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Filling the gap
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Filling the gap


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  • Take everything out and decide what you are going to keep
  • Transcript

    • 1. Filling the Gap“Standard processes”
      Created By:
      Emily M
      Larry H
      Larry B
      Andy S
      Mark Y
    • 2. Standard Work Processes
      Standard work – system of developing the best known method for performing a task or job.
      Every person performs the job in the same way, following the process for the best known method.
    • 3. What is a process?
      A series of individual operations that must occur in a specific sequence to create a design, complete an order, or produce a product
      Having a process helps us see waste
      So how do you create a process?
    • 4. Creating a Process
      Focus on organization
      Set in Order
      Make sure all team members are able to use the process
    • 5. Sort
      Step 1
      For Example: What is the first thing you do when you are going to make an ice cream sundae at home?
      Determining what is needed
      Identify required steps in the process
    • 6. Set in Order
      After you have determined everything you need and the steps needed, what do you do next?
      Decide the order to do the steps
    • 7. Creating a process for making an ice cream sundae
      Est. 1988
      No standard Process
      IPMM Ice Cream Shoppe
    • 8. Rules of the Simulation
      Everyone is on the same team
      You will have a total of 8 orders to fulfill
      All of your supplies are available on the table in front of you like at Subway
      You won’t need any “getting” actions i.e “getting out a bowl”
      Order are complete when they are placed in the “Serving Location”
    • 9. Here are your materials/tools/ingredients
    • 10. Sort
      Using the materials we have supplied write out all the steps you would do on post it notes
      One step per post it
      Why do we do it this way?
    • 11. Set in Order
      Step by step put them up
      Everyone agrees on order of the steps
      Fill out order forms
    • 12. Run Test Run
      10 Minutes to brainstorm and setup table and materials.
      Keep in mind:
      You must follow steps as written since as a team you determined them as the best possible way
      Remember our training on Pull System and Kanban
      Pull system
      Pull system strives to eliminate waste
    • 13. You must tape the Scoops – to keep in a scoop shape
      Each order must have 2 scoops
      Just like in the shop, Accuracy, Presentation and Cleanliness are important. You will be judged on these criteria to get a winner!
      Your 10 minutes start NOW!
    • 14. So….
      Do you like the order?
      Did it run smoothly?
      Do you need to change anything?
      Let’s try it again!
    • 15. How We Standardize
      Getting the process written in a public way
      Notifying everyone that it is now the standard
      Training everyone involved
      Run audits to make sure that it is running smoothly
      Everyone should do this process the same way everyday/every time
    • 16. Why Standardize
      Everyone doing job the same way – because that is defined as the best way by the team
      If there is a new finding of a new best way that becomes everyone’s new best way
      We improve everyone’s process not just how one person does it.
      Kaizen improves a standard