Ideate 50 ways to..


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Ideate as a part of the design thinking process. An approach to solving a problem.

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Ideate 50 ways to..

  1. 1. IDEATE
  2. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT Iain is an articulate, creative and reflective Digital Culture student who is connected to his classmates as well as being collaborative through social media. He needs to influence his Digital Culture course design, because Iain needs to develop a clear career path.
  3. 3. 50 ways to storm your brain… 1.use social social networking 2.engage course leader 3.engage all course tutors 4.connect with systems used across art school 5.connect with tutors across all subjects at art school 6.connect with students across whole art school 7.connect with students in new courses in Scotland 8.connect with tutors in new courses in Scotland 9.connect with design students across Scotland 10.connect with design students across the globe
  4. 4. 50 ways to storm your brain…(2) 1.ask Scottish companies what they want 2.ask Scottish Enterprise what they want 3.tap in to existing study/work programmes 4.look at use of space in art school 5.look for virtual links in design 6.revisit thoughts/dreams of original course design 7.create student time for developing solutions 8.redesign entire course 9.make contact with venture capitalists 10.organise work placement
  5. 5. 50 ways to storm your brain…(3) involved in growing course 2.take on problem as yours not the art school’s 3.gain influential web presence 4.take problem as leadership opportunity 5.change ‘my’ language to ‘our’ language 6.stop talking and take action 7.state the problem in very simple terms 8.state the problem in multiple terms 9.state the problem as opportunity 10.get ‘names’ on board (industry, alumni etc…)
  6. 6. 50 ways to storm your brain…(4) 1.begin a movement 2.begin a movement in high schools 3.begin a movement with present students 4.begin a movement with alumni 5.begin a movement with potential employers 6.begin a movement with local politicians 7.begin a movement with entrepreneurs 8.begin a movement that’s local 9.begin a movement that’s national 10.begin a movement that’s international
  7. 7. 50 ways to storm your brain…(5) a career intervention approach an on demand career intervention approach a flexible career intervention approach 4.become a hub for creative industries 5.become a hub for creative industries in Scotland 6.become a hub for creative industries in Europe 7.become a hub for creative industries globally 8.start a media campaign 9.leverage threat of unemployment many voices not just a few
  8. 8. i. the most practical idea (one that could be easily implemented)… …revisit thoughts/dreams of original course design …everyone could benefit from this non-threatening way of approaching the problem. It implies looking for a solution from a time when the course was someone or some people’s dream which has become a reality. There may be elements from the idea that have been lost in the implementation.
  9. 9. ii. the most disruptive idea (one that would make a huge impact, regardless of how feasible or affordable it is)… …redesign entire course …this would cause much heartache for those invested in what is already a new venture. It could be intensely personal and thwart creative ideation. It is a blue sky idea for some and ultra-conservative to others.
  10. 10. iii. your favorite idea (one idea that you are excited about for whatever reason... you don’t have to justify why)… …become a hub for creative industries globally …huge statement of intent for everyone, a challenge, a use of the course ideas to ideate towards an actual goal.