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Digital portfolio

  1. 1. Laura BakerDigital Portfolio
  2. 2. Contents• Business Card• Postcard• CVTerm 1 (Optional)• Life drawings• Drawing Statement• Journey Project• sculpture statement• Lens Based StatementTerm 2 (Compulsory)• Drawing Space Project• Drawing Statement• Self directed Statement• Self Directed work
  3. 3. Postcard
  4. 4. Artists C.V.• Laura Baker• 169 Ashburnham Road• Hastings• East Sussex• TN35 5LL• Term time address:• D103B Newarke Point• 8 Newarke Close• Leicester• LE2 7GZ• Mobile number: 07702546457• I am currently studying for a BA Hons in fine art at De Montfort University in Leicester. I am working in lens and digital media making films and photography.• Personal• 02/03/1993• I have lived in Hastings for 19 years and I live in Leicester while I study during term time.• Education and awards• DMU Year 1 Fine Art BA Hons• Exhibitions• My most recent and only exhibitions was in July 2011 when I presented a body of work along with other students from my college in my end of year show.• I have been asked on a number of occasions to take photographs for events in the local area for schools and parents. These photographs have been presented within the schools.• At this present time I have had no publications, commissions or sales.
  5. 5. Drawing StatementI started the drawing module with life drawing. We looked at the model in a morefigurative way, looking at the spaces around her and the shadows on her body, ratherthat concentrating on fine detail. I worked with alternative media and techniques; Idid drawings without looking at the paper I was drawing on. I was interested in lookingat line and volume. I used continuous line which I found really interesting and difficult,it’s hard to get proportions right. I used a technique of drawing as though you arewrapping wire around the body to represent volume. The first set project wastitled “journey”. I think of the word journey in many different ways and I wanted todemonstrate this. I started by researching artists such as Tim Knowles and CatherineYass. These artists influenced my sketchbook and film experimentations. I went on towork further in film and in the style of Catherine Yass. Her work is the main inspirationfor my final piece. The journey I took for my final piece is a journey I used to take as achild, through my local park. I used a similar technique to Yass, but instead ofattaching cameras to the front and back of the bike I attached them to the wheels.This creates a disconcerting slightly mesmerizing outcome to the film, the same wayYass’ “Lighthouse” film does. It makes the image unclear and this ties with themeaning behind my film. When I was a child playing in that park my life journey wasblurred and unclear, but all I cared about was there and then and that’s why thejourney never leaves the park.
  6. 6. Sculpture statementThis sculpture was created in response to a previous sculpture I had made of anunknown object. I combined my first sculpture with other students work and thensketched areas that interested me. I looked at the contrast between circular andgeometric shapes. These were two shapes that appeared regularly is the combinedsculpture. I continued to work with cardboard, but in a slightly different form. I usedthe beer mats because they incorporated text and image. This was also somethingthat featured heavily in the combined cardboard sculpture. George W. Hart was a biginspiration to my work along with Keizo Ushio, both artists working with geometricshapes. The starting point for my next sculpture was Richard Serra’s Verb list. Ibrainstormed ideas for each verb on the list and the one that stood out to me was “toSplat”. Splat sounds like a playful word so I wanted to create something that was funto make. And that had a playful look to it. Jackson Pollock’s splat paintings were thefirst thing that came to mind so I researched them and I used his work as my maininspiration for my final piece. I enlarged certain areas of his work and tried to re-createthe splatter shapes with plaster. His work is very colourful so I incorporated colourwithin my sculpture too.
  7. 7. Lens based media statement• For my first lens based media project I worked in the style of Neil Hanson a fine art photographer, to photograph images of flora and fauna. The next project was to look at photography and time, I was interested in intervals of time and photographing what happens between these intervals. This project then led in to my stop motion film that I created using drawings and adding a sound track. My research led me to work in the style of an Indian mandala pattern. The next project was working with sound. I chose to create a sound postcard of a place that is memorable to me, the beach. I mixed found sounds from the internet with some that I had recorded myself to create the multi layered track. The final project was portrait photography; I took one image of how I think people perceive me and one image of how I want them to perceive me. My first image was of me in my rugby kit, this is how I think people perceive me, as a butch scary rugby player. My second image was of me in my normal clothes holding my rugby shirt; this is how I want people to perceive me, that I am a normal girl. I am holding the shirt to represent the fact rugby is a part of my life but there is a lot more to me than just rugby.
  8. 8. Space
  9. 9. Space statementFor this project we were given the title space and could interpret this how weliked. After brainstorming some ideas I chose to look at my mind as a space.There are many things that fill my mind some thoughts I have control overand some I don’t. I decided to focus on the thoughts I don’t have control over,my fears and the emotions I show physically when I experience these fears.My main fears being blood tests and hospitals. My work started expressively,looking at work by Kandinsky and de Kooning. Fiona Banner’s word-scape’sinspired some of my sketch book experiments and the idea of including text inmy paintings.I moved in to digital work from here and used social networking to ask myfriends about their fears. I used the answers to create two large canvases inthe style of Brian Rea. I then looked more at video pieces and performanceart. Gillian Wearing and Orlan both influenced my experiments and finalpiece. My final piece is a split screen video showing the physical attributes ofthree emotions that regularly fill my mind. The three videos runindependently of each other and the emotions overlap and change.
  10. 10. Self directed statementThis project is based around the word free and how we react to thisword. I started this self-directed project by looking at media andsubjects I like to work in. I chose photography and specifically wildlifephotography. I looked at artists such as Steve Bloom and Joel Sartoreand took photographs of my own but I didn’t feel the project couldreally progress. The words free came to mind while I wasphotographing a squirrel; the only way I could get a picture of it was togive it free food. This gave me the idea of looking at how humans reactto the word free in comparison to animals.This led me into video work and involving the public in my art. MarinaAbromovic and Orlan inspired my video experiment with publicparticipation. My final piece is a photography piece revolving aroundthe idea of being consumed by consumerism. Andy Warhol’s repeatprints were the main inspiration for this final piece