Traditional and modern courtship


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Traditional and modern courtship

  1. 1. Traditional and Modern Tausug Courtship
  2. 2. What is Courtship? 1. prelude to marriage: the period of a romantic relationship before marriage 2. trying to gain somebody's love: the act of paying attention to somebody with a view to developing a more intimate relationship 3. ingratiating behavior: friendly and often ingratiating attention for the purpose of winning a favor or establishing an alliance or other relationship
  3. 3. Let’s know more about the Tausug people  -most of our Tausug brothers and sisters live in Jolo Sulu -The Tausug people of the island began to convert to Islam in the 1300s, when that religion first spread into the southern Philippines from Borneo. Today, the island's population is predominantly Muslim
  4. 4. - in Tausug society the separation of the sexes, especially the unmarried, is quite marked -during feasts and festive gatherings there is little mixing; women and young children usually sit together inside the house, while men and older boys sit outside on the porch
  5. 5. -the key concept in social relations between men and women is shame ( sipug ), which adheres in all situations of a sexual nature where a third party is present -most of the women are supposed to hide their feelings. If a woman elopes, it is assumed that she is more amorous than a man, and this is thought to be shameful.
  6. 6. Traditional Courtship
  7. 7. -A young man cannot - and in practice does not - publicly confront an unmarried girl. His knowledge of her must be indirect, based upon reputation, parental background, and external appearance and demeanor. -any public physical contact between unmarried persons of the opposite sex is forbidden
  8. 8. - There is no publicly recognized courtship between unmarried young people; ideally marriages are arranged by parents -the man will visit and serve delicacies occasionally to the girl he desires. A tausug man will also give fancy materials to the girl to gain her love
  9. 9. Modern Courtship
  10. 10. -If a young man is interested in you, he will go to the father, and ask for his consent to court his daughter. If the father consents, the young man and young lady may spend time together with a chaperone. Then, the young man may ask for the lady's hand in marriage. If the father gives permission, the couple may marry.
  11. 11. -Couples became more likely to "hook up" or "hang out" with large groups than to go on an old-fashioned date, and frequently went from "hanging out" to an exclusive relationship without engaging in what their parents or grandparents might have called dating. -internet dating, speed dating or gradual exclusivity dating (a.k.a. slow dating)
  12. 12. -our tausug brothers court a girl just like any other man. -some do follow the traditional way of courting, others court using the traditional mixed with modern way. -most of the boys give flowers, chocolates or gifts to impress the girl they want. -since the world today is full of technologies, our brothers would court the girl they want through texting or with the use of the internet.
  13. 13. The End 