Theme and style in titles


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Theme and style in titles

  1. 1. Themes and style in title sequences
  2. 2. Themes and style in title sequences What’s the difference between the two?
  3. 3. Themes A theme is the underlying idea that exists in a subject that acts like a foundation for a particular piece of work or art or medium. In title sequences, there may be a key theme in the film that is then reflected in the title sequence. It gives the audience an indication of what to expect regarding genre, location, narrative etc For example: Dexter is a TV drama focusing on a blood spatter analyst whom is also a serial killer. Blood is a key theme throughout the series. How is this theme reflected in the title sequence? v=rnAFMCRDaWw A similar theme is used in the titles for the film ‘American Psycho’
  4. 4. Themes Narrative themes: Genre themes: rTMSbTTqY Location themes: h?v=NzS6ry3NGFE
  5. 5. What theme is evident in the title sequence for ‘Game of thrones’?
  6. 6. Style • Style relates to the method and aesthetics. A style is symbolic. In other words, how is something visually created? Does it use an innovative editing technique, colour or camera angles? • These all create a style or look to the titles.
  7. 7. Style ‘Superbad’ has a style. It uses a silhouette in contrasting colours of the main actors dancing. The low budget animation effect, and colour scheme is a visual style. It has little connection to the narrative or genre of the film. However, it also has a theme. The theme is the 70’s. How is this communicated in the titles and why do you think that they have done this when the film is not set in this time period?
  8. 8. Style How do the following titles create a style?
  9. 9. Style What style is used in this title sequence? What themes are evident in this title sequence?
  10. 10. Does this use a theme or a style?
  11. 11. Connect Style What is a ‘cold’ opening?
  12. 12. Style Cold openings may have a main title (name of the film) but do not include credits or even music. They go straight into the film/TV show. This is becoming popular in TV drama where it is important to hook the audience in before they become distracted. This is less evident in film (although not uncommon).
  13. 13. In a blog post: Explain the difference between ‘theme’ and style’. Include and explain screen grabs from titles that we have explored today to support your explanation. Choose one title that we have explored today and analyse the theme and style created.
  14. 14. HW TI&feature=c4overview&list=UUgbJ1z_IyySGuiX voVyPPrg Watch the three part documentary before Mr Coppard’s lesson on Tuesday