Studio photography things one must know


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Studio photography things one must know

  1. 1. STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY THINGS ONE MUST KNOWClicking photographs in the studio especially while clicking for Stock Photos requires alot of creativity. Without creativity a photographer will get dull and boring images ofthe subject. Lighting and other studio equipment has to be used in the optimum wayto make the images look lively and colorful those have the ability to attract theattention of the beholder. If one has a big budget then renting a big studio can be agood option where one will find all the lighting and background needed to create allthe effects. Having a studio at home will also be a good option as you can shootspontaneously as and when required.Take care while renting a studio check if the studio is floor based or ceiling based. Oneneeds to be quite careful with a floor based studio as all the lights and backgroundsupport is light and will prove to be a hurdle while you move around in the studio. Careshould be taken not to knock down the equipment in the process of moving here andthere. A ceiling based studio will have all the equipment mounted upon backgroundrollers; a rail system then allows positioning of the lights in a rectangular area. Itsfantastic mechanical tool that allows one to position the lights from any angle thatsuits the needs of the photographer. Although ceiling studios are far costly than floorstudios but the money spent on hiring a ceiling studio is worth it.A photographer needs to be quite particular about the lights that he is going to usewhile photographing his subjects.
  2. 2. Before deciding the type and quantity of light you are going to require you need todecide the kind of camera you are going to use for photography. The subjects alsoplay an important part in deciding the type and quality of light that is going to beused. If one is using a big camera that requires small apertures then more light will berequired in shooting the subjects. The size of the subject is also crucial in deciding theamount of light required. Head-and-shoulders portraits require less light as comparedto bigger subjects like automobiles.The use of sunlight can be done effectively if the studio has a window from wheresunlight can be allowed to enter and fall on the subject at a particular angle. Once youare clear with the size of the subject and the type of camera to be used its time youdecide on the type of light that is going to be deployed for the photo shoot. You needto decide whether you are going to use hot, warm or cold light. The choice of the lightwill depend upon the effects you are hoping to get on your subjects. This will require abit of brainstorming as different kinds of lights will present a different effect on thesubject.To know more about stock photography, stock image, stock photos, stock photosonline, stock photos for sale, Royalty Free Stock Photographs, royalty free stockphotograph, royalty free stock photography, Royalty Free Stock Photo, Royalty FreeStock Image feel free to visit