The art of selling stock photos


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Make notes of all places that you visit. The timing of the sunset and sunrise is of utmost importance along with the month and date. You may have a craving to come back to click some images later. You need to have a good quality camera with you while going in shooting the sun along with a tripod that will keep your camera still while shooting. Manual focus will be essential while shooting the sun.

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The art of selling stock photos

  1. 1. THE ART OF SELLING STOCK PHOTOSMarketing is all about meeting the industry needs at the right time and at the rightplace at the right price. Every marketer wants to create a niche for himself in the cutthroat competition; every customer is looking for the wow factor that is delivered athis doorsteps by the organizations with a robust marketing plan. Photographers witha penchant for stock photos need to be excellent in delivering the wow factor to theirclients lest they are left behind by their peers.Many photographers who are full time into stock photos without much success oftenwonder what exactly it takes to click images that have a demand in the market and arereally easy to sell. Such photographers generally lack the ability to do a systematicresearch on this topic and end up frustrated wondering what should have been doneto make those stock images sell although the quality of the images and the subjectthat they chose were quite good.One thing to remember while clicking for money especially in stock photography isthat the quality and beauty of photographs will be rewarded only if they are demandin the market. To check for the demand in the market you need to do a bit of research.Check the websites of all the stock image agencies that you are thinking ofapproaching in near future to sell your images. Check on the number of downloads ona particular segment of photographs.
  2. 2. Chances are that you may get your idea then and there. If a subject that has quite abig number of downloads and interests you, you have your subject. Its time to clicksome awesome beautiful images that can be presented to the stock photo agency infuture at a price that will really appeal to you. Many micro stock sites will give youthe number of times an image has been downloaded which can act as a pointer foryou to select the theme on which you need to put your focus.Its always better to work smart than work hard. Another smart move that you candeploy is to visit a photo agency or stock libraries web sites and looking at whattypes of images they have, promote, use and sell. Check for the styles that regularlysell and are a hot favorite with the masses as this will make your chances of sellingyour stock photos to the world better. Your quality and beauty of the images willsurely fetch you the price that would be much beyond your expectations.To know more about stock photography, stock image, stock photo, stock photosonline, Stock Photos, Stockfotografie , Stockphoto , Stock foto , Free stock photos ,Stock images , stockphotos Royalty Free Stock Photo, Royalty Free Stock Image feelfree to visit