Lavasa - India's Planned Hill City
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Lavasa - India's Planned Hill City



Lavasa - India's Planned Hill City

Lavasa - India's Planned Hill City



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Lavasa - India's Planned Hill City Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Lavasa Corporation Limited March ‘12
  • 2. March ‘12
  • 3. Index • Lavasa – India’s Planned Hill City • Lavasa – Business of Businesses • Lavasa : A ‘City for All’ • Life at Lavasa city • Lavasa Tie-ups Tie-ups March ‘12
  • 4. Lavasa – India’s Planned Hill City• A ‘planned’ hill city led by the private sector, after independence• A city planned for entire spectrum of population• One of the largest urban infrastructure project in India; significant economic benefits to the region• Concept of Life in Full i.e. ‘Live , Work , Learn and Play’ in harmony with nature Artist’s Impression of the Lavasa Lakeline March ‘12
  • 5. Lavasa - India’s Planned Hill City• Master Plan prepared by HOK, USA• Architectural Design sensitively integrated with natural environment• Area to be greenified through landscaping, hydroseeding, mass plantations, etc.• A new tourist destination• Planned for a permanent population of around 3 Lakh (0.3 million) with tourists estimated at over 20 Lakh (2 million) per annum March ‘12
  • 6. Lavasa – Multiple access• Four access points for Lavasa on Mumbai-Pune Expressway and one on Mumbai-Goa highway – An hour’s drive from Pune and around three hours from Central Mumbai All distances approximate ; Map indicative and not precise March ‘12
  • 7. Breathtaking landscapes March ‘12
  • 8. Master Plan - Lavasa integrated with landscape Development across Plotted Land, Apartments, Retail, Hotels, Event and Convention Centre, Education, Information Technology, Biotech Parks and Recreation Facilities, spread in 5 towns. March ‘12
  • 9. Master Plan - Dasve March ‘12
  • 10. Master Plan - Mugaon March ‘12
  • 11. Master Plan award Award for Dasve (Lavasa ) Master Plan From Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) March ‘12
  • 12. Landscape Planning awardsAward of Excellence - Dasve Master Plan Honor Award - Mugaon Master Plan Merit Award - Lavasa Landscape Master (2005) (2009) Plan and Design Guidelines (2010) “Beautifully documented in terms of understanding the place and the land. Stunning, great work. . .sensitive to the region and the world”. - 2005 Professional Awards Jury comments March ‘12
  • 13. Master Plan - Driven by a strong brand ideologyBrand Drivers Cosmopolitan Style Technology Leadershipcreated by Landor,Hong Kong • Lifestyle residences • Efficient infrastructure • Leisure & Recreation • Biomimicry - Hotels/Clubs/Spas • GIS Mapping - Golf course • e - Governance • Convention/ Event Centre • Modern amenities • Sports & Adventure • Hospitals & clinics • Nature tourism • Performing Arts Centre • Cricket Ground Lifelong Learning Spiritual Harmony • Innovation & Science Park • Spiritual centres • Education campuses • Health & Wellness spas • Research institutes • Town plan sensitively integrated • Training centres with nature • Library • Museum March ‘12
  • 14. Pioneering Biomimicry• A science that uses nature as a model to measure & mentor – To be actively incorporated in Lavasa development – In collaboration with The Biomimicry Guild, USA March ‘12
  • 15. Lavasa - Planning Strategy• Planned for a permanent population of around 3 Lakh (0.3 million) with tourists estimated at over 20 Lakh (2 million) per annum• An aspirational yet affordable pricing for multiple socio-economic classes – Several design options for residents in each product category – Rental housing, starter homes, dormitories, budget hotels, affordable entertainment – all integrated in the Master Plan itself• Proposed infrastructure of over Rs. 4000 crores is being created – Many employment opportunities to be created at all levels• Infrastructure support & service standards across 5 towns for residents and visitors, well enabled by GIS mapping and e-governance• New Urbanism design principles combined with an aspirational lifestyle March ‘12
  • 16. Lavasa – Business of Businesses March ‘12
  • 17. Urbanization is a USD 65 billion Annual Opportunity Existing Cities Model Lavasa Model Regulation & Governance Regulation & Multiple Governance Municipality / Development Consumption Authorities Operations Basket IP Maintenance DevelopmentMaintenanceMultiple Public /Private Service Providers Opportunity fragmented across Advantage Lavasa – Unique multiple players Integrated Opportunity March ‘12
  • 18. Lavasa Model – Comprehensive Value Capture Unique IP Infrastructure Real Estate Funding City Infrastructure & SPA status Development Support Development Asset Creation Cash Flows Governance enables integration Consumption Real Estate Annuity Cash New Cities 1….n Stream Share of Lavasa GDP Infrastructure Consumer Spend Real Estate Annuity Annuity Development Income BOO Model  Share of spending  Real Estate Sales Services and within the city  Lease Rentals Diverse Cash Flow Profile Management  Levies & User Revenue Charges Lavasa – First Mover Advantage March ‘12
  • 19. Lavasa – An expected ‘365 –day economy’ Commercial & Hospitality Tourism & Leisure Education & Healthcare Residential Institutional GDP Composition Retail Infrastructure Commercial Adventure Spa & Tourist Edu- Theme Health Apartments / Villas / offices & Campuses Hotels MICE & Water Amenities Educational Clubs Attraction tainment Park City Rental Housing Institutional Sports Integrated development with cross-synergies enabled by Lavasa Profits – Returns on Lavasa’s share in Education / Share in Lavasa GDP City Building – SPV Partnerships Healthcare / Tourism / Leisure / Hospitality and Retail SPV’sSticking to CoreCompetencies 0-100% 0-100% 0-100% Rentals – On leased assets Investor Operator Lavasa Operating Equity Risk Levies & User Charges Knowledge and Sharing Bandwidth De-risked Business Model March ‘12
  • 20. Benchmarking with 365 Day Economies 15640 sq. km DistrictArea 4355 sq. km MMR(sq km) 1483 sq. km 600 sq. km 415 sq. km 1104 sq. km 697 sq. km Greater Mumbai Urban 114 sq. km 99 sq. km 100 sq. kmCity/District Mumbai Pune Delhi Chandigarh Gurgaon Singapore Hong Kong Lavasa 3.5 million 0.2 Million 0.3 Million 0.9 Million 4.7 Million 12 Million Urban (2008) 7.1 Million Greater Mumbai (2009)Population 7.2 million 13.9 Million District(2001) 18 Million MMR GDP Rs. 1302 Rs. 7083 Rs. 8155 Rs. 679 Rs. 1439 Rs. 142 Rs. 231 Billion Billion Billion !!! Billion Billion Billion Billion (in 2007) (Greater Mumbai) (converted) (converted) March ‘12
  • 21. Lavasa : A ‘City for All’ March ‘12
  • 22. Lavasa City – Life in Full Live Work Learn Play• Villas & Apartments • Non – polluting industries • Schools and Colleges • Budget to Luxury Hotels• Studio & Serviced • IT/ITES • Management Institutes • Clubs and Resorts Apartments • Biotechnology • Executive Education • Spas• Rental Housing • R&D centres Centres • Cricket ground• Retiree Housing • Training Centres • Post Graduation Institutes • Golf Course & Academy• Family Entertainment Centre • Fashion Design • Adventure Training • Multiple Theme Parks• Promenade and Marinas • Film Production Institute • Eco Safari• Health and Wellness Centres • Animation Studios • Vocational Institutes • Water Sports• Spiritual Centres • Professional Services • Sports Academy • Adventure Sports• 24x7 Power, Water and • Convention Centre • Music Academy • Nature Trails Connectivity • Town Support Services • Edutainment Park • Cafes, Restaurants and• GIS and e-Governance Shopping centres• Social Infrastructure • Multiple Leisure Activities March ‘12
  • 23. ‘Live’ in Lavasa City• An aspirational yet affordable pricing for multiple Live socio-economic classes • Villas & Apartments • Studio & Serviced – Several design options for residents in each product category Apartments • Rental Housing – Rental housing, starter homes, dormitories, budget hotels, • Retiree Housing • Family Entertainment Centre affordable entertainment – all integrated in the Master Plan • Promenade and Marinas • Health and Wellness Centres itself • Spiritual Centres • 24x7 Power, Water and Connectivity •• Proposed infrastructure of over Rs. 4000 crores is • GIS and e-Governance Social Infrastructure being created• Infrastructure support & service standards across 5 towns for residents and visitors, well enabled by GIS mapping and e-governance March ‘12
  • 24. LiveLavasa: Residences for All• Residences across price points - From Villas to Rental Housing Lakeside ApartmentsVillas Rental Housing March ‘12
  • 25. LiveLavasa: Infrastructure for All• Infrastructure for different needs of the city Police Station at LavasaUnion Bank of India branch at Lavasa Lavasa Post Office – PIN 412112 March ‘12
  • 26. ‘Work’ in Lavasa City• A ‘365 day economy’ plan with many employment Work opportunities to be created at all levels • Non – polluting industries • IT/ITES • Biotechnology • R&D centres• Various industries and sectors to drive permanent • Training Centres • Fashion Design resident population • Film Production • Animation Studios – Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure • Professional Services • Convention Centre – Education, R&D, Training • Town Support Services – IT, Biotech, KPOs – Art, Fashion, Animation• Advantages – Customisation to business needs – Location in Mumbai – Pune economic corridor – Easy talent acquisition – Infrastructure and technology support March ‘12
  • 27. WorkLavasa : Livelihood for All• Jobs and employment opportunities for all Lavasa Bamboocrafts Ltd.Fortune Select Dasve Lavasa Lavasa nursery March ‘12
  • 28. ‘Learn’ in Lavasa City• Vision to be a ‘Centre of Excellence in Education & Learn Research • Schools and Colleges • Management Institutes • Executive Education Centres• Width in educational courses offered to cater to all age • Post Graduation Institutes • groups and socio – economic strata Adventure Training Institute • Vocational Institutes • Sports Academy• Extra curricular activities and upcoming sports academies • • Music Academy Edutainment Park• Facilities for student accommodation and facilities March ‘12
  • 29. LearnLavasa: Education for All• Education for the entire socio-economic spectrum Roots to Wings – nurseryStudents at Ecole hoteliere Lavasa – Hospitality education Classroom at Christel House Lavasa - school for the economically disadvantaged March ‘12
  • 30. LearnLavasa: Education for All• Education for all age groups Aptitude tests and Counselling for Std. X studentsAuto Design workshop by Chris Bangle Technical training workshop for locals March ‘12
  • 31. ‘Play’ in Lavasa City Play• A quick weekend getaway - easy • Budget to Luxury Hotels connectivity from Mumbai and Pune • Clubs and Resorts • Spas • Cricket ground • Golf Course & Academy• An array of options in entertainment, • Multiple Theme Parks • Eco Safari sports, events and hospitality • Water Sports • Adventure Sports • Nature Trails• Range of accommodation options varying • Cafes, Restaurants and Shopping centres from luxury hotels to budget hotels and • Multiple Leisure Activities dormitories• Leisure activities by the lakeside promenade March ‘12
  • 32. PlayLavasa: Hotels for All• Hotels for different needs and budgets – From five star properties to lodges Waterfront Shaw – Serviced ApartmentsFortune Select Dasve Eco Lodge March ‘12
  • 33. PlayLavasa: Tourism for All• Tourism options to suit all budgets and tastes Oase - World’s highest multimedia fountain at LavasaAsia’s first edutainment park, Space World under the aegis of USSRC (Space Camp, Robotics, X-Camp, Survival, Zero Gravity Simulation) Nature Trail March ‘12
  • 34. Play Lavasa: Tourism for All • Tourism activities for all age groups Lakeshore Watersports X-thrill by Z-bac – Adventure AcademyX-thrill by Z-bac – Adventure Academy Neo Spark – Games Arcade March ‘12
  • 35. Life at Lavasa city March ‘12
  • 36. Lavasa – Citizen friendly Way of Life• Strong sense of community living• Citizen - friendly Lavasa – Community Charter – Code of Citizenship booklet March ‘12
  • 37. Lavasa – City Management Services• A dedicated City Management Services team to provide an enhanced quality of community living to its citizens and visitors• Deliver on governance – Vision to create a replicable model of City Governance for new Asian cities by bringing world-class standards to Indian urban life• Emphasis on – Public Safety & Security - law and order services, fire and disaster prevention, etc. – Provision of uninterrupted and good quality power to all customers – Integrate customer support – Value added services by connecting citizens to services like housekeeping, garden and lawn maintenance, waste management, pest control, property management, etc. – Providing e-governance backbone March ‘12
  • 38. Lavasa - City Management Services • Specialist divisions for smooth and efficient deliveryDivisions of CMS Some of the key roles and responsibilitiesPublic Works • Maintains public spaces like streets ,promenades, footpaths • Runs the city’s solid waste management program • Ensures that all public realm areas are clean and well – maintainedPublic Safety & Security • Public Safety Planning , Law and Order services • Sate and police interface • Fire and disaster prevention • Parking & Traffic management • Emergency communicationsEnterprise Utilities • Water & Sewer distribution and collection networks • Water and sewer pumping and treatment • Reliable, Sustainable & Uninterrupted Power Service 24 x 7 • Commissioning and handover (smooth transition ) of infrastructure from Projects DepartmentProperty Management • Citizen engagement and overseeing of customer services • Operation of the Citizen Call Centre • Co ordinates real estate handovers and transfers • Interface between Projects, Sales and Custome • Enforcement of development regulationsAdministration & Finance • Financial transactions and support services • Inter & Intra City Transport • Guest assistance • Support internal functions such as GIS, MIS< etc. March ‘12
  • 39. Lavasa - City Manager• Headed by a specialist City Manager – Unique and ‘a first’ to Indian cities• Role of the City Manager – Policy‐making – Contract administration – Measuring and managing performance outcomes – Process & system engineering – Ensuring that day‐to‐day apparatus of the city’s routine service delivery functions smoothly March ‘12
  • 40. Lavasa Citizen Call Centre• A round the clock Citizen Call Centre• Ensures to make the lives of the citizens and visitors easy and convenient – A one stop information source – Non emergency and emergency services – Single window resolution for all customer needs and visitor requests – Proactive information distribution – Data collection and management services – Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Customer handover and possession March ‘12
  • 41. Lavasa Tie-ups March ‘12
  • 42. Lavasa Tie-ups Tourism , Hospitality & Leisure Education Health& Wellness Corporate/Others TexKare Cleaners Sports Academies JUKASO Passionate Developers Badminton Academy 2000 rooms 2 million visitors Vision for 10,000 students Medicity Work /Retail March ‘12
  • 43. To sum up….• A planned hill city – 1/5th the size of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai• Inclusive & sustainable city• Opportunities for Tourism, Hospitality , Leisure , Retail & Business• Not just a real estate project, an urban management & development company• Based on New Urbanism• Environmentally conscious• Vantage location• Strong promoter backing• Good project viability March ‘12
  • 44. Aerial View - Dasve March ‘12
  • 45. Aerial View - Dasve March ‘12
  • 46. Aerial View - Dasve March ‘12
  • 47. Aerial View - Dasve March ‘12
  • 48. Dasve Promenade March ‘12
  • 49. March ‘12