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    This group 'KINGDOM OF BELGIUM' aims to gather all people worldwide who love the Belgium, and their presentations. It is dedicated to ALL aspects of Belgium, without exception. Its history, its geography, its culture, its politic, its economy,tourism, literature, its varieties, Song, art, cinema, theater, etc.. In short all Sound slideshows or not (documents, simple slideshow, slidecast, youtube, video)... I welcome you! Join us! Thank you in advance for your support.
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Belgium cusine

  1. 2. Belgian cuisine, which is relat ed to the French one, but with some very distinctive touches. Belgian food is cooked with French finesse and served with German gen erosity . A well-known speciality are the Belgian chocolates which are sold all over the world . And then there is the national dish, "French" fries (" frites "), which, accordi ng to legend, were invented in Belgium, not France or America, and which are supp osed to be better here than in any other place in world .
  2. 5. Ingredients Belgian endive Lettuce Bell pepper Beefsteak tomato Leeks Mushrooms Jonagold apple Conference pear
  3. 6. Hors d’oeuvres Apple terrine of foie gras: Very elegant & impressive foie gras Anchoiade toasts: Anchovy & garlic spread on baguette
  4. 7. Ahi tuna carpaccio: Slices of raw tuna drizzled with olive oil & lime juice. Artichoke, spinach & cheese dip: Common dip with breads
  5. 8. Salads Young lettuce, oil, vinegar, & herb dressing Duck confit of duck salad: Duck confit, lettuces, olive oil, Balsamic vinegar & green peppercorns
  6. 9. Soups Fish soup: garlic sauce & swiss cheese French onion soup
  7. 10. Fish Sea bass with basil – sauteed fillet of Sea bass with basil, lemon, & butter sauce Sea bass au vert – sea bass braised in white wine spinach, sorrel & fresh herbs.
  8. 11. Poached salmon with herb butter – With wine & vegetable broth Saumon a l’oseille – sauteed salmon & fresh sorrel sauce Sea scallops with leeks
  9. 12. Entrees Steak au Poivre – beef sauteed & flambe in cognac with demi glace sauce Civet of lapin – rabbit oven braised in red wine Cassoulet de Castelnaudary – a classic estouffade of beans, lamb, pork, Sausages & confit of duck
  10. 13. Veal sweetbreads – braised veal sweetbreads with creme fraiche, cognac & mustard Poulet Normand – chicken in apples, cream, apple brandy
  11. 14. Cheese Belgian food reveals a variety of influences from other countries. Their cheeses are most directly influenced by the French, due to the fact that many are made by the Trappist Monks who fled France to Belgium in the mid-nineteenth century. The proximity of the two countries also plays a significant role in the influence. The cheeses on this board are fine examples of the Trappist's cheese making ability. Finally, Chimay with Beer is a robust, semi-soft cheese that is washed in beer, giving it the distinct flavors of hops. (This gift includes handmade wood cheese board and dutch two-handled cheese knife.)
  12. 15. Postel - Belgian washed-rind cheese of rectangular shape, made from cow's milk. This cheese was created by the monks at the Abbey of Postel who gave the cheese its name. Recently they resumed making this cheese. It is available in small quantities but is highly appreciated for it's taste. Limburger is creamery, washed-rind cheese. The smooth, sticky, washed rind is reddish-brown with corrugated ridges. The yellow interior hints at sweetness but the taste is spicy and aromatic, almost meaty. Herve is one of the most favorite cheeses in Belgium. It has a shape of brick with glossy, orange-brown rind. The taste and flavor of the cheese deepens on the period of ripening. When young, the interior is sweet, with age the flavor becomes spicy.
  13. 16. Dessert Ice cream torte - Chocolate cake layered with ice cream & chocolate meringue Mousse - Bittersweet, mocha, & white Belgian chocolate Marjolain torte – layered with almond, hazelnut, Meringue, butter cream, chocolate & praline
  14. 17. "When somebody has drunk it, he is able to travel all day without tiredness and eating." All you need to know as a connoisseur of Belgian Chocolate
  15. 18. Chocolate Among them, Leonidos is considered "the fast food of Belgian chocolate." Godiva and Neuhaus are popular and top-of-the-line, and Wittamer is considered the ultimate. Belgian praline is a general term for filled chocolates. In the shops, each candy has a name. It helps to know that gianduja is a milk chocolate and hazelnut paste blended while hot. Praline also means a mixture of milk chocolate and finely ground nuts or toffee. Nougatine is the same as praline, only larger pieces of nuts or toffee are used for a slight crunch. True Belgian chocolates have no preservatives and use no artificial flavors or coloring. The best ones are made with fresh cream and last only a few days. The chocolates are beautifully packaged and sold in boutiques decorated with gold, crystal, and mirrors.
  16. 20. Beer B eer is a national speciality: there are hundreds of different types with distinctive tastes, which are all served in their own specially made glasses. Many beers are crafted by small artisanal brewers whose family recipes and techniques go back generations. Beer, for Belgians, is about as important as wine is for the French. Beer laces the national dish, carbonnades flamandes, a Flemish beef stew Recently, Belgian speciality beers are getting more and more popular, not only in the neighbouring France, Holland and UK, but even in the USA.
  17. 21. THANK YOU