Best ingredients for a perfect stock photo


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Best ingredients for a perfect stock photo

  1. 1. BEST INGREDIENTS FOR A PERFECT STOCK PHOTOA good subject is not the only requirement for a good or award winning photograph. There arevarious other elements that go in the capturing of a masterpiece. A majority of thephotographers tend to concentrate on a few elements and ignore a few others that are quitecrucial in getting the best shots that can be showcased by an individual in order to promote his orher photography skills. The choice of the subject is crucial although it is not the final element thatwill decide the quality of the image that you are going to click.Composition of the image forms an important part of the elements that go into the making of agood photograph. A good subject lacking good composition is nothing less than an expensivepiece of antique lying in a scrap dealer’s shop. Thus composition is of utmost importance onceyou have decided to go pro in terms of clicking images. Make sure the subject you have chosen ishighlighted in photographs. If you are clicking a rose with dew drops on it the onlookers eyesmust see the dew and the petals on which the dew is instead of the other parts of the flower.You are not clicking a photograph, you are reading a story to your audience, a story that is selfcaptivating and needs no explanation to people who have a look at it. The image needs to explainthe various moods and feelings that have been captured. If its a joyful image showing happinesson the face of the subjects the reason for that happiness should be captured behind the subject.If you are clicking a content cow showing expressions of satisfaction a green meadow in thebackground will be the perfect composition that is going to share the story of the cowssatisfaction and the prosperous surroundings that she is in.
  2. 2. Using the rule of thirds where you draw three horizontal and three vertical lines and place thesubject at the intersection of these lines is quite effective and would surely bring out the beautyof the subject in the final image that is presented before the audience. Make sure that thephotos that are clicked by you are well exposed. Although you may change the light effectslater on with the help of software but natural exposure is something that will evoke the bestresponses fro your images.Make sure your photographs evoke feelings among your audience; a childs smile should beable to stir enough love and affection inside a human being. A war scene should be able toevoke the feelings of horror and sufferings. If you are able to take your audience on a rollercoaster ride of mood swings then think that you are clicking a right mix of images with a rightproportion of all ingredients that go in the making of a good stock photo.To know more about stock photography, stock image, stock photos, stock photos online, StockPhoto, Stockfotografie , Stock photo , Stock foto ,Free stock photos, Stock images , stockphotos Royalty Free Stock Photo, Royalty Free Stock Image feel free to visit