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How to Create an Effective Campaign with Layar Creator
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How to Create an Effective Campaign with Layar Creator


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How to Create an Effective Campaign with Layar Creator

How to Create an Effective Campaign with Layar Creator

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos

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  • 1. How to Create an Effective Campaign with Layar Creator July 2012, Layar 1
  • 2. Steps to Great Campaign Creation• Check out Layar Creator showcases & Explore Layar Creator yourself• Make a realistic Campaign Creation and Marketing Plan in conjunction with your Print Production Plan• Come up with Campaign Concept• Prepare your pages & assets• Create your campaign and augment your pages• Test your campaign• Publish your campaign 2
  • 3. Layar Creator: Activate print with digital content • Easy to use, bulk upload, simple drag & drop functionality • Interactive digital buttons linking to various destinations, including videos • Custom buttons with your own design • Measurable results once published Read more: Layar Features on Layar website July 2012, Layar 3
  • 4. Layar Creator Showcases • Check out our LAYARED magazine to see what interactive print is all about • View LAYARED magazine online • Read existing use cases for inspiration • Visit Layar blog for latest show cases July 2012, Layar 4
  • 5. Layar Creator Exploration• Sign up to start using Layar Creator right away !• Experiment with the Creator using your own print material, or• Recreate interactive print experience on LAYARED magazine using materials prepared by Layar July 2012, Layar 5
  • 6. Getting Started with Layar Creator• Video Tutorials - a list of tutorials that demonstrates the Layar Creator • Quick Overview • Bulk Uploads • Using Buttons • Campaign Management • AR video Creation • Understanding Stats Report• Getting Started Guide - detailed explanation on each element of the Creator• Check out all helpful resources available on Layar Creator Support forum 6
  • 7. Questions to yourselfAfter checking out the use cases and playing with the Layar Creator, ask yourself thefollowing questions:• Is Layar technology something for my business ?• Does it have all the features I need ?• How can I integrate it into my business ? July 2012, Layar 7
  • 8. Campaign Creation & Marketing PlanA reasonable and deliverable campaign creation plan is the key to the success of thecampaign. Here is a checklist that you need to address:• The objectives of this campaign• What activities are needed in the campaign creation process ?• Who should participate in the campaign creation team ?• How much time should be spent on each activity ? • Tip: reserve enough time for learning and playing with the Creator • Tip: Testing is critical for good user experience and it always takes more time than you thought• Which marketing actions are needed to create awareness ? July 2012, Layar 8
  • 9. Campaign Concept• Work with your creative team to come up with a nice campaign concept deliverable using the Layar Creator• Try to come up with a theme for the entire campaign• Get users in with “wrong reality” • hidden reality -> reveal • locked reality -> unlock • incomplete reality -> complete• Add discounts & exclusive content July 2012, Layar 9
  • 10. Campaign Concept Examples Reveal hidden message with Layarsolve the puzzle ! July 2012, Layar 10
  • 11. Campaign Concept ExamplesPrint Ad July 2012, Layar 11
  • 12. Campaign Concept ExamplesPrint Ad July 2012, Layar 11
  • 13. Campaign Concept ExamplesPrint Ad What you see with Layar July 2012, Layar 11
  • 14. Campaign Concept Examples Discount & Exclusive Content July 2012, Layar 12
  • 15. Get Your Pages & Assets Ready• Prepare pages according to the best practices• Select pages that you want to augment carefully• Use Layar Logo + call to action• Create instructions for users 13
  • 16. Page Design Guideline• Planar target object (magazine, poster, CD cover, etc)• Sufficiently high resolution of the object• Sufficient size & image detail Good insufficient details• Frontal view image• No borders or clutter• Avoid glare and highlights July 2012, Layar similar images plain text 14
  • 17. Which Page to Select ?• Choose cover page• Upload images on a page separately instead of the entire page• Try to avoid uploading pages with large blocks of text. It is best to upload the image portion of the page. 88 DECEMBER 2011 PRIJS € 5 ,5 0 LINDA. 88 december 2011 Kruisverhoor Thomas Acda & Thekla Reuten De nieuwe vrek Dure kleren en havermoutpap Mijn dochter haat me En wil me nooit meer zien linda speelt voor oprah YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR! July 2012, Layar 1043120_Cover_ZB.indd 1 25-10-11 16:44 15
  • 18. Layar Logo + Call to Action July 2012, Layar 16
  • 19. Layar Logo + Call to Action July 2012, Layar 17
  • 20. Where to Place the Layar Logo ? Layar + call to action in or underneath the image to guide the reader This triggers the user to scan the image itself. In this case, it is recommended to upload the image to the Creator instead of the entire page. 18
  • 21. Where to Place the Layar Logo ? If every segment of the page is augmented: you can use one logo on top of page This triggers the user to scan the entire page. In this case, it is recommended to upload the page to the Creator. 19
  • 22. “How to User Layar App” Instructions • Instruct users on how to discover AR content • Reserve space for instructions • Mention how to download/ update • Create your own look & feel • Keep the Layar logo intact Download the layar logo and instructions package here. July 2012, Layar 20
  • 23. “How to” Instructions Example • Custom Instructions on the cover page • VPRO Gids - dutch public broadcasting organization 21
  • 24. Create Custom Buttons • Create Custom buttons that: • match the look & feel of the print • are visually attractive to the users • are self explanatory 22
  • 25. Where to Place the Buttons ?• Balancing digital content: editorial vs advertising• More an aesthetic choice • place where it makes the most sense • look natural in context with the physical object • visible to users• Better on more visually busy part of page and NOT on blank spaces 23
  • 26. Button Placement Examples July 2012, Layar 24
  • 27. Test Your Campaign Thoroughly• Thorough campaign testing is critical• Both technical and aesthetic aspects• Test your campaign as much as possible • both iphone and android devices • latest layar app• If possible, do a test with a small group of users ! 25
  • 28. Testing Guidelines• Double check the quality of the pages• Are user instructions in your publication clear enough ?• Are Interactive Print buttons placed at the right place ? • Are the buttons sticky to the print• Does each button function correctly ? • no broken links • videos can be played• Does the campaign offer good user experience ? Read more: complete testing • what’s more natural, scanning the entire page or a single image on the page ? guidelines 26
  • 29. Campaign Creation Timeline • Below is a recommended timeline distribution schedule Check out Layar possibilities Prepare campaign pages, Come up with Campaign & custom button designs & Create campaign Test and finalize the campaign Concept Explore the Layar Creator how to instructionsTimeline inpercentage 0% 20% 40% 70% 80% 100% 27
  • 30. Layar Creator Resources• Layar website • Layar Features • Use Cases • Layar blog• Layar Creator Support environment (forums & ticketing system) • Video Tutorials - a list of tutorials that demonstrate Layar Creator • Getting Started Guide - detailed explanation on each element of the Creator • Testing Instructions • Best Practices & Tips • FAQs • more July 2012, Layar 28