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Birth Control Teachback, Chapter 9

Birth Control Teachback, Chapter 9



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Teachback Teachback Presentation Transcript

  • Birth ControlChapter 9Lauryn Weaver
  • Obstacles There are many barriers to receiving birth control  These include, but are not limited to:  Feelings of shame about sex  Poor sex education  Lack of knowledge about birth control methods  Misconceptions about birth control  Ex: thoughts that giving birth control to teenagers will make them more likely to have sex  Studies show this isn’t true.
  • Choosing a Method Factors that impact choice:  Safety  Effectiveness  Convenience Inaddition to preventing unplanned pregnancy, some methods also protect against STI’s.  Barrier methods – female and male condoms
  • Choosing a Method Barrier Methods:  Male condoms  Female condoms  Diaphragms  Cervical cap Spermicides  Foam  Creams and jellies  Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF)  Suppositories
  • Choosing a Method Hormonal Methods  The Pill – oral contraceptive  Mini-pills - progestin-only oral contraceptive  Contraceptive Patch  Vaginal Ring  Injectable Contraceptives  Monthly Injection (Lunelle)  Three-month shot (Depo-Provera) Implants IUD  About as effective as sterilization
  • Choosing a Method Surgical Methods  Tubal ligation  Also known as “Getting your tubes tied”  Female sterilization  Vasectomy  Male sterilization Experimental Male Contraceptives  Male hormonal contraceptive  Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance
  • Choosing a Method Natural Methods  Abstinence  Only method that is 100% effective  Female Awareness Method  Charting fertility signs  Breast Feeding  Withdrawal Emergency Contraception  Emergency Contraceptive Pills
  • Teens and Birth Control Teens need easy-to-use, safe and reliable methods  Sex among teens often is unplanned  Some teens have more than one partner  Obstacles  Lack of insurance  Lack of transportation  Lack of money  Lack of open communication with parents or trusted adults
  • “Taking responsibility for birth control can be a bigtask. Having a conversation with your male partner about birth control is a good way to learn of his interest in participating in the process.”I chose this quote because I think it is really importantfor people to understand that birth control isn’t a“women-only” issue, as it can be seen as. Except forthe male condom, most methods are seemingly upto the woman to obtain. The text says that “men canhelp pay for doctors’ visits and drugstore bills, remindus to take the Pill each day, help to put in thediaphragm or insert the foam, and check to see ifsupplies are running low” which I think to some, couldbe a new idea.
  • Discussion Questions Apart from the obstacles mentioned, what other barriers do you think could contribute to women not being able to seek out birth control? Do you think the amount of methods available makes it easier for a woman to decide on a method, or do you think there are an overwhelming amount of options, making it more difficult to decide?