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  • add link for Do Schools Kill Creativity video to website
  • Math with an iPad? Maybe an App with flashcards or a fun game? Otherwise, it is a lost cause! Well – actually it’s the best assessment tool I’ve found so far! Yes, math is usually black and white in terms of one answer; but how a student got their in their thinking and processes is not always the same! No matter what subject; yes even music, art, pe… Explain Everything can be used as a tool for students to present their finds, display information, and thoroughly explain to show comprehension of material.
  • L ci padrus

    1. 1. Lumen Christi CatholicSchool
    2. 2. iPads in theClassroom:“Creating andPublishing” toImprove StudentLearning“Creating andPublishing” toImprove Student
    3. 3. Collaborate and ShareKelly Fyfe (fyfek@lumenchristiparish.org)Laurie Yingling (lmy@lumenchristiparish.org)Michele Neuville (neuvillem@lumenchristiparish.orgKathy Callahan (kmc@lumenchristiparish.org)Stacy Lesmeister (lesmeisters@lumenchristiparish.org)Julie McCarragher (jsm@lumenchristiparish.org)
    4. 4. Outline for ourPresentation Overview General Philosophy Lumen Christi iPad Story Project Examples K5, 3rd Grade, Middle School Math and Reading Resources
    5. 5. premise:
    6. 6. premise: “We shouldn’t limit our students’ opportunities with technology to what we know how to do as adults.” - Scott Mcleod Scott Mcleod
    7. 7. Computers Allowed UsTo... Process•Word • vs print or type•Create Presentations • vs show and tell•Search the Internet • vs use encyclopedias•Graph Electronically • vs markersarticle: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/ipads-transform-classroom-ben-johnson
    8. 8. iPads: A THINKING Tool• Always ON / Mobile / Easy• Student-Centered learning • students move from consumers of content to creators• Our focus is not limited to the ‘BEST’ Content Area Apps: • Higher-Order Thinking (HOTS v LOTS)
    9. 9. iPads: A THINKING Tool • Problem Solving • Authentic Assessments (HOTS)• Collaboration (Google Apps) • Students do not work in isolation or just from 8am - 3pm• Access to ALL 21st c resources• Individualized Learning Plans
    10. 10. iPads force a Create and PUBLISH mindset mindset Create VS ConsumePublish VS Print
    11. 11. Kelly Fyfe -PrincipalFundingK3 - 3rd Grade initiative to beginStarted with teachers - key for schoolsMove Away From the TextbookTeach with the Standard in MindTransformation of how we ‘do’ schoolAssessment - move away from traditional assessmentsthinking 4Csthis isn’t a discussion about technology but how we ‘do’schoolStaff Evaluations
    12. 12. premise: Teachers have the GREATEST impact on Student Learning ...NOT technology ...NOT technology ...NOT technology WORKSRESEARCH: ROBERT MARZANO - CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION THAT
    13. 13. “Nothing ineducation puts abigger ceiling onlearning than limitingkids to what is in thetextbook...
    14. 14. ...We live in an age ofiPads, Google andSkype. To the learnerthat wants to knowmore, do more, andexplore more, theopportunities are there...
    15. 15. ...We just have tothink outside of thebook.”Dangerously Irrelevant Blog (http://dangerouslyirrelevant.org/2012/08/think-outside-the-book.html) Krissy Venosdale via http://venspired.com/?p=3225
    16. 16. Michele NeuvilleKindergartenKindergarten EVERNOTE FREE
    17. 17. EvernoteWhat is Evernote: note-taking mobile application (mobile means that I can access it using ANY device (iPad / computer / phone...) text, images and audio organizational app documentation
    18. 18. How Do We UseEvernote:TEACHERS: Note-taking Organizational App Portfolio Creation Running Records Communication with Parents
    19. 19. How Do We UseEvernote:STUDENTS: Note-taking Organizational App Portfolio Creation Assessment Option Communication and Share with Teachers
    20. 20. Evernote Example1. Student Portfolio / Journal
    21. 21. 2. Reading Fluency / Running Records
    22. 22. Checklist:3. Student Skill Checklist
    23. 23. Kathy Callahan3rd Grade3rd GradeSHOW ME FREE
    24. 24. Show MeWhat is Show Me: demonstration or ‘How To’ app digital story-telling application records drawings, images, textProjects are published to a ‘Show MeChannel’
    25. 25. SHOW ME CHANNEL
    26. 26. How Do We Use ShowMe:TEACHERS:Demonstration for StudentsRecord a ‘How To’ (instructions) forstudents to view at a center, forhomework, for students who miss a classFormative or Summative Assessment
    27. 27. How Do We Use ShowMe:STUDENTS: Book Report Steps in a Science Experiment All about ‘X” Collaborative Project Authentic Assessment Storytelling Library of ‘How-To’s’
    28. 28. Show Me Example1. Authentic Assessment - Collaborative Learning andCritical Thinking: QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    29. 29. Show Me Example2. ‘Tell Me in Five’ Example QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    30. 30. Show Me Example 3. Center Instruction QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    31. 31. Stacy Lesmeister Middle School Math Middle School MathEXPLAIN EVERYTHING $2.99
    32. 32. EXPLAIN EVERYTHINGWhat is Explain Everything?: Record screen with live audio narration Import images, drawings, PDF’s, video, PPT’s and KeyNote Digital story-telling application Publish / Upload to YouTube, Dropbox, Evernote, Email
    33. 33. How Do We Use EE:TEACHERS: Demonstration for Students Formative and Summative Authentic Assessment Tool Highlights THINKING and Problem Solving
    34. 34. How Do We Use EE:TEACHERS: Fosters High-Order Thinking - Students make decisions with regards to designing, planning, creating, organizing and analyzing Eventually leads to a ‘Flipped-Classroom’ Repetition to reinforce instruction and learning Forces individualized student learning plans
    35. 35. How Do We Use EE:STUDENTS: Content Creation Authentic Assessments Portfolio Creation Storytelling Book Reports Creative Writing
    36. 36. Explain EverythingExampleExample1. ‘Math Cast’ libraryMathcasts - Students created screencasts using theExplain Everything app.We created a math video library of concepts learned in6th grade math.Example: Metric Conversions
    37. 37. MetricConversions: QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    38. 38. Explain EverythingExampleExample2. Teacher Class Notes Review Example: • Create tutorials / how-to clips • Two-step equations lesson review
    39. 39. Solving Two-StepEquations QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    40. 40. Julie McCarragher7th & 8th Reading / LA7th & 8th Reading / LAAUDIO BOO - FREE
    41. 41. AUDIO BOOWhat is Audio Boo?: Voice recording app or ‘Audio Cast’ app Mobile Computer or iPad Three Minutes Publish / Upload to YouTube, Dropbox, Evernote, Email
    42. 42. How Do We Use AudioBoo:TEACHERS: Demonstration for Students Record a ‘How To’ for students to view at a center, for homework, for students who miss a class Formative and Summative Authentic Assessment Tool Flipped Classroom Advances a student-centered classroom Brings the ‘Power’ of the Voice to the Classroom Highlights THINKING and Problem Solving
    43. 43. How Do We UseAudio Boo:Audio Boo:STUDENTS: Radio Program Student or Class Interview Story Telling Book Report Fiction or Non-Fiction Writing Highlights THINKING and Problem Solving
    44. 44. Audio Boo Example ExampleThis I Believe Project • This I Believe is a project from NPR • “A Public Dialogue About Belief - One Essay at a Time”
    45. 45. “This I Believe’Project This I Believe TaraK McLain:
    46. 46. Lumen Christi: This IBelieveJulia: This I Believe
    47. 47. Laurie YinglingTechnology IntegratorTechnology IntegratorPINNACLE STUDIO $7.99
    48. 48. LCTV DailyNewscastDaily news show written, directed and producedby studentsNews, Announcements, Prayer, Pledge, Sportsand WeatherFeature InterviewsClassroom Highlights
    49. 49. LCTV News QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    50. 50. eBooksBOOK CREATOR $4.99 MY STORY $1.99
    51. 51. Interactive Writing /Blogging TOFT’S KID BLOG MR
    53. 53. Resources for thispresentationConvention siteArch siteBloom’sMapping MediaFacebook and Twitter