotmics-carnrelofrobile-statistic ll-quA thin tis /stats o er/g bal-mo Lincoln Banryhttp://mobiMobile S napshot are from: Phone & Tablet Images are from: http://Commo Lincoln Banry Marketing & Publishing Specialist, Envision MArketing & Publishing