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BlackHat Security
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BlackHat Security


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BlackHat Security Power Point

BlackHat Security Power Point

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Prepare comparative price sheet for ccwnra etc.
  • Pull out the letter
  • Transcript

    • 1. Blackhat Security
      Changing the face of private security
    • 2. Who we are
      Our core group of trainers, consultants, and supervisors are among the best in the nation.
      The staff comes from many different backgrounds
      Military/Special Operations
      Police Sherriff
      U.N Regional Commander
      Corrections Experts
      There are many more that you will find on our bio page
      Many companies have a similar amount of prior experience. The difference with Blackhat? We continue to learn new things and we constantly train our staff
    • 3. How can we fulfill your need?
      There are many services that we offer. Each client has different needs, and are treated as such.
      We do not use security templates. Each client’s requirements are fulfilled through research, communication, and identifying needs.
      We are very aware and sensitive to the current economic difficulties companies are facing.
      Our ultimate goal is having a long term, satisfied client.
      We will look for every flexible option to ensure that your resources are maximized!
    • 4. Our Services
      Executive Protection
      Bail Enforcement
      Standing Post
      Training Academy Public/Private
      HOA/Multi Unit Housing
      Problem Area Tactical Team
      Reaction Team
      Loss Prevention
      Lock up/intermittent patrols
      Small event security*
      Special or other needs as requested
    • 5. Ancillary Services
      Package Discounts
      Discounts on Public Training Academy
      NRA Courses
      Basic Handgun
      Personal Protection Inside the Home
      Free Rape Prevention Seminars
      Free CPR/First Aid Classes
    • 6. Our strengths
      Without question, our strength is born from our three guiding principles:
    • 7. Loyalty
      This is the cornerstone of our organization.
      Every person who puts on a uniform understand that this comes before all.
      Our loyalty is to each other and the organization.
      This principle guarantees that our clients will receive what was promised.
      Happy employees=Happy clients.
    • 8. Training
      Training is the engine that drives the company.
      An extremely high level of training has many benefits. Some are:
      Confidence and Pride
      A strong desire to constantly improve
      Cost effective. Less guards required
      To be the best, you have to train to be the best.
    • 9. Execution/Accountability
      A perfect plan without execution is worthless.
      Every decision made from top to bottom is filtered through our loyalty and training principles.
      Everyone is held accountable. They are held accountable by supervisors or by testing.
      At Blackhat you are either taking a test or preparing for one.
    • 10. Process of Transition
      Develop a timeline.
      Complete a security audit.
      Communication for agreement of proposed possibilities.
      Client selection.
      Supervisor or specialist takes duties of post on timeline date.
      Supervisor or specialist creates post orders, standard operating procedures.
      All written procedures are brought to client for approval. Continued communication between Blackhat representative and client.
      Supervisor or specialist spends appropriate amount of time on the site, training guard(s.)
      Supervisory visits are significantly higher during the first transition months.
    • 11. Contact information
      For any questions please contact us:
      Contact sales agent directly
      Email at
      Phone 602 296 9969