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How to Getthe HomeYou Want1. Get ReadyTalk to your mortgage professional about your financial situation and credit history...
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Buying or Selling Your Home???


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Buying or Selling Your Home???

  1. 1. Thinking About Take advantage of your market debutSelling or Buying Pricing your home competitively from the get-go increases the odds of a quick sale.a Home? • early 35% of buyers looked online N for properties as their first step and 40% found the home they ultimately purchased on the Internet.2 If yourHere are some essential tips for sellers and aspiring home buyers. Make sure you also home is priced too high when it hits © 2012 Buffini Company. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. LGK AUGUST BONUS IOV Slean into your trusted real estate professional for additional insight and guidance. the market, you run the risk that active, qualified buyers will scroll right past it.Smart Strategies Keep in mind • ew listings are called “hot” for a Nfor Sellers • omes that have failed to attract a H reason—buyers get excited about buyer in a reasonable period of time them. Showings are likely to coolPutting a home up for sale can be may be overpriced. off noticeably after the first 30stressful, and some owners have a days on the market.hard time making objective decisions • oreclosures or short sales in your Fwhen it matters most. neighborhood can impact your • hen weighing an offer, make sure W home’s market value. to consider the potential costs of Homeowners consistently holding on to your property longer overestimate the market value of • t’s doesn’t pay to set the price too high; I than you want or need to (including most buyers will need financing and the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, their homes by 5 to 10 percent.1 the bank will generally use an appraisal maintenance, etc.). based on recent sales to justify the loan amount.Price it right Your agent may recommend he Deal Sweeten tYour listing agent will perform a currentmarket analysis. Look closely at the sales that you perform repairs to payof similar homes that have closed in the o agree to correct visible flaws—or even Sellers wh osts ’ closing clast 90 days and take the number of suggest staging your home so it the buyers easier foravailable listings into account when can make it ncing, obtain finaagreeing to an asking price. feels more spacious and potential first-timers to to throw in buyers can picture themselves e offeringSources: . SmartMoney Magazine, February 2, 2011 1 whil nces 2. ational Association of REALTORS, N rade allowa 2011 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers living there. appliances, upg ga could swin or o ther perks ction. n your dire buye r’s decisio
  2. 2. How to Getthe HomeYou Want1. Get ReadyTalk to your mortgage professional about your financial situation and credit history to determine your loan options. It’simportant to know how much house you can afford based on your down payment and income. A strong letter of pre-approvalcan really add to your bargaining power.Have a meeting with your real estate agent. Discuss your needs and preferences and establish the best method for youragent to send listings and communicate with you about available properties. Tap into his or her knowledge of the local market.When it comes time to act, your agent will represent your interests in negotiations and work to ensure a smooth transaction.2. Shop Smart 3. Go For It!Expect to pay more for a showplace; if you consider a To write a winning offer without overpaying, look atfixer-upper, judge structural deficiencies more harshly the prices for comparable sales. Consider whether thethan cosmetic flaws. It can be costly to replace major property is in a high-demand area or if there is plenty ofcomponents or to change the layout, but redecorating competition. Ask your agent to find out why it is for salewith flooring, fixtures or paint is relatively easy and and if the seller seems motivated. If you accommodatesometimes offers instant equity potential. the seller’s preferred closing dates or other terms, he orLocation is key. Even if the site seems perfect for you at the she may be more flexible with the price.present time, think about whether it will appeal to a largepool of buyers if you should decide to sell in the future. Do Your Due Diligence Schedule a home inspection after coming to terms. Many sellers expect to address issues related to safety or building codes, and additional repairs (or a credit) may be negotiated. Make sure all of your questions or concerns regarding the home’s condition are answered through the inspection process. to ur current home If you must sell yo nsider putting afford a new one, co re starting your it on the market befo a often negotiate search. You can purchase if your better deal on a contract or you property is under cash in hand. already have the