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The next evolutionary step in the secondary life market.

The next evolutionary step in the secondary life market.

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  • 1. equitas advisors © 2009 Equitas Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved LIFE EQUITIES & SECONDARY MARKET CONSULTANTS Company Overview “ Changing the face of the Secondary Life Market”
  • 2. equitas advisors HOW WE WORK © 2009 Equitas Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved Equitas is unique to the life settlements and life equities markets. Equitas is not a funding source, a provider, or a life settlement broker. We offer consulting and hands-on administrative support that enables you to offer, process, and perform life settlements yourself. Unlike life settlement brokers, we are not a sales oriented organization; we are a service based company. Equitas acts as a facilitator for your insurance or financial planning business. This enables you to expand your service offering, creating new revenue streams with the confidence of an In-House experienced life settlement professional by your side. Equitas develops relationships with funding sources specifically for you. We then offer the life settlement underwriting acumen and administrative assistance required to execute the life settlement professionally and effectively. We work with your organization and underwriting staff to discern the real value of a policy before we begin the settlement process. The result: faster settlements, higher values, and less surprises. As a life insurance veteran I believe life settlements are a valuable service. The problem is …. TOO MANY LAYERS! It seems the only way to get straight answers are to get them myself!
  • 3. equitas advisors A NEW APPROACH © 2009 Equitas Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved Equitas is your In-House life settlement professional bringing to bear all of our industry knowledge and required funder relationships to facilitate life settlements for your clients. Are you tired of relying on life settlement brokers to provide you with information vital to your client’s cases? Only to have the information doled out on a “need-to-know” basis and often inaccurate. Equitas has a new way of doing things! Imagine if your office had a team of individuals dedicated to life settlements. What if you were privy to all of the information regarding your clients cases? How the cases are evaluated, the methods used to determine case values, and the funders that will receive the cases for bidding. Most importantly, who is bidding, how much, and why! The Equitas approach is one without smoke and mirrors. Life settlement brokers usually don’t tell you who they have sent your clients case to or the gross amounts that are being offered ….. Equitas gives you a list of the funders we are working with before we even send out the clients policy. I was sick and tired of the lip service I was getting with one life settlement broker after another…. I feel much more comfortable DOING THE SETTLEMENT ON MY OWN with Equitas. Now I know how the cases are valued and why. Equitas lets me know what is happening in the industry and how best to market a policy.
  • 4. equitas advisors DOLLARS & SENSE © 2009 Equitas Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved Most life settlement brokers customarily go through a negotiation process with you on every case they settle to determine who will receive what portion of the pie. Equitas does not work like a life settlement broker, this is also reflected in the commissions that you receive. Life settlement brokers usually forward the producer and their office 50% to 65% of the allowable commissions from a settlement. Equitas works on a tiered system in which the agent and their office receive 80% to 95% of the allowable commissions, depending on the policy settlement value. This difference in revenue share is paramount to the Equitas value proposition to the market. Higher settlement values, more control, the ability to deal directly with funding sources, and a greater portion of the revenue are all natural byproducts of the Equitas approach. I am making more money with less hassle now!. I also don’t get hounded by calls day after day from life settlement brokers offering empty promises. When a settlement opportunity arises, I GO DIRECTLY TO THE SOURCE with Equitas.
  • 5. equitas advisors FUNDER NETWORK © 2009 Equitas Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved
    • Equitas provides you with a list of funders that are in the market at any given moment as well as their “BOX” (buying parameters). The BOX is often a moving target and knowing which buyers may be available to your clients is a key factor in settling their policy.
    • Equitas will provide you with a matrix on a monthly basis that will illustrate the following:
    • Which funders are active
    • Each funder’s minimum and maximum policy size
    • Each funder’s minimum and maximum age of insured
    • Each funder’s range of LE reports being bid on
    • Each Funder’s desired IRR
    • Types of policies the funder will except
    • What states the funder is licensed in
    • The number of LE reports required per case by each funder
    • Which actuaries each funder is accepting LE reports from
    • The escrow agent each funder works with
    • Maximum percentage of premium to face value each funder accepts
    • Whether the funding is institutional or private
    • Whether each funder resells the policies acquired
    The life settlement brokers that I dealt with in the past always kept me in the dark. They never told me who they were sending my client’s policy to or how many funders declined the case, etc. They would simply call me and say “how much does your client want for the policy”? I NEVER FELT THAT ANYONE WAS WORKING on my behalf or my client’s!
  • 6. equitas advisors TRANSPARENT © 2009 Equitas Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved
    • A lot of life settlement brokers talk about transparency and disclosure, however they rarely give you all of the information related to the settlement of your clients policy.
    • As your In-House life settlement professional you are always aware of the details with Equitas , we have no interest in having it any other way. On the contrary, Equitas works for you and in this way ensures that there is no adversarial dynamic as with a settlement broker.
    • In most cases you receive the funds directly from the funder if applicable.
    • Equitas works specifically with Broker Dealers, GA’s and IMO’s that wish to offer life settlements to their agents. We ensure that settlements are offered professionally and with the utmost support.
    • Equitas also offers you and your agents:
    • Licensing and regulatory support
    • Compliant educational and marketing material
    • Complete record keeping of all transactions as required
    Life settlements are not exactly my main line of business, though more and more clients are coming to me for help. Equitas lets me be an instant expert on the subject! At the end of the day I LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL and when the circumstances are right I make money for my client and myself.
  • 7. equitas advisors © 2008 Equitas Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved WWW.EQUITASADVISORS.COM TEL: 646 709 4849 Fax: 404 529 4849