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SAP HANA Marketplace


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  • Reward people who share it with a quantifiable value (like free space on cloud storage platform powered by Hana (this should show immediate value to users)). The reward should be limited in order to create urgency. Extra layer could be to have extra reward for referral, inspired from pyramid schemes
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  • measure the seconds somebody can click through the presentation, based on the times unlock certain content so that the user can find new easter eggs every time...until he reaches at the end a final level where he gets a free hana license and a handshake from Vishal. ;-)
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  • I'm going to assume developers are the target group.

    I think the game should keep going, so players would get to tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, with it topping off at tier 10 (or another number). depending on how far they progress. The tasks would get a little more difficult. When they complete a task the traffic moves or the lights flicker in one of the buildings. When they win, the visual becomes a moving city as if it were a movie or TV.

    Also, when someone gets the answer then they get a top tier acknowledgement: 'super dev' and free access to the tools.

    They can also share the game with people on social networks with a corresponding hashtag.
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  • Since Hana is a new product, I would apply gamification on the marketing campaign. And since Cloud computing is basically about memory and cpu power, i would base it on quizzes or memory games.

    For example, the campaign could be a very simple memory game. The game would consist of displaying web ads with three icons for few seconds, after this, the ad would ask the user which ones were showed. In order to provide the answer the user would click on the ad and visit to the game's landing page. There the user has to identify the icons previously showed in the correct order. The icons on the game would be products currently hosted on hanna.

    If the answer is right, the user will win something. If the answer is wrong, the user can try again inviting a friend to play.
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  • Have people answer the question: HOW DOES HANA HELP APP DEVELOPERS? To play the game, click on the windows the high-rise in the first slide - the windows will then turn around to show letters. There will be a HINT: 'Build . . ..' (ANSWER IS: 'Build, Extend and Run Applications.' First to Answer will win1 year as featured App on Hana HOMEPAGE, next 10 will receive a free year of developing tools.* Note: This idea is from Leslie Leone - and posted on Layla Sabourian's site due to technical difficulties. Thanks Layla!
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  • 1. SAP HANA Marketplace Power of HANA with Cloud Simplicity March, 2014
  • 2. What is SAP HANA Marketplace? • • • • One-stop location to learn, try and buy SAP HANA applications Find select apps from SAP, SAP partners, and brilliant Startups. Central resource around SAP HANA Apps and SAP HANA Developments Multichannel commerce solution able to integrate product content and commerce operations that helps create a unified experience for customers from online, to instore, to mobile and beyond. © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 2
  • 3. Introducing Instant Access to the Power of SAP HANA • • • • SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the in-memory Platform-as-aService (PaaS) offering from SAP Enables customers and developers to build, extend, and run applications on SAP HANA in the cloud Flexible subscription model and optional services for apps, database, and infrastructure SAP HANA Cloud platform provides instant access to the full power of SAP HANA
  • 4. SAP HANA Infrastructure Services • • • • SAP HANA Infrastructure Services. Your SAP HANA. In the cloud You can quickly deploy and manage your pre-licensed SAP HANA instances without hardware investments and setup time Available configurations from 128GB to 1TB Pay for what you need: Scalable resources and shortterm subscription commitment
  • 5. SAP HANA DB Services • • • • SAP HANA DB Services Subscribe Today. Run in Minutes SAP HANA DB Services Easy, low cost way to be up and running with a fully supported SAP HANA system Month-to-month subscriptions in configurations from 128GB to 1TB Fast provisioning of software and hardware, and a cloud management console for easy configuration and administration. SAP HANA SUBSCRIPTION INFRASTRUCTURE SUBSCRIPTION FLEXIBLE NEW OPTION FOR NEW SAP HANA CUSTOMERS
  • 6. SAP HANA App Services • • • SAP HANA App Services. Next generation applications. In the cloud. Today Enables the real-time applications required to succeed in today’s always-on, mobile, social and data-driven world. Comprehensive services for mobility, collaboration, security, systems management and more, it’s the ideal platform to build innovative, next-generation applications that leverage the full power of SAP HANA © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 6
  • 7. SAP Business Warehouse Trial Offer • • • • A 30 Day Free Trial Offer featuring a configurable SAP BW on HANA trial system (not for production use) hosted on Amazon via AWS Includes an SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 system configured to run against SAP BW and SAP HANA Quickly explore the value of running SAP BW powered by HANA Start your own instance of SAP BW on HANA running in the cloud
  • 8. Learn, try and buy SAP HANA applications with only a few clicks Visit us at