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  1. 1. New York Beacon website: NewYorkBeacon.comVol. 16 No. 27 Showing the Way to Truth and Justice July 9, 2009 - July 15, 2009 E-Mail 75 Cents ‘Racist’ Peter King insults Michael on his memorial day (See Story On Page 4 Rep. Peter King Editorial On Page 8)Millions sayfarewell toKing of Pop (RIP) From left to right, Janet Jackson, Paris Katherine Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II and Prince Michael Jackson on stage at the Michael Jackson public memorial service held at Staples Center on Tuesday. Gov. Paterson to appoint Lt. Governor to break Senate deadlock (See Story On Page 4)
  2. 2. 2NEW YORK BEACON, July 9, 2009 - July 15, 2009 The Jackson family members listen to speakers at the memorial. Never can say goodbye By Vinette K. Pryce diversity of the acclaimed rain- Jackson’s definitive “Black or bow nation. They gathered in White,” hit, the crowd didn’t stop ‘Smile, though your heart is Johannesburg’s Nelson singing. breaking…” Charlie Chaplin. Mandela Square to display their In Jamaica where organizers are abiding love for Jackson’s mu- preparing for their largest, annual, Throughout the world, news sic. summer, reggae festival, an an- of the death of Michael Jackson “He’s the king and will always nouncement was made that the 17th resonated with shock, grief and be the king,” said 28-year-old year-old event would be dedicated a deep sense of loss. Siviwe Mazwana. to the memory of the legend. Japan, Bahrain, Egypt, Brazil, They parodied Jackson’s elec- “This year is going to be dedi- Lebanon and countless coun- tric, backward glide to his hits cated to Michael Jackson. Just like tries on every continent grieved “Man in the Mirror” and the BET awards, performers will with celebratory tributes to the “Smooth Criminal.” sing some of Michael’s songs and 50-year-old Motown-founder Dancers of all ages emulated some of them are going to do some Berry Gordy described as “the the moon-walking moves that special songs in memory of the greatest entertainer who ever made Jackson famous. Report- greatest entertainer I have ever lived.” edly some played hookie from seen in my lifetime and, I am sure, Berry Gordy, Jr. Unfortunately in Melbourne, corporate businesses wearing a in yours as well,” Robert Russell, Australia it was reported that single white glove with their chairman of Summerfest Promo- nearly a dozen of Jackson’s fans business outfits. Others wore full tions, stated. committed suicide. Jackson regalia — red satin jack- Moments after the announcement Further reports are that Aus- ets and punctuating dance of Jackson’s death, reggae record- tralian fans are said to be seek- moves with a tip of the fedora. ers released songs in his honor. ing help from a suicide preven- One guitarist performed an Dancehall deejay Henchman tion hotline. acoustic version of “Billie Jean” penned a lively and lyrical tribute As many as 50 callers seeking to an audience of curious school which already has gotten airplay help from suicide prevention children. Meanwhile, a scream- on WBAI-FM. hotline Lifeline Australia have ing ring of onlookers watched Singer Diana King also recorded told counselors that Jackson’s dancers such as 28-year-old “Ode To Michael” a telling, per- death on June 25 left them dis- Stacey-Anne Miller, decked out sonal and melodious track dedi- tressed. in a white v-neck shirt, fedora and cated to the world’s most-known, “It is a serious situation that black jeans, do her best impres- pop unifier. these people are going through sion of Jackson. In Harlem, at the Apollo Theatre, but Michael Jackson would “This is the tip of the iceberg, the weekly Amateur Night contest never want this,” Gary Taylor, a as far as tributes go,” she said, last Wednesday featured contes- London-based Jackson fan club referring to the mass remem- tants aspiring to the magnitude spokesman said. brances that have taken place Jackson championed in song and Mariah Carey sings for Michael “He would want them to live.” around the globe. dance. On hearing the reports, Rev. Mpumi Malangabi brought his Performing in full Jackson gear, Jesse Jackson said “There is two children to the event, along many competed for the top prize great pain but great cause to cel- with roses and an American flag. and approval from the critical ebrate Michael’s life. He urged Others brought homemade crowd. fans not to “self-destruct”. signs, banners and old albums. Outside, continuous tributes “This is a time when hearts are Jackson had a history of ap- crowd sidewalks along 125 th St. heavy,” Rev. Jackson said. pealing to racially mixed audi- where vendors, fans, tourists and “It made Michael happy say- ences in the former homeland for community residents compete for ing ‘We Are The World’. Don’t apartheid practices. homage to a cultural and music self destruct,” Rev. Jackson Many at last week’s event grew icon. added. up listening to “Thriller” and Tuesday, the mall of the Adam In South Africa, fans re- practicing the moonwalk through Clayton Powell State Office Build- sponded by emulating the dance the tumultuous years before the ing became the second city behind routine the legend immortalized. end of apartheid. In death, Los Angeles, California for camera Allegedly, several hundred Jackson’s music continues to images of Jackson’s final rites. South Africans performed a bring people together. In Times Square a similar scenario moon-walking tribute to the Last Friday, when a power fail- King of Pop that reflected the ure knocked out the sound to (Continued on page 26) Smokey Robinson The New York Beacon (USPS 011-156), serving Metropolitan New York is published weekly by Smith Haj Group at 237 W. 37th Street, Suite 203, New York, NY 10018. Periodicals postage paid at New York, NY. POSTMASTER; send address changes to The New York Beacon - 237 W. 37th Street, Suite 203, New York, NY 10018. (212) 213-8585 Fax: (212) 213-6291, Web Site:,, The New York Beacon Subscription rate: $35.00 per year.
  3. 3. He’s a legend 3 NEW YORK BEACON, July 9, 2009 - July 15, 2009 –RIP, MJ By Vinette K. Pryce son had been acquitted of all charges related to all perverted Eleven-year-old Paris allegations, one of which was re- Katherine Jackson sent a mes- cently recanted by accuser Jor- sage to Long Island Republican dan Chandler who was paid Rep. Peter King when she said $25,000. “ever since I was born, daddy Jackson Lee trumped King’s has been the best father you callous statement Tuesday tell- could ever imagine. And I want ing a global audience of a few to say, I love him so much.” good deeds Jackson had done It is a statement never echoed relative to the professionals publicly much less across the King tried to exploit. She talked globe, by any of King’s chil- about his campaign to stop the dren or presumed friends. spread of HIV/AIDS. She alsoMichael Jacksons 11-year old daughter, Paris, tearfully expressed her love for her The grief-stricken daughter of talked at length about his unself-father as uncle Randy and aunt Janet supported her. Michael Jackson addressed ish visit to Walter Reade Hospi- King and others who watched a tal in Washington D.C. where stirring memorial tribute held in soldiers from Iraq and Afghani- his honor Tuesday at the stan return without fanfare. Staples Center in Los Angeles, “When did King do any of California. those human-kind deeds,” a Perhaps the best response to Harlem resident asked. the tactless congressman who “King will not be remembered recorded a video message on for anything like that if he lives You Tube where he described to be 100 years old.” Jackson as a “pervert” and “America appreciates and “child molester” the sad daugh- thanks you for Michael Jackson’s ter may have stopped envious life,” Jackson Lee told the Jack- critic who complained about son family. “overwhelming media attention” “We have introduced into the denied teachers, firefighters and House of Representatives this soldiers in Iraq in favor of death Resolution 600 that will be de- coverage. bated on the floor of the House In Harlem, King’s detractors that claims Michael Jackson as resorted to a Jackson song to an American legend and musical send a message to King, look at icon, a world humanitarian - the “Man In The Mirror.” someone who will be honored The little-known legislator who forever and forever and forever In Harlem, thousands watch the event on an outdoor screen. (Gideon Manasseh photo) is now getting more media atten- and forever.” tion than ever was immediately King has been assaulted with criticized for being insensitive to references to his silence when his the Jackson family as well as party-colleague former Mayor grievers when he lambasted the Rudy Giuliani married his cousin. iconic entertainer and humani- Some questioned why King has tarian who died June 25. not reprimanded Elvis Presley “How dare Rep. King utter who dated a 14-year-old Priscilla such scandalous and outland- Beaulieu in 1959. And still oth- ish comments about Michael ers cited country singer Glen Jackson, when he has never Campbell’s relationship with his opened his mouth to criticize cousin Tanya Tucker for King’s his own colleagues who have oversight. been or were accused of mor- At the memorial ceremony, Lee ally reprehensible, criminal or displayed a copy of the pro- indecent acts and were forced posed Resolution 600 promising to resign from public office,” a fight for its approval in the Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) said in House of Representatives. Rep- a statement. resenting the Congressional “Michael Jackson was found Black Caucus, Jackson Lee and innocent of the allegation a long list of Jackson admirers The streets of Harlem, like others around the world, are jammed with mourners. against him and has never been showered praise for giving more classified in any court as being money to charitable causes over (Gideon Manasseh photo) a pedophile.” any other pop star. Jackson is Reportedly, activists and recorded in the Guinness Book Long Islanders are now actively of World Records. seeking to campaign for a King is also being chided for strong rival to replace King in not denouncing a resolution re- Congress. cently passed in North Carolina King’s Texas counterpart to honor racist Jesse Helms. Sheila Jackson Lee told the glo- Jackson fans are focusing on bal gathering in Australia, Ja- tributes delivered by Jackson’s pan, Europe, Africa and Asia as friend, actress Brooke Shields, well as the United States: “I can Bernice King, the daughter of Dr. tell you as a member of the Martin Luther King and Coretta United States Congress, we un- Scott-King, letters from former derstand the Constitution, we South African President Nelson understand laws and we know Mandela, and Pres. Barack that people are innocent until Obama as well as other positive proven otherwise. That is what reflections by his peers. the Constitution stands for.” “The King of Pop is not big As the words resonated with enough for him,” Motown crowds, a roar of endorsements founder Berry Gordy said: “I was recorded by media at each think he is simply the greatest location. entertainer that ever lived.” The Jackson brothers carry the coffin on its last journey. Many applauded the fact Jack- RIP Michael Jackson.
  4. 4. 4 ‘Racist’ Rep. Peter King insultsNEW YORK BEACON, July 9, 2009 - July 15, 2009 Michael on his memorial day By J. Zamgba Browne Special to NY Beacon Republican Rep. Peter King of Long Island is under fire for re- ferring to Michael Jackson as “a pervert” and “a pedophile.” Said King in a video comment which was posted by his cam- paign: “Let’s knock out the psychobabble. He was a pervert, a child molester; he was a pedo- phile. And to be giving this much STOP THE PRESS - Apparently outraged that Democrats coverage to him, day in and day and Republicans in the State Senate haven’t been able to out, what does it say about us compromise on power sharing in the chamber, Gov. David as a country? I just think we are Paterson decided to step in and break the stalemate. too politically correct.” Rep. King also said, “No one As the New York Beacon went to print late Wednesday, wants to stand up and say we it was announced that he would hold a 5 p.m. press con- don’t need Michael Jackson. He ference to announce his selection of a lieutenant gover- died; he had some talent, fine. nor to break any tie vote in the Senate. He may have been a good singer, he did some dancing. Senate seeks ways to end Bottom line is, would you let your child or grandchild to be in the same room with Michael squabble over power grab Jackson? What are we glorify- ing him for?” By J. Zamgba Browne known by Thursday, July 9. Hazel Dukes, president of the Peter King Special to NY Beacon The crisis between Democrats NAACP New York State Confer- and Republicans started follow- ence called the congressman re- son. He said he felt “an obliga- Islip in the State Assembly in Al- Democratic and Republican ing a surprise vote on June 8 by marks “racist,” and said that tion” to voice his opinion. “I bany. leadership in New York State’s 30 Republicans to seize control “sometimes you think you know believe I am articulating the Reactions in Massapequa Park Senate were nearing a power of the chamber and were joined people …I thought at least he views of a great majority of the to the media coverage of Michael sharing agreement to end a by two Democrats Pedro Espada was a decent person. He is like American people, certainly the Jackson were mixed. “I think he month long squabble over con- of the Bronx, and Hiram Jim Crow Jr…the way it came people around here,” King de- should be worrying about other trol of the chamber as the New Monserrate of Queens. out.” clared. things instead of worrying about York Beacon went to print on Sources say that the new The Executive Director of Par- Meanwhile, Rep. King isn’t Michael Jackson,” said Jacyln Wednesday. agreement, if reached, could ents for Megan’s Law, Laura alone in criticizing the media cov- Nigro, her friend, Teresa Giametta “I think we are working to- contain landmark reforms for Ahern, said King’s linking Jack- erage of the King of Pop. Min- agreed. “People don’t like to hear gether in a good zone at this Albany. The framework includes son to an alleged child sexual nesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, also the truth,” she declared. point,” said Democratic confer- potential pieces that would cre- abuse was too strong for her and a Republican said, “I have had Rev. Al Sharpton, who spoke at ence leader John Sampson of ate “co-leaders” and presiding others to ignore. enough of it…It’s time to pay our Jackson’s memorial service in Los Brooklyn following a joint officers who could alternate be- “It is refreshing to see an respects and move on.” Angeles said, “Thank God millions meeting with Gov. David A. ing in control. elected official say what is really Others seem to share Con- of people disagree with Congress- Paterson. The accord could also create a on his mind,” said Ahern. “Nu- gressman King’s view, but feel man King.” Republican Sen. Dean Skelos bipartisan committee to choose merous allegations of child he should have been a bit diplo- The Jackson family spokesman of Nassau County, the bills for floor debates, allow abuse are Michael Jackson’s true matic or sensitive. “There is Ken Sunshine was quoted as say- coalition’s majority leader said rank-and-file senators to get legacy, one that cash settlements probably a little more sophisti- ing that he was preparing for the as far as he was concerned, a bills to the floor without their cannot erase,” she added. cated way of explaining his feel- King of Pop’s funeral and will not substantial agreement has been Rep. King also had a problem ings,” said Tom Barrage, a Re- “dignify” King’s statement with a reached and the deals will be (Continued on page 22) with the media coverage of Jack- publican who represents West comment. Ghana ready to welcome Obama By Vinette K. Pryce cupation of the continent. since taking office in January. to meet with him there. They are The visit will gloss over or He said he chose to visit Ghana Tanzanian President Jakaya The entire White House fam- shine a spotlight on fortresses because the country “has now Kikwete and Zimbabwe’s opposi- ily is due to visit Ghana later this built by the Portuguese to the undergone a couple of success- tion leader Morgan Tsvangirai. week. devastation of Africans captured ful elections in which power was In an interview with African me- Reportedly, on a brief visit and held in horrific conditions transferred peacefully.” dia, the president said the heads from Russia and Italy, President during the slave trade. According to Fox News, the of five African nations had been Barack Obama will make a brief The dungeons of Cape Coast leader wants to spotlight the invited to sit with G8 leaders dur- stop in Ghana where he will ad- parallel images of the ovens Jews democratic nation because Ghana ing his overseas trip. dress parliament and then head died at the hands of German ter- is an example of “countries that They include Angola, Algeria, to Cape Coast, the reputed last rorist Nazis. are governed well, that are stable, Nigeria, Senegal, Ethiopia and stop many Africans made be- It is not without cause that the where leadership recognizes that Libya. fore being sold into slavery. first family has invited the grand- they are accountable to the President Obama said he had Allegedly, accompanying the mother who cares for them, in or- people, have a track record of pro- outlined a plan for Africa that will first African-American presi- der to cushion the trauma they ducing results for the people.” hopefully engage the continent on dent will be his wife Michelle; will be exposed to during tours Recently, peaceful transition of issues related to the global daughters Sasha and Malia as through the Cape Coast stop. government followed an election economy. He reportedly said he well as Michelle’s mother, Centuries after the prohibition that selected President John Atta envisioned the US as “an effec- Marian Robinson. of slavery, there are remnants that Mills. tive partner” in building political, Although many prominent painfully retrace the exploitation With few stable governments civil and economic institutions al- Americans have visited the West and abuse imposed on the Afri- President John Atta Mills in place on the continent, Presi- lowing “improved standards of African nation, this will mark the can race. Through dank, dark tion of Africans to greet the fam- dent. Obama said: “There is a living and greater security for the first occasion that a president has dungeons, the Cape Coast edi- ily. practical, pragmatic conse- people of Africa.” taken his entire family on an offi- fice is now a tourist attraction to A resident of Ghana, the quence to political instability The president said his wish for cial trip to Africa. the area but remains a sore point Marley matriarch met the Obama and corruption when it comes to the continent is that instead of The first family will not limit their for African-Americans and Car- household earlier this year when whether people can feed their leaving their homelands Africans sights to the capital city of Accra, ibbean nationals that visit the her eldest son Ziggy performed families and educate their chil- will say “I can stay in my country the Obamas are expected to board continent annually. for children at the White House dren.” and succeed, and, through my a helicopter to the coastal side of When the Obamas arrive Fri- during Easter. Since moving into the White success, my county and my people Ghana where slave dungeons still day, Jamaican reggae singer Rita Ghana is the first African coun- House, President Obama has will get stronger. That would be a stand as reminders of colonial oc- Marley will be among the delega- try President Obama is visiting only invited two African leaders good legacy,” Pres. Obama said.
  5. 5. NEW YORK BEACON, July 9, 2009 - July 15, 2009 newyorkbeacon.com5
  6. 6. 6 Thompson urges Dept. of Health to patch holes in distribution of anti-smoking aidsNEW YORK BEACON, July 9, 2009 - July 15, 2009 New York City Comptroller to ensure that the nicotine re- William C. Thompson, Jr. has is- placement therapy aids are ad- sued an audit finding the City equately safeguarded increases Department of Health and Men- the risk that misappropriation of tal Hygiene’s tobacco control inventory goes undetected.” program has such poor over- Auditors also found that BTC sight over the distribution of its does not monitor the physical in- smoking cessation aids that ventory counts of NRT aids con- hundreds of items went missing. ducted by Vanguard and has “While the Department of never performed its own inven- Health has prioritized reducing tory count. tobacco-related illnesses in Moreover, DOHMH had not New York City , it has failed to conducted any independent au- properly monitor the smoking dits of Vanguard’s inventory op- cessation aids it distributes to erations. DOHMH officials indi- meet that goal,” Thompson cated that they did not believe it said. “Inaccurate inventory was necessary to attend the in- control can allow for theft or ventory count because there had misappropriation of goods to never been any large NRT inven- go unnoticed, and can deter the tory data discrepancies between Department from its goal.” its records and Vanguard’s. The mission of the Department William C. Thompson, Jr. BTC also was unable to provide Colin Powell of Health and Mental Hygiene any evidence that it was aware of (DOHMH) is to protect and pro- loose items in cartons. inventory variances identified by Powell lashes out at mote the health and mental well- being of New York residents. In addition to its programs to pre- In Fiscal Year 2008, BTC made purchases and received dona- tions of NRT aids totaling Vanguard’s count, that it knew whether the variances were ad- equately investigated and the Sotomayor’s critics By J. Zamgba Browne that white firefighters in the State vent and control chronic dis- eases such as heart diseases, diabetes, asthma and cancer, the DOHMH also has made re- $1,063,047 and distributed $4,122,590 in NRT aids to its partners and through 311. Van- guard was paid $428,285 in Fis- outcomes, or that it approved the inventory adjustments that may have been made by Vanguard due to the identified variances. A re- Special to NY Beacon of Connecticut were “unfairly ducing tobacco-related ill- cal Year 2008 for the services it view of Vanguard’s March 2008 denied” promotion because of nesses a priority. provided to BTC specifically physical inventory count showed Former Secretary of State Gen. their race. The justices threw out In 2002, the DOHMH launched related to the NRT program. 456 fewer nicotine patches and Colin Powell has lashed out a ruling that Judge Sotomayor a five point comprehensive to- Thompson’s audit, which can lozenges than its computer count against critics of Supreme Court had supported as an appeals bacco control program, includ- be viewed at www.comptroll indicated. The missing items to- nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor court judge. ing taxation, legislation, cessa-, examined whether taled $9,720. because of her support of affir- Like Judge Sotomayor, Secre- tion, education and evaluation. the BTC has adequate inventory BTC officials also were unaware mative action. He said she tary Powell grew up in the Bronx. As part of its plan to reduce controls over nicotine replace- of how Vanguard accounted for shouldn’t be condemned for rul- If confirmed, she would be the tobacco use in New York City, ment therapy aids. The audit returned NRT aids. Auditors ing against white firefighters who first Hispanic justice of the Su- DOHMH’s Bureau of Tobacco covered Fiscal Year (FY) 2008. found that when delivery of NRT claimed they were targets of dis- preme Court. Judge Sotomayor Control (BTC) distributes nico- Auditors found that BTC does aid kits are unsuccessful, Van- crimination. was nominated by President tine replacement therapy (NRT) not have adequate inventory guard sends the returned kits to “What we cannot continue to Barack Obama. The Senate Judi- aids such as gum, lozenges, and controls over NRT aids. BTC re- new individuals and counts them have is to have somebody like a cial Committee is expected to patches to help New Yorkers lies solely on the third-party as additional kits, effectively Judge Sotomayor called a rac- begin hearing on her confirma- who are trying to quit smoking. vendor, Vanguard, for the moni- double counting the number of ist, a reverse racist and she tion on July 13. NRT aids deliver nicotine of toring and supervising of NRT kits delivered. As a result of the ought to withdraw her nomina- varying strength and help to inventory. BTC does not recon- auditor’s findings, BTC provided tion because we are mad at her,” relieve some of the withdrawal cile NRT inventory balances it- revised figures for the total unit Powell told a television audience symptoms people experience self, but instead relies on Van- price of kits shipped, after remov- last Sunday on CNN. when they quit smoking. guard to ensure that inventory ing kits that were double counted, Powell said he is confident BTC uses the services of a records are accurate. which totaled $2,007,988 for a dif- senators on the Judicial Commit- third-party vendor, Vanguard Further, according to its con- ference of $65,555. tee will take Judge Sotomayor’s Direct, to receive, store, and dis- tract, Vanguard is responsible Auditors also found that BTC distinguished judicial record tribute NRT aids. NRT aids are for submitting detailed monthly lacked written policies and proce- into consideration and approve distributed to the public summary reports for all fulfill- dures that address how orders for her to serve on the nation’s high through annual large-scale dis- ment orders. However, Van- the NRT program should be com- court. tribution campaigns held in guard is not sending the inven- municated to Vanguard, what The former Secretary of State conjunction with 311, as well as tory spreadsheets frequently types of documents should be and retired army general de- through small, targeted NRT enough for BTC to be able to maintained, where the documents scribed Judge Sotomayor as distribution campaigns. perform meaningful reconcilia- should be maintained and for how one with “an open and liberal Seventy-five City agencies tions, even if it chose to per- long, the supervisory reviews or bent of mind, but that’s not dis- and non-City partners assist form them. approvals required for NRT pur- qualifying. “She simply has” a BTC in NRT aids distribution. “Since the Bureau of Tobacco chases and requests for delivery, judicial record that seems to be The partners are responsible for Control is not reconciling its in- and the performance and fre- balanced and tries to follow the screening and determining user formation with Vanguard’s quency of inventory reconcilia- law.” eligibility for NRT and for re- records, it cannot identify in- tions. The Supreme Court recently cording data on NRT distribu- stances of errors or irregulari- Thompson made 11 recommen- handed down a 5 to 4 decision Judge Sonia Sotomayor tion. Vanguard ships NRT aids ties,” Thompson said. to the partners in kits or as “Further, the Bureau’s failure (Continued on page 35) NAACP ‘disappointed’ in Supreme Court’s ruling in firemen’ case By J. Zamgba Browne cially disappointing both given roughly half that of white appli- and the court system have a re- Special to NY Beacon the racially charged dynamic in cants. sponsibility to take measures to many cities’ fire departments and The NAACP explained that the address it. The National NAACP said given that the Supreme Court has city’s independent examination “Despite the disappointing rul- Monday it is disappointed in refused to allow the New Haven review board, which has author- ing, the laws of our Constitution last week’s U.S. Supreme Court department to meet this new le- ity to certify the test result, held still requires employers to avoid ruling in the New Haven gal standard before making its hearings to determine if the test policies that are discriminatory in Firefighter case and called the ruling. questions had been racially bi- practice,” said Jealous. “It is vital decision a “setback to civil The 5-4 Supreme Court decision ased. The five-member review that employers continue to dili- rights in America.” overturned a 2nd Circuit of Ap- board split evenly on the certifi- gently follow the range of steps to “This decision is a step back- peals ruling that had upheld the cation of the exam results, after make sure they are providing equal ward for equal opportunity in city of New Haven’s attempt to one board member, citing a con- opportunity in the workplace,” he employment,” said NAACP review its testing process for pro- flict of interest, declined to vote. added. President Benjamin T. Jealous. motions. Jealous noted that the high Jealous stressed that it is only “We are very disappointed in White firefighters, joined by court’s ruling did indicate that a through fair and equal opportunity the courts’ decision to create a one Hispanic candidate, filed the majority of the justices under- that “we can remove the barriers new flawed legal standard,” he suit after the city threw out re- stand that discrimination re- to assuring that we are able to re- added. sults of an exam in which Black mains a serious problem in alize America’s promise for every- Jealous said that it is espe- applicants’ pass rate was Benjamin Todd Jealous America, and that government one.”
  7. 7. Payday loans squeeze millions 7 NEW YORK BEACON, July 9, 2009 - July 15, 2009 in fees from Blacks and Latinos By. Nisa Islam Muhammad sive payday practices by pre- Michael Calhoun, president of Special to the NNPA from the venting rollovers and freeing the Center for Responsible Lend- Final Call consumers from the debt trap ing, commended Rep. Luis by mandating a cost-free 90 day Gutierrez for a commitment to eco- (NNPA) - New research from repayment plan.The bill lowers nomic fairness and financial re- the Center for Responsible Lend- the effective APR of a payday form and his interest in address- ing has found payday lenders loan to 48 percent, or 15 cents ing payday lending. are nearly eight times more con- for every dollar loaned,” said But, he added, “We continue centrated in California’s Black Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) at an to oppose the provisions of H.R. and Latino neighborhoods as April 2 congressional hearing of 1214 because they do not ad- compared to White neighbor- the subcommittee on Financial dress the fundamental problems hoods, draining these communi- Institutions and Consumer with payday lending that trap ties of $247 million in payday Credit. borrowers in debt: The high cost loan fees. “This is a rate that is lower than of the short-term credit and the “Payday lenders contend that 23 current state rate caps, includ- requirement that the borrower they provide access to credit for ing California, Colorado, New pay back the loan with a single underserved communities,” said Hampshire and even my home paycheck.” Leslie Parrish, a senior researcher state of Illinois.My legislation The payday loan industry has at the Center for Responsible would also prohibit unfair man- favored similar bills in states. For Lending. “What they are really datory arbitration clauses, in- example, states have tried to stop providing is access to long-term crease disclosures and honor all abusive repeat payday loans by debt traps whichtoo often lead existing stronger state protec- banning loan renewals like the to extra overdraft fees, credit tions by creating a federal floor loan renewal ban in H.R. 1214 (e.g. Jermaine Jackson card delinquency, trouble on which stronger laws can then Florida, Oklahoma). Payday lend- payingbills including medical be built,” he said. ers, though, evade this restrictionJermaine says Michael expenses, even bankruptcy.” Proposed federal legislation, The payday loans work like which includes several bills, ad- this: The customer writes a dresses problems with predatory by closing out the loan and sim- ply re-opening it with a new iden- tical loan, with no resulting reduc-was a ‘gift from God’ check to the lender. The amount payday loans, which bind bor- on the check equals the amount rowers in long-term debt at 400 borrowed plus a fee that is ei- percent annual interest rates. tion in the average number of loans per borrower or interest paid.By J .Zamgba Browne him. “I was there and he was sortSpecial to NY Beacon of like Moses. The things he ther a percentage of the full Congress passed a 36 percent Jeff Kursman, spokesman for couldn’t say, I would say them,” amount of the check or a flat cap in 2006 to protect active Check ‘n Go, told The that A grieving Jermaine Jackson, said Jermaine. dollar amount. The customer members of the military after the the bill pre-empts state law andolder brother of Michael Jack- Jermaine insisted that Michael must either pay back the full Pentagon testified that payday does nothing to protect the indus-son said Monday the King of was in good physical shape as amount of the check and the loans were affecting military try from state legislatures passingPop left this world too soon he prepared for a 50-show con- fees, or pay another fee to ex- readiness. stiffer terms in the future.and he wished it was him God cert in Europe. “Some people tend the loan. The loans too of- Surprisingly, opponents and Kursman said, “We can’t sup-had taken away. maintained that Michael was in ten become cyclical and take backers of payday loans disagree port that in any way, shape or “Michael was a gift from Al- no condition to take on the rig- much more money to get out of, with the Gutierrez bill, H.R. 1214. form.’’lah, and he is taking him back. ors of show but I disagree.” say advocates.The world didn’t appreciate “I do believe and I do know Payday lending is a $40 billionhim. The world loved him andcertain people, certain indus- that Michael was very strong, not just mentally but physically industry made up of roughly 23,000 lenders, such as Check ‘n Striking Zambian nurses saytries didn’t appreciate him, andin his time on this earth he did as well. He was a dancer, he never stopped dancing. He was Go, Advance America, Cash America and Check Into Cash, ‘no’ to low and scanty paygood,” said Jermaine. already ready physically. He where a typical borrower takes (GIN) – Riot police broke up a Shikapwasha reportedly warned Jermaine also said his passed the physical, he was out between eight and 10 loans meeting of striking nurses in Zam- the strikers that replacements frombrother wanted good for ev- strong; he was ready,” said each year, according to research- bia June 23 and arrested five neighboring Zimbabwe would beeryone. “He saw the good in Jermaine. ers at Stephens Inc., which fol- nurses for unlawful assembly at trucked in to take their jobs.even people who claimed to be About Michael leaving custody lows the industry. an area cemetery where a meet- The strike set off a firestorm ofbad. But he wanted to change of his children to his 89-year-old Congress looks at capping loans ing was underway with other reaction on the internet. “Nobodythings, so the message is Katherine, Jermaine said she can Fifteen states and the District striking health workers. wants to go on strike,” wrotethrough his songs, through handle it. “She is capable, she’s of Columbia have legislated caps The 3-week old nurses strike Ernest Namakanda, of Zambia.his lyrics, his actions, going to up to it. She is always with the on various amounts. Such a cap seeking better pay, and increases “Health workers are human beingshospitals, going to orphan- children, she loves laughter and has been introduced in the U.S. in uniform, night duty and hous- too who have families to support.ages, trying to cure children, the crying and all the excite- Senate and House, and would ing allowances, was put on hold they go to same shops, they sendtrying to bring enlighten- ment,” he added. not prohibit California or other in response to threats from Gov- their kids to same schools like anyment,” said Jermane about his Regarding allegation that states from instituting their own ernment that health workers who body else and pay same marketyounger brother. Michael was a pedophile, caps. had not reported for work by mid- housing rents. A health worker Jermaine said he always felt Jermaine said it’s not true. “I “H.R. 1214, the Payday Loan night should consider themselves gets a housing allowance of $40that he was Michael’s back- Reform Act of 2009, creates sig- dismissed. while the minimum house rent inbone, someone to be there for (Continued on page 35) nificant protections from abu- Government spokesman Ronnie shanty compound is $100.”Poll reveals contrasting race views between Blacks, WhitesBy. Alan King Research. tions, said in a statement. “CNN dling of his job. And 55 percent host Holly Robinson Peete, TVSpecial to the NNPA from the Results of the poll were an- is very pleased to once again of African Americans, compared personality Judge Penny BrownAfro-American Newspapers nounced last week in advance of collaborate with Essence Com- to 17 percent of Whites, found Reynolds, actor and AIDS activ- CNN’s multiplatform Black in munications and Opinion Re- racial discrimination to be “a ist Sheryl Lee Ralph, principal WASHINGTON (NNPA) - America 2 initiative. search Corporation in support very serious problem.’’ of Capital Prepatory MagnetMany expected a new era in The poll of African-Americans of Black in America 2.’’ Regarding the economy, 51 School Steve Perry, and founderrace relations when President and Caucasians reveals con- Moderated by CNN anchor percent of African Americans and executive director of theObama took office, but those trasting views on presidential and special correspondent and 69 percent of Whites felt Black AIDS Institute Phill Wil-feelings have cooled through politics, the economy, gay Soledad O’Brien, and featuring financially secure enough to son will also weigh in on thethe early part of his term, ac- rights, abortion and racial dis- CNN Contributor Roland Mar- provide sufficiently for their discussion.cording to a new poll. crimination. It also showed a tin, the program seeks to in- children. Yet, 86 percent of Af- Of the data, Burt Murray said, About 51 percent of African- softening of optimism for both clude insights and experiences rican Americans and 59 percent “The insights provided by thisAmericans and 31 percent of races in regards to the effect of Essence Editor-in-Chief Angela of Whites expect their children latest poll around issues of im-Caucasians polled in mid-No- President Obama’s election on Burt-Murray, NAACP President will be better off than them- portance to the African-Americanvember felt that the country race relations in the U.S. and CEO Ben Jealous, actor/ra- selves. community help to inform our edi-had entered a new era in race The CNN program will delve dio talk show host/author Steve “Notably, we are looking for- torial and programming deci-relations. into these contrasting views, us- Harvey and humanitarian and ward to addressing these racial sions.’’ By President Barack Obama’s ing the data gathered by the poll. founder of the Angel Rock disparities via our latest co-pro- Produced as part of the CNNinauguration in January 2009, “Our partnership with Essence Project Malaak Compton-Rock. duction with CNN…which will “Black in America 2’ initiative, thethose numbers declined to 44 continues to bring unique sub- The poll found that 96 percent offer a productive dialogue two-hour CNN/Essence co-pro-percent of African Americans stantive insights to our program- of African-Americans, com- among the country’s top duction will premiere on Aug. 1and 25 percent of Whites, ac- ming initiatives,’’ Mark Nelson, pared to 58 percent of Whites, thought-leaders,’’ Burt-Murray at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. Eastern time.cording to a poll conducted by vice president and senior execu- showed extraordinary confi- said in a statement. The special will repeat on Aug. 2Essence magazine and Opinion tive produce for CNN Produc- dence in the president’s han- Actor and radio talk show at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.