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L ci padrus

L ci padrus






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  • add link for Do Schools Kill Creativity video to website
  • Math with an iPad? Maybe an App with flashcards or a fun game? Otherwise, it is a lost cause! Well – actually it’s the best assessment tool I’ve found so far! Yes, math is usually black and white in terms of one answer; but how a student got their in their thinking and processes is not always the same! No matter what subject; yes even music, art, pe… Explain Everything can be used as a tool for students to present their finds, display information, and thoroughly explain to show comprehension of material.

L ci padrus L ci padrus Presentation Transcript

  • Lumen Christi CatholicSchool
  • iPads in theClassroom:“Creating andPublishing” toImprove StudentLearning“Creating andPublishing” toImprove Student
  • Collaborate and ShareKelly Fyfe (fyfek@lumenchristiparish.org)Laurie Yingling (lmy@lumenchristiparish.org)Michele Neuville (neuvillem@lumenchristiparish.orgKathy Callahan (kmc@lumenchristiparish.org)Stacy Lesmeister (lesmeisters@lumenchristiparish.org)Julie McCarragher (jsm@lumenchristiparish.org)
  • Outline for ourPresentation Overview General Philosophy Lumen Christi iPad Story Project Examples K5, 3rd Grade, Middle School Math and Reading Resources
  • premise:
  • premise: “We shouldn’t limit our students’ opportunities with technology to what we know how to do as adults.” - Scott Mcleod Scott Mcleod
  • Computers Allowed UsTo... Process•Word • vs print or type•Create Presentations • vs show and tell•Search the Internet • vs use encyclopedias•Graph Electronically • vs markersarticle: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/ipads-transform-classroom-ben-johnson
  • iPads: A THINKING Tool• Always ON / Mobile / Easy• Student-Centered learning • students move from consumers of content to creators• Our focus is not limited to the ‘BEST’ Content Area Apps: • Higher-Order Thinking (HOTS v LOTS)
  • iPads: A THINKING Tool • Problem Solving • Authentic Assessments (HOTS)• Collaboration (Google Apps) • Students do not work in isolation or just from 8am - 3pm• Access to ALL 21st c resources• Individualized Learning Plans
  • iPads force a Create and PUBLISH mindset mindset Create VS ConsumePublish VS Print
  • Kelly Fyfe -PrincipalFundingK3 - 3rd Grade initiative to beginStarted with teachers - key for schoolsMove Away From the TextbookTeach with the Standard in MindTransformation of how we ‘do’ schoolAssessment - move away from traditional assessmentsthinking 4Csthis isn’t a discussion about technology but how we ‘do’schoolStaff Evaluations
  • premise: Teachers have the GREATEST impact on Student Learning ...NOT technology ...NOT technology ...NOT technology WORKSRESEARCH: ROBERT MARZANO - CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION THAT
  • “Nothing ineducation puts abigger ceiling onlearning than limitingkids to what is in thetextbook...
  • ...We live in an age ofiPads, Google andSkype. To the learnerthat wants to knowmore, do more, andexplore more, theopportunities are there...
  • ...We just have tothink outside of thebook.”Dangerously Irrelevant Blog (http://dangerouslyirrelevant.org/2012/08/think-outside-the-book.html) Krissy Venosdale via http://venspired.com/?p=3225
  • Michele NeuvilleKindergartenKindergarten EVERNOTE FREE
  • EvernoteWhat is Evernote: note-taking mobile application (mobile means that I can access it using ANY device (iPad / computer / phone...) text, images and audio organizational app documentation
  • How Do We UseEvernote:TEACHERS: Note-taking Organizational App Portfolio Creation Running Records Communication with Parents
  • How Do We UseEvernote:STUDENTS: Note-taking Organizational App Portfolio Creation Assessment Option Communication and Share with Teachers
  • Evernote Example1. Student Portfolio / Journal
  • 2. Reading Fluency / Running Records
  • Checklist:3. Student Skill Checklist
  • Kathy Callahan3rd Grade3rd GradeSHOW ME FREE
  • Show MeWhat is Show Me: demonstration or ‘How To’ app digital story-telling application records drawings, images, textProjects are published to a ‘Show MeChannel’
  • How Do We Use ShowMe:TEACHERS:Demonstration for StudentsRecord a ‘How To’ (instructions) forstudents to view at a center, forhomework, for students who miss a classFormative or Summative Assessment
  • How Do We Use ShowMe:STUDENTS: Book Report Steps in a Science Experiment All about ‘X” Collaborative Project Authentic Assessment Storytelling Library of ‘How-To’s’
  • Show Me Example1. Authentic Assessment - Collaborative Learning andCritical Thinking: QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • Show Me Example2. ‘Tell Me in Five’ Example QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • Show Me Example 3. Center Instruction QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • Stacy Lesmeister Middle School Math Middle School MathEXPLAIN EVERYTHING $2.99
  • EXPLAIN EVERYTHINGWhat is Explain Everything?: Record screen with live audio narration Import images, drawings, PDF’s, video, PPT’s and KeyNote Digital story-telling application Publish / Upload to YouTube, Dropbox, Evernote, Email
  • How Do We Use EE:TEACHERS: Demonstration for Students Formative and Summative Authentic Assessment Tool Highlights THINKING and Problem Solving
  • How Do We Use EE:TEACHERS: Fosters High-Order Thinking - Students make decisions with regards to designing, planning, creating, organizing and analyzing Eventually leads to a ‘Flipped-Classroom’ Repetition to reinforce instruction and learning Forces individualized student learning plans
  • How Do We Use EE:STUDENTS: Content Creation Authentic Assessments Portfolio Creation Storytelling Book Reports Creative Writing
  • Explain EverythingExampleExample1. ‘Math Cast’ libraryMathcasts - Students created screencasts using theExplain Everything app.We created a math video library of concepts learned in6th grade math.Example: Metric Conversions
  • MetricConversions: QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • Explain EverythingExampleExample2. Teacher Class Notes Review Example: • Create tutorials / how-to clips • Two-step equations lesson review
  • Solving Two-StepEquations QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • Julie McCarragher7th & 8th Reading / LA7th & 8th Reading / LAAUDIO BOO - FREE
  • AUDIO BOOWhat is Audio Boo?: Voice recording app or ‘Audio Cast’ app Mobile Computer or iPad Three Minutes Publish / Upload to YouTube, Dropbox, Evernote, Email
  • How Do We Use AudioBoo:TEACHERS: Demonstration for Students Record a ‘How To’ for students to view at a center, for homework, for students who miss a class Formative and Summative Authentic Assessment Tool Flipped Classroom Advances a student-centered classroom Brings the ‘Power’ of the Voice to the Classroom Highlights THINKING and Problem Solving
  • How Do We UseAudio Boo:Audio Boo:STUDENTS: Radio Program Student or Class Interview Story Telling Book Report Fiction or Non-Fiction Writing Highlights THINKING and Problem Solving
  • Audio Boo Example ExampleThis I Believe Project • This I Believe is a project from NPR • “A Public Dialogue About Belief - One Essay at a Time”
  • “This I Believe’Project This I Believe TaraK McLain:
  • Lumen Christi: This IBelieveJulia: This I Believe
  • Laurie YinglingTechnology IntegratorTechnology IntegratorPINNACLE STUDIO $7.99
  • LCTV DailyNewscastDaily news show written, directed and producedby studentsNews, Announcements, Prayer, Pledge, Sportsand WeatherFeature InterviewsClassroom Highlights
  • LCTV News QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • eBooksBOOK CREATOR $4.99 MY STORY $1.99
  • Interactive Writing /Blogging TOFT’S KID BLOG MR
  • Resources for thispresentationConvention siteArch siteBloom’sMapping MediaFacebook and Twitter