Make your stockfotografie a viable option with crowd sourcing


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Crowd sourcing has become a real and important business idea today with businesses and users making use of it to achieve their goals that would have required a lot of research and investment.

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Make your stockfotografie a viable option with crowd sourcing

  1. 1. Make your Stockfotografie a viable option withcrowd sourcingCrowd sourcing has become a real and important business idea today withbusinesses and users making use of it to achieve their goals that would haverequired a lot of research and investment. Crowd sourcing especially in thebusiness of stock photos has come handy to business owners where users haveparticipated to make long tedious tasks accomplished within a few days. Crowdsourcing derives its name from crowd and outsourcing. The basic idea of crowdsourcing is to use the collective intelligence of public to complete a specificbusiness related task. This is especially important in todays business scenariowhere the customer is at the center of all business activities. Business ownersare scouting for customer participation in their businesses and what betteroption than crowd sourcing can help them to have maximum user interaction.Crowd sourcing has been seen as a great tool in the photography business.Business owners with large amounts of stock photographs in their database areconstantly on the lookout for user participation either to get more images or toimprove on their services they are providing to their clients. The costs arereduced drastically and there is even chance of getting technical and nontechnical hands to work for the business. The non technical hands are not to beignored as they may be more innovative and imaginative than the technicalhands.
  2. 2. Build a large database of Stock photosTrying crowd sourcing in collecting photographs for your collection is a great wayto get variety. People from all nooks and corners have a even chance ofparticipating in your endeavor to collect images that are going to interest yourtarget audience especially if you are selling stock photographs to magazines orbusinesses that are constantly on the lookout for images. Freshness of images isyet another advantage that is delivered with the help of crowd sourcing. Thebusiness owner has an even chance of receiving quality images from amateurand professional photographers equally.Improve search terms in large stock photo databasesMany stock photography business owners have a large number of images withthem but the essential attributes to make them searchable on the internet areeither missing or are faulty. The effects are quite far reaching as many imagesthat would have been of interest to buyers never ever show up on the searchresults or may show up for the wrong set of search terms that are used by peoplein need of images either for business or personal reasons. The general public orcrowd can be roped in to provide the essential attributes of the images withpredefined attributes which will help in better classification of images in the imagebank. Search ability of images in improved manifold.
  3. 3. Use of Crowd sourcing in Investigation with photosWith the advent of smart phones and easy to use cameras people generallystart clicking photographs as soon as they get a chance. This is more profoundin public gatherings and events of public interest. If something goes wrong likethe bomb blast in Boston marathon a couple of weeks back; chances are thatsomeone from the crowd has captured images that may act as a lead orevidence in the investigation. In the Boston marathon Bomb blast also the FBIasked people to submit videos and images they had captured during the eventthat played a vital role in zeroing on the culprit responsible for the unfortunateblast.Ease of access to a variety of imagesPeople dealing in stock photos need to deal with photographers to help buildtheir database. Getting a variety of photographs for the database meansconnecting to a variety of photographers who have their fixed prices and a setpattern for images they are going to capture. However with crowd sourcingBusinessmen dealing in stock photos can get an access to a variety ofphotographs without meeting any professional photographer. The qualityhowever of such images may not be at par with those shot by professionalphotographers
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