Pets the best subjects for a stock photo database


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Pets the best subjects for a stock photo database

  1. 1. While shooting to make a database for your stock photos its important that youknow your subjects well. Make sure that your subjects have the best expressionson their faces if they are living. Pets and animals form the best subjects whileyou have just started to build your stock photography database. As thesephotographs are quite saleable and will surely fetch a high price once you havefind the right customer for your photographs.While clicking images of pets its important that you keep some major points inmind to get that awesome piece of art that will hold the interest of theonlookers for a long time. Make sure that you have the right lighting in place aslighting can make or break the photographs that you are clicking. Improperlighting has many an ill effects on the final images of the photographs. The redeye effect comes out of improper lighting and will give the subject a possessedlook thus marring the natural effect that would have been there on the image.To get the optimum look out of your photographs you need to avoid using thecameras flash if you really need a flash you need to get an off-camera flash sothat it does not reflect on your pets eyes directly.
  2. 2. Try and use natural light instead and avoid direct sunlight whenever orwherever possible. If shooting with your pet is not possible outdoors makesure you place your pet near a window from where ample of light is comingin. Make sure you avoid fluorescent or tungsten light that distort the petsnatural colors.Positioning of the pet while clicking is of utmost importance. For that youmay have to lie down to come at the angle of your pet or place your pet on araised platform or a perch. Ask someone to hold your pet high enough toget the desired angle and later you can edit the person on a computer. Thepositioning does pay rich dividends in the long run in terms of stockphotography. Make sure you capture the most natural moments of yourpets. This will go a long way in capturing the true personality of your pet onthe image that will reflect the true color of your pet. Know the taste of yourpet and offer the thing he likes most or something that flashes a smile onhis face. That’s your moment go ahead and click your pet at that verymoment.
  3. 3. Keep your cool and patience as yelling and getting angry at the pet whilephotographing is not going to yield anything than a pissed off pose fromyour pet. Know your pets taste and make sure he or she is in the rightframe of mind while you click the photograph. Reward your pet once heor she has given you an awesome pose and take care you make yourpet know at the end of the photo session that this has been the mostawesome photo shoot ever. This sounds ridiculous but surprisingly itworks.To know more about stock photography, Stock Photo , stock photos ,stock image , Stock fotografie , Stockphoto , Stock foto , Free stockphotos , stockphotos , stock photography, Stock images ,Royalty FreeStock Photo, Royalty Free Stock Image feel free to visithttp://www.imageselect.euArticle Source: