Photographing in a club with dim lights


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Do a recce of the place where you have planned the shoot and check for the angles that you are going to shoot. You need to check if the place has an unobstructed view or are buildings and electric poles or wires obstructing your view. The more higher a place you choose for the shoot the better images you are going to click.

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Photographing in a club with dim lights

  1. 1. PHOTOGRAPHING IN A CLUB WITH DIM LIGHTSPhotographing in a club is a passion that very few photographers tend toshare amongst themselves. It needs a lot of passion to click in the din as theatmosphere in a Club is charged and almost everyone is high on the music.This is the place where one is sure to capture the energy and the mood thatwill be lacking while shooting in another environment. Clicking photos is quitea challenge in this highly energized setting as the photographer may beswayed by the high pitch of music, finding a way to the stage can be quitedifficult and people will be banging to you while you are photographing.Apart from this the lighting will be dim or the lights may be shining on yourface which makes the task even more challenging. Many people will getswayed by the settings, leave their camera in their car and enjoy the eveninginstead of clicking a photo or two. But there are photographers who will keeptheir focus and instead of the numerous challenges posed by the settings willgo ahead and do what they are there for.
  2. 2. Before shooting in a club or a specific performer you need to put in placemany a things that will surely make the photographing session much moreenjoyable and comfortable for you. One needs to do ample of researchbefore going in for shooting a live performance. Things may change almosteveryday, the performers/band, the settings, the venue, the spirit of theshow, the audience etc. You need to select a place where you are going totake your position in order to get the best shots. Be smart enough to get theinformation on the lighting and the stage setup. One needs to know theobstacles that are going to come while shooting and needs to have a plan interms of overcoming those obstacles.Have first hand information on the kind of crowd that is visiting the venue.This will give you an opportunity to fix a spot for yourself to get the bestshots and also will give you an insight into the behavior of the crowd. Thusyou can easily plan the kind of equipment that you are going to carry withyou. Getting information about the positioning of the band on stage will giveyou ample of time to plan your moves. Permission to shoot is of utmostimportance, this permission can be obtained either from the venuemanager or from the performers themselves.
  3. 3. Make sure to ask if you can use flash or not as there are many clubs that don’tallow flash as it may affect their performers. Take care that you have a photo passwherever it is necessary. While buying a ticket for a show check if they allowphotography as it would not really be good if you are tossed out in the midst of aperformance just for clicking some photographs.While planning the equipment make sure that you carry light weight equipmentthat is easy to use. Take care you have the right lenses with you and if the usage offlash is not restricted make sure you have enough battery that will at least last theshow. Its always advisable to carry extra battery with you. Your business card andearplugs will surely be an asset for you while shooting in clubs or liveperformances.To know more about stock photography, stock image, Stock Photos, stock photosonline, stock photos for sale, Royalty Free Stock Photographs, royalty free stockphotograph, royalty free stock photography, Royalty Free Stock Photo, RoyaltyFree Stock Image feel free to visit