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  • 1. Year 10 GCSE Law Completion of murder Involuntary manslaughter
  • 2. Objective
    • To understand how to apply the rules of murder and of defences to murder
    • To understand what law the recognises as involuntary act manslaughter
  • 3. Bingo Choose 8 of the following words
    • Murder Manslaughter Homicide
    • Sec 2 homicide Act Sec 3 Homicide Act
    • Mandatory Sentence Life sentence
    • R v Smith R v Tandy R v Woollin
    • R v Thornton Chain of Causation
    • Omission Avoiding action Actus Reus
    • Mens Rea Criminal Liability Prison
    • Strict Liability Provocation Suicide Pact
    • Diminished Responsibility
  • 4.
    • This is the guilty act of a crime
    • This defence requires a sudden ad temporary loss of self control
    • This case involves the chain of causation
    • Actus reus can also be committed by not doing an act
    • This crime requires malice aforethought
    • This case involves the jury test on foresight of consequences
    • This is another word for murder
    • This is the Latin term for guilty mind
    • This case involved a mother killing her daughter through alcoholism
    • This is the link between the defendant and the victim
    • A judge must give this type of sentence if a person is guilty of murder
    • This is still murder but without specific intention
    • This is a crime that requires no mens rea
    • This is a defence that requires an abnormality of the mind
    • This means how responsible you are for a crime
    • This can cause a problem with the chain of causation
    • This is a case of battered wives syndrome
    • Diminished responsibility is this section of a law
    • Provocation is this section of a law A person will receive this punishment for murder
    • This is also known as penal punishment
    • This is a defence only if you also intended to kill yourself but failed
  • 5. Involuntary Manslaughter
    • Two main ways
    • Unlawful Act Manslaughter
    • Gross Negligence Manslaughter
    • A person will go not guilty and it is an indictable offence
  • 6. Unlawful Act Manslaughter
    • The D must do an unlawful act
    • The act must be dangerous on an objective test
    • The act must cause the death
    • The D must have the required mens rea for the unlawful act
  • 7. The Unlawful Act
    • R V Mitchell 1983
    • What was the unlawful act?
    • Other ways Criminal damage
    • DPP v New bury and Jones 1976
  • 8. Dangerous Act
    • What is an objective test?
    • Risk need only be some harm
    • The harm need not be serious
  • 9. Causing Death
    • It must cause death
    • Chain of causation rules apply
  • 10. Mens Rea
    • Only for the unlawful act
    • Not necessary for the D to realise that the act was dangerous or unlawful
  • 11. Gross Negligence Manslaughter
    • A person must owe a duty of care
    • That duty must be performed in such a negligent way that death arises
    • Then that person can be guilty of Gross Negligence Manslaughter
    • R v Adomako 1994
    • Gross negligence is for the jury to decide
    • “ Whether, having regard to the risk of death involved, the conduct of the D was so bad in all the circumstances as to amount in their judgement to a criminal act or omission.
  • 12. Duty of care
    • Doctor patient
    • Duty to maintain property-gas fires
    • Owner of a master sailing a ship
    • R v Wacker
  • 13. Answer the following
    • George while driving at 60mph
    • Through a 30mph area loses control of his car and mounts the pavement and knocks down a pedestrian
    • Patricia who has a bad scar on her face, is teased by Andrew who calls her an ugly mug. In a temper Patricia seizes a knife and stabs Andrew killing him
    • Franklin, who is mentally retarded hits Steven on the head with a hammer. Steven is taken to hospital and is put on a life support machine. 3 days later the doctor switches off the life support machine and Steven dies.