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Platinum Lifestyle

  1. 1. Platinum Lifestyle Group The finest at your fingertips
  2. 2. Platinum Lifestyle
  3. 3. Covered In This Presentation: The Platinum Lifestyle Concept The Platinum Lifestyle Group Our Services Our Current Corporate Partners Why We Add Value To Your Proposition
  4. 4. What Is The Platinum Lifestyle Concept? Platinum Lifestyle Group aims to become the world’s leading luxury products and services provider, utilizing the power of the Internet to become the market leader in providing online luxury brands and services. High-net- worth individuals have the means available to them but not adequate time to do all the things that they want to. They have many aspirations but they do not have time to research them all and put them into action. It can be a time consuming process to connect with busy like minded people, locate those hard- to-find luxury items, or arrange those special occasions.
  5. 5. What Is The Platinum Lifestyle Concept? Our aim is to provide a one stop unique Lifestyle Management proposition to high-net-worth individuals. The Platinum Lifestyle concept is all about associations and creating new ones, starting with our database that we connect our members to; they in turn become a network connected to each other able to communicate and trade together; and our partners have a readymade network of high-net-worth individuals to connect to, market to, and/or obtain services from. Our partners also have the opportu- nity to connect with each other to explore potential marketing opportunities.
  8. 8. Platinum Exclusive
  9. 9. Platinum Exclusive Worldwide Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services Nowadays companies and individuals do not have the time to do all the items they have on their “to do” lists and still be able to spend quality time either with their families, friends or more importantly allowing time for themselves. Platinum Exclusive is our lifestyle management and concierge service. We will have trained personal assistants; meeting, event, and travel organisers. We will be dedicated to giving our clients back one of their most valuable possessions....time!
  10. 10. Platinum Exclusive Worldwide Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services Rather than them spending most of their busy day making appointments, clean- ing, planning vacations, ordering tickets, checking air fares, or leaving early to pick up dry cleaning and groceries they can now call us to do these time-con- suming tasks for them. Platinum Excusive will be a one-stop service where the client can send us their “to do” lists and then consider them done! With offices in all international cities, we are ready to save our clients time and surprise them with the impossible. Our agents enjoy sourcing those hard to find football or concert tickets, down to a responsible house cleaner. Whatever they need, their virtual PA will only be a phone call away.
  11. 11. Platinum Big Wig
  12. 12. Platinum Big Wigs Worldwide Social Network Platinum Bigwigs is our social networking site, the most exclusive online commu- nity in the world. Big Wigs is an invitation-only online community for Platinum Exclusive members only and their select circle of friends. An exclusive social networking site, it is the perfect place for like-minded people to interact and will be the most highly con- nected and highly mobile network in the world. Brands can use this opportunity to speak directly to other brands around the world, allowing you to share ideas and most importantly, increase brand recognition.
  13. 13. Platinum Big Wigs Worldwide Social Network Big Wigs compliments all the services offered by Platinum Lifestyle and with its sophisticated messaging capability, will be the most highly connected and highly mobile network in the world. Platinum Exclusive members will automatically become a member of Big Wigs and can issue up to 10 invitations every 6 months to close friends and contacts outside Platinum Exclusive.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Web Portal For Luxury Brands And Services is a global internet luxury product and services website, fo- cused on unique advertising content and grow as the overall luxury marketing portal on the internet. is for affluent consumers seeking the high valued brands and services we represent. Our highly extensive luxury online gateway combines unique luxury articles and product features from around the world. The large com- munity of invited websites are carefully chosen to focus on the wealthy consumer’s wants, needs, opinions and expectations.
  16. 16. Platinum Plum
  17. 17. Platinum Plum Unique And Exclusive Events Platinum Plum provides our clients with the very best in events organization. Our specialists work closely with our clients to create that unique experience which will forever live in the minds of those who attend. No event is too small or insignificant for our organisers we can arrange events from special exclusive hot air balloon rides through to hiring the pyramids for an exclusive gala event. We relish a challenge and seek to bring our clients dreams to fruition.
  18. 18. Platinum 007
  19. 19. Platinum 007 All The Wanted Exclusive Gadgets Platinum 007 will be created to fill that much neglected gap on the high street, for all things cool and unusual, innovation in gifts and gadgets from all parts of the world. Things that the consumer will want but may never even have seen before. Brilliant things for consumer as well as putting the fun back into giving for others. Platinum 007 will offer a selection of the best to those who prefer to shop online and cant be bothered searching various shops. Our search criteria will be very specific and we will travel far and wide and select from literally thousands of products to bring the consumer a range that we believe is unbeatable. Platinum 007 means cool stuff, quality is important too and we aim to offer the best prices as well. Most of all though, we want to find the greatest gifts and gadgets out there and bring them to the highly valued member of Platinum Lifestyle Group first.
  20. 20. Platinum Charter
  21. 21. Platinum Charters Exclusive Charters Platinum Charter will allow members the facility to charter exclusive jets, and/or boats for their personal pleasure. Members will be able to choose from a large and luxurious range of private planes. The service will be available on demand to and from all international locations. We also have access to the world’s most extensive luxury yacht charter fleet. There is 24 hour a day expert assistance, a phenomenal level of service and years of experience to ensure that our members receive the best experience available. We work with operator’s that adhere to the most stringent jet and yatch charter safety standards thereby enabling us to get our members to their destination safely, in style, and on time via private jet or yacht charter.
  22. 22. Platinum Partner
  23. 23. Platinum Partners We will look to expand regionally and globally, through a close-knit partnership struc- ture in order to achieve our end goal and become the world’s leading luxury website. The principle behind the partnerships is simple: by finding the right local operators, who are aligned with us in vision and ethos and who possess the relevant local con- nections, we enable them to leverage our knowhow, our network of vendors, suppliers and partners, our brand name and marketability, and our IT systems & infrastructure for mutual profit, without duplication of effort and with minimal investment needs. As with any partnership, the relationship and the fit is crucial. We will take a lot of care ensuring that our partners are fully aligned with what we and the business stand for, what values we embody and what we strive for. We also look to form brand partnerships where we can provide a select group of lux- ury brands introductions to our membership of high-net-worth individuals. We will create events for our brand partners, offer them the options of newsletter campaigns, and/or provide them with a tailored package to any part of our brand.
  24. 24. Platinum a List
  25. 25. Platinum a List Global Luxury Market Place Platinum A List will be a luxury classified advertising service free to all members of Platinum Lifestyle. This will allow members to buy, sell, exchange or barter their goods. For example a member with a yacht in Monaco may exchange the use of this for others in the UAE. In our market today it is common practice to participate in this type of transaction online however our service will be accessible to our members only thus allowing them to participate in a secure and exclusive environment without the danger of them being targeted due to their profile or the high value of goods they are trading.
  26. 26. Current Corporate Partners Platinum Lifestyle services the Zain Telecom customer all of the world. The pioneer of mobile services in the Middle East, Zain customers now include 16 counties in the African continent. Dubai First Platinum Lifestyle services the Royale Card from Dubai First, a by invitation only card, provided only to the VVIP s of UAE society. DNATA Platinum Lifestyle provides fulfilment services to DNATA s most premium largest, most innovative and most successful supplier of air travel services in the Middle East VISA Infinite Platinum Lifestyle provides fulfilment services to VISA Infi- nite cardholders in the Middle East National Bank of Kuwait Platinum Lifestyle services the VIP customers of Kuwait’s largest bank , to service them across the globe.
  27. 27. Our Management Team Joseph Murphy – Jim Reilly – Hamid Barr – Founder and Executive Director Executive Director Commercial Director Joseph is an entrepreneur and Jim has 30 experience in IT in the Hamid in his previous capacity as the founder and CEO of “ZOO private sector. He has been Chair- a leading sports agent is highly ex- Group” – one of the most recog- man and on the board of directors perienced in commercially negotia- nised marketing agencies in the of severable notable IT firms. tions at all levels. UK. Adrian Koenig – Guy Last - Ehab al Hajou – Client Director Events Director Sales & Marketing Director Adrian brings with him in-depth Guy brings with him a world of ex- Ehab has 10 years experience in knowledge and experience of perience from the event industry Sales & Marketing, has launched Concierge Operations having been having in-depth knowledge of event many well known companies such Vice President of Club Concierge management. He works with the as Saham technology. Contributed and Managing Director of Quintes- client from concept to implementa- in setting the Sales processes and sentially for the MENA region. tion to help create unique and transactions of the 2nd telecom op- innovative functions. erating company in UAE (DU) and managed their major Sales division.
  28. 28. Why we will Add Value To Your Proposition You will be able to provide our service to your clients using your brand via our compre- hensive “private-label” programme to drive extremely high levels of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Every communication both verbal and written is responded to “in-brand” with the aim that with every use of the service your customers experience a positive outcome making them an active promoter of your brand. Each scheme is individually tailored to match to your brand objectives and to deliver an outstanding value proposition compared to other marketing alternatives. We have developed schemes for some of the world’s leading brands and we will be happy to discuss how the service can benefit your brand and customers.
  29. 29. Why we will Add Value To Your Marketing Campaigns We will provide you with introductions to our vetted high-net-worth membership. We will create events that will deliver our members to your events and product launches. You will have direct mail and email access to our membership. You will have a variety of product placement opportunities. You will have Banner Advertising opportunities You will have the opportunity to place adverts and individual listings on our luxury portal as well as in our regular communications to our membership. You will also have the benefit of being able to network with other luxury brands in order to explore marketing opportunities/strategic alliances of mutual benefit.
  30. 30. Contact Details THE PLATINUM LIFESTYLE GROUP Address: Platinum Lifestyle Head Office London Telephone: 0870 333 500 International: +44 (0)870 333 500 Fax: 0870 333 501