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Layar Augmented Reality Browser at M-Football conference 2010
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Layar Augmented Reality Browser at M-Football conference 2010


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Claire's presentation at the M-Football conference 2010 at the Emirates Stadium in London on Januari 21st. …

Claire's presentation at the M-Football conference 2010 at the Emirates Stadium in London on Januari 21st.
Presenting cool FIFA2010 Layar Augmented Reality concepts.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Layar & M-Football Jan 21st, 2010
  • 2. © 2009, Layar BV Confidential and Proprietory Photo: Marco Derk Browse The World,
  • 3. Claire Boonstra Layar co-founder
  • 4. Layar team!
  • 5. Augmented Reality
  • 6. Our reality: an empty canvas
  • 7.
  • 8. Location based Marker based (image recognition)
  • 9. Location & direction GPS / Cell-ID Compass Camera
  • 10. Supported devices Android iPhone 3G S Symbian back soon Q1 2010
  • 11. Open platform
  • 12. Active Layar content +50 creators Austria Belgium Bosnia 1650+ Canada Bulgaria United States France Germany India Mexico Italy Singapore Ireland Japan Montenegro Korea 0 Macedonia Venezuela Netherlands Brasil Portugal Argentina Serbia Chili South Africa Australia Spain New Zealand Sweden United Kingdom
  • 13. Content developers doing business developing layers for themselves or 3rd parties
  • 14. >320 layers published worldwide
  • 15. Some of the brands on Layar Truli Newb a ury St YP Voo OSM doo Hotp Fest Ideali ads Tim sta Horto n’s
  • 16. Examples of what can be done with Layar - already now
  • 17. Layer developed by NAi/ IN10 (Rotterdam)
  • 18. “See what you can’t see”
  • 19. Re- create the Amsterdam, past Damrak, 1942 Fictional example; various of such layers in development
  • 20. Imagine: Summer 2010, Colosseum, Rome
  • 21. ... and hear the lions roar Fictional example; various of such layers in development
  • 22. Beatles Magical AR tour Layer developed by
  • 23. New art Inside of a piece of art inspired by Mondrian Layer developed by CMCDV (Germany)
  • 24. 3D objects placed above your head Layers developed by (NL) and Winvolve (Canada)
  • 25. Place Santa in someone’s office Webservice (PC) Layer developed by Muzar (NL)
  • 26. Stand here to take a Hermann and me in St Anton! picture with Brought to you by Audi Hermann Maier in 3D! Fictional example
  • 27. Special feature: Automatic Triggering
  • 28. Seeda - Japanese Rapper launched new single though Layar
  • 29. music starts playing automatically when reached pre-defined destination Layer developed by SystemK (Japan)
  • 30. Many possibilities for auto- triggered actions: Play audio Play video Show quiz question Show 3D object Show image etc...
  • 31. Special feature: Point - Point
  • 32. Personali zation & closed layers: login Layer developed by Masternaut
  • 33. Experience domes teleport yourself Fictional example; demo’d by Layar at PICNIC conference 09
  • 34. Some ideas for FIFA 2010
  • 35. Place messages above the sports field Allez les Bleus! London greets I wanna see you! mashed potatoes :) Fictional example
  • 36. Soccer player treasure hunt find the entire team & win gold Layar demo developed by AugmentReality (UK)
  • 37. Minigames Challenges on remarkable locations Layar demo developed by Triangle Studios (NL)
  • 38. AR tour guides & pubfinders Brought to you by brand xyz
  • 39. Program guides & live scores Waiting line entertainment
  • 40. All possible: right now. with Layar version 3.0
  • 41. Experiences!
  • 42. Ecosystem Animators Storytellers Historians Tech developers Architects Game designers Creative Agencies Artists Educators 3D modelers Brands Governments
  • 43. Do it yourself?
  • 44. Need help? Check the Developer Catalog
  • 45. © 2009, Layar BV Confidential and Proprietory Browse The World,
  • 46. or use one of these easy development tools:
  • 47. •PorPOIse by Jens de Smit •Hoppala layerbuilder by Marc Rene Gardeya •LayarDotNet by Dylan Phillips •Python: Django-Layar by James Turk •BuildAR by Rob Manson
  • 48. You develop the concepts We facilitate platform ecosystem tools
  • 49. What’s your dream?
  • 50. Thanks! @claireboo visit