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  • 1. tumblr. By – Lawren Brown
  • 2. What is tumblr.? • tumblr. was founded in February of 2007 by David Karp. Now owned by Yahoo! • The headquarters are in New York City. • tumblr. lets you effortlessly share anything! • You can post photos, text, chat, quotes, music, links, and videos from your phone, browser, desktop and even email. • Available in 13 languages.
  • 3. • tumblr. is microblogging platform and social networking website. • Most of the tumblr. users are teen or college age. Over half of the users are 25 and younger. • 125,000 new users sign up every day • tumblr has: - 174.3 Million blogs -78.5 Billion posts -233 Employees
  • 4. Using tumblr. • Joining is VERY simple. • It take about 30 seconds to become a member of the tumblr family. • You just enter your email, password, and desired username and your in!
  • 5. Below is a picture of a tumblr. dashboard. All user have to do is select what they are wanting to upload (text, photo, etc.) and select post. Dashboard will show what your followers have posted similar to a Facebook newsfeed.
  • 6. 7 main uses of tumblr. • • • • • • • Finding friends Interacting with friends Portfolio Photo blogging Travel blogging Business blogging Hobby blogging
  • 7. • Finding friends - With tumblr. there is no need to know anyone before signing up. A lot of users feel more freedom to post because their acquaintances aren’t following them. • Interacting with friends – Some users join because their friends are already on tumblr. It provides a groups of friends to share content with each other.
  • 8. • Portfolio – tumblr. is great for people to display their art work in a digital portfolio. Example of art work that can be displayed.
  • 9. • Blogging – With photo, travel, and hobby blogging users can share their passion. • Business blogging is great for creating brand presence on social media. Consumer interaction is crucial for a successful business.
  • 10. Monetization strategy • With tumblr. monetary has never been a strong point. Tumblr. used advertising to make a profit. . • The first advertising launch started in May 2012 after 16 experimental campaigns. • In 2012 tumblr. made revenues of 13 million. • Beginning in 2013, tumblr. allowed companies to pay to promote their own post to larger audience. • Selling themes to users is another way that tumblr. generates revenue.
  • 11. • How will Tumblr and Yahoo make money: - No longer will they be saved by ad agencies or advertising. - The new strategy will be with algorithms and data and search software. Possibly from a company called Swoop.
  • 12. Marketing benefits and value • tumblr. is a great place to promote a brand. • You might ask why tumblr. ? Since there are so many other social media site are available.
  • 13. • Limitless expression – businesses are able to tell a story through pictures, text, animation, video, music with a true multimedia content stream. • It’s native – organizations have the ability to create beautiful ads. • It’s non-disruptive – posts fit seamlessly into the platform without interrupting user experience. • Content longevity – shelf life on tumblr. is infinite! • More exposure – 60% of engagement comes from nonfollowers. Business can engage with and reach out to consumer beyond your core followers. • No clutter – just your content the way it was meant to be presented.
  • 14. - Another plus about tumblr. is the Dashboard Analytics tools. This tools measure the engagement with the community. It provides help to improve content strategy. You also can earn about your blog’s impact, which posts resonate with the community, and compare your blogs performance with competitors.
  • 15. Marketing Risks • A public relations crisis • A security breach • Offending your audience • Stick-fingered competition • Legal implications
  • 16. Work Cited • • •!ydcjV • •