Group 1 presentation#yadi14 problem Identification


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Group 1 presentation#yadi14 problem Identification

  1. 1. A member of CGIAR consortium GROUP 1 Assigned Cause: Lack of established agribusiness development initiatives to advance training in vocational agriculture in order to demonstrate and promote opportunity for youth.
  2. 2. A member of CGIAR consortium Rephrased Cause: Lack of functional agribusiness development initiates to demonstrate and promote opportunities for youth involvement in agriculture.
  3. 3. A member of CGIAR consortium Sub Problems 1. Inconsistent government policies • Political will • Improperly conceived policies 2. There is a mindset that agriculture does not pay • Perception of low profitability based on experiences of parents 3. Agriculture production has not been quantified or developed to meet market demand • Lack of market information system
  4. 4. A member of CGIAR consortium 4. Poor Social amenities: access to land, roads, electricity, ware housing, water etc. • Inadequate investment and poor management of infrastructure development programs 5. Capacity gaps, that include poor management or business skills • Inadequate training and undeveloped skills in agriculture • Poor agriculture curriculum • The agribusiness enterprise lack the capacity to factor in all the costs of production
  5. 5. A member of CGIAR consortium 6. Limited access to inputs (seeds, fertilizers, agro-chemicals) • Inadequate supply • Expensive • Poor distribution system 7. Inefficient linkage of all the value chain operators • Lack of strong commodity associations 8. Weak private public partnership • Lack of framework for PPP development
  6. 6. A member of CGIAR consortium 9.Lack or weak M&E system • Skills and framework lacking (?) 10. Skills and framework lacking (? Check this up) • Poor curriculum setup 11. Agricultural science and education is limited in early primary and high school level • Poor curriculum setup 12. Limited participation of youth in agricultural policy formulation in various countries • Government policy (Lack of inclusiveness in policy formulation process OR Inadequate consultation)
  7. 7. A member of CGIAR consortium 13. Capital barriers towards achieving profitable smallholder agriculture ventures • Poverty • High risk usually associated with agriculture • Lack of interest/willingness from the lending institutions 14.Difficult access to land by youth • Land tenure system 15.Weakness on empowering and capacity building of youth for agriculture • Inadequate (investment in) training and skills development
  8. 8. A member of CGIAR consortium 16. Difficulties on postharvest processing and utilization • Poor storage facilities, • Inappropriate/inadequate tools and infrastructure 17. Illiteracy of most youths in some countries • Low quality of education • Lack of awareness • Poverty 18. Lack of agriculture insurance in agribusiness • High risk
  9. 9. A member of CGIAR consortium 19.Lack of agribusiness development and implementation • Lack of framework and low emphasis 20. Lack of demand driven and flexible vocational Centers • Poor linkages • Supply-driven approaches to the establishment of vocational training centers
  10. 10. A member of CGIAR consortium 21. Weak or ineffective dissemination of information on new agronomic practices, value chains and extension system support • poor extension service delivery • poor delivery from the extension agent 22. High cost of labor • Existence of competing/competitive enterprises • Inability to channel the huge but redundant workforce in the cities back to agriculture in the rural areas.
  11. 11. A member of CGIAR consortium ASANTENI (THANK YOU ALL) MERCI BEAUCOUP God Bless