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Nocilla presentation

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Nocilla presentation

  1. 1. NOCILLALaunching a Catalan productin a foreign country Yolanda Fernández Vilaplana
  2. 2. Contents:¤  History à Page 1¤  Target à Page 2¤  Mkt mix (4p’s) à Page 3 – 9¤  Opposition à Page 10¤  Conclusion à Page 11
  3. 3. History à  Nocilla was created in 1967 by the Starlux Group and since then is considered in Spain the preferred brand for snacks. à It is the top of mind in cocoa brands. à  Since 2002 the brand belongs to Nutrexpa Group, leader in the food industry with all its products. Nocilla Company: The Nocicao factory is in Montmeló, Barcelona.
  4. 4. Targetà  It is a leader in the food industry. Nocilla has grown with four generations of kids and is still feeding families with more products. We have grown with it. It was the favourite Customer profile à school sandwich, the dessert that 1.  The kids that adore its exquisite everybody asked for. taste/ Nocilla says,“It’ is the snack of the champions”. 2.  The mothers that value to be able to feed their daughters in a healthy way.
  5. 5. 4p’s: ProductsUSP: “Milk, cocoa, hazelnuts and sugar” à the ingredients! It is a formulathat combines a unique taste with nutritional value.Benefits à Throughout these years Nocilla has been dedicated to thediversification of its products to focus on the tastes of each child or adult(The brand has evolved according to new market trends oriented nutritionof energy foods).
  6. 6. 4p’s: PriceStore check: Nocilla is pretty cheap, adapt to the market and the needs ofthe customers.Also, are special promotions and discounts 2x1. Nocilla with crystal glass (200 grams): 1.59 euros in supermarkets (the brand on the Internet costs 2.09€). Nocilla with plastic cup (550 grams): 2.75 euros in supermarkets.
  7. 7. 4p’s: PlacePackaging: Every four months Nocilla launches a new collection of vessels.à  Its one of their advantages: It differs from the competition, get the kids want to do the collection glasses and increase product sales. It attracts the attention of consumers at the point of sales
  8. 8. 4p’s: Place Merchandising “Sweet Market”: Nocilla sells a number of products on their website. In this manner, creates a closer link with the consumer à social world of the brand.
  9. 9. 4p’s: Promotion Jingle Advertising à BEFORE Slogan: Only Nocilla is Nocilla! Nocilla always used children in their ads (a joyful style and fun). It is very important for the brand that represents the product always accompanied by a slice of bread.
  10. 10. 4p’s: Promotion David Bisbal Famous singer Advertising à ACTUALLY Slogan: Nocilla, is unique. Nocilla used in its latest announcement to David Bisbal and make a new song but still using childrens as central to the campaign.
  11. 11. 4p’s: PromotionSocial Mediaà  Website: www.nocilla.esà  Blog: Nocilla has a blog of recipes for consumers to prepare their desserts.à  Facebook/Twitter: They have created social networks thinking about their customers so they can comment, communicate with the brand, share, participate, enjoy...
  12. 12. OppositionRival à NUTELLA In Spain outsells Nocilla but there is a large market segment that prefer Nutella (e.g. The young people using Nutella for dessert). Moreover, Nutella is marketed:: ¤  Europe: Italy (where it originates), Germany and the U.K. ¤  America: U.S and South America.
  13. 13. ConclusionLaunching a Catalan product in a foreign country Nocilla has a good brand image in Spain but must be present in other countries to increase their market share. à The goal for 2013 is to internationalize their products.
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention