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Google linkedinhaapc

Google linkedinhaapc






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    Google linkedinhaapc Google linkedinhaapc Presentation Transcript

    • Blueprint Resources, LLCConsultant | Sourcing | Recruiting | TrainingO: 832-220-9344ldesautels@att.netlinkedin.com/in/lauriedesautelstwitter: @lauriedesautelsskype: laurie.desautels
    • Thanks to my mentors as an Arbita Ace Apprentice Shally Steckerl Glenn Gutmacher Master Cyberleuth Sourcing SWAT Team EVP Arbita, Inc. Group Manager & Talent aces.arbita.net Search Architect Avanade Recruiting-online.comArbita Aces Weekly Educational Webinar Series
    • BOOLEAN SEARCH OPERATORS• ANDThe AND operator limits your search – it should be used for targeting requiredskills, experience, technologies, or titles you would like to limit your results to. Example: Java AND Oracle AND SQL AND AJAX• ORThe OR operator typically broadens your search. OR statements need to beencapsulated by parentheses in order to execute properly.The best ways to use OR statements is #1 to think of all of the alternate ways aparticular skill or technology can be expressed. Example: (CPA OR “C.P.A” OR “Certified Public Accountant”)• NOT Using NOT between keyword search terms limits your search results to recordsthat have the first keyword but not the second keyword.NOT limits the number of responses you retrieve and helps eliminate a lot of falseor bad results from web search results. Example: Jaguar NOT Car will returns search results pertaining to the big cat, but not an automobile. .
    • Operators in ActionAND Example: linux AND unix AND systems AND adminOR Example: resume OR cv AND linux AND unix AND systems AND adminNOT In Google NOT is the same as – (minus sign)to simplify your search string) Example: resume OR cv linux unix systems admin –jobs –job -submit
    • BOOLEAN SEARCH MODIFIERS• PARENTHESES ( )(Parentheses) allow you to combine any of the Boolean operators together in combination.Use NOT and OR together to limit your search.Use AND and OR together to expand your search.. Parentheses must be used to encapsulate OR statements for the search engines to execute them properly.Example: (JavaScript) AND (C++) AND (SQL) (JavaScript) OR (C++) AND (SQL)• ASTERISK * (Wildcard)For broad searches, you may use an asterisk (*) to represent multiple characters.Example: computer* would return items such as computer, computers, computerized,computeristic, etc. Tip: "*" may be used only at the end of a search term. The asterisk is a good tool to use inside your companies database.
    • BOOLEAN SEARCH MODIFIERSQuotations = “ “ - The quotation is used to find an EXACT phrase or title match. Example: “Project Engineer”Tilde ~ Finds synonyms or related words -- like a fuzzy search-- Example: ~EngineerResults may include Mechanical Engineer, Engineering, Engineers
    • Modifiers In ActionQuotations “ “Example:resume OR cv linux unix “systems administrator” –jobs –job –submitParentheses ( )Example:(resume OR cv OR vitae OR profile) linux unix “systems administrator” –jobs –job –submitWildcards *Example:(resume OR cv OR vitae OR profile) linux unix “systems administrator” –jobs –job -submitTilde ~ Finds synonyms | related words | like a fuzzy search. Example: ~cv linux unix “systems administrator” –jobs –job -submit
    • Search Tips• Enter the most important keywords first• Your Keywords = Best Results• Use quotes for phrases: “Systems Engineer”• Try to limit to no more than 8 terms at a time• Don’t get complicated - Get SPECIFIC• Vary Keywords, number of words and combinations• Searches are dynamic, change them often• Search only for English pages• Think of what is on a resume, not the job description
    • • Intitle: – searches for a specific word in the Title of the Page(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv OR intitle:vitae) linux unix “systems* administrator” –jobs –job –submit• Inurl: - searches for a specific word in the URL of the Page (inurl:resume OR inurl:cv OR inurl:vitae) linux unix “systems* administrator” –jobs –job –submit COMBINE THEM(intitle:resume OR inurl:cv OR inurl:vitae OR intitle:resume OR intitle:cv OR intitle:vitae) linux unix “systems* administrator” –jobs –job -submit
    • images.google.comCleans out SEO spam for you!Search using the terms you would use on regular Google.Results are only web pages containing images with names ortags that match your search, thus eliminating much of thegarbage. Try this example!
    • 2. Click on “more”Google Alerts 1. Highlight and Copy your string
    • Google Alerts Click on “even more”
    • Google Alerts
    • Google Alerts Paste String •Choose “Web” •“As it happens” •“Up to 50 results” •Enter your email
    • Custom View of Search Results • Show Current and Past • # of recommendations • # of connections • Highlighted keywords20-Jan-11 17
    • 20-Jan-11 18Also Viewed?• Found a great profile?• Check out other similar profiles people have viewed!• Could include people who wouldn’t have come up on your search• Or people outside your 3rd degree network
    • 20-Jan-11 19Groups “Inside View” Search for keywords• Search the Directory in quotes, ex:• Sorted by member count “Transfer Pricing”• Pick ones near the top• Choose those seen on several prospects• Find members of a group from Google: • site:linkedin.com (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) "Hispanic Biopharmaceuticals Professionals Network“
    • Events “Inside View”• Find attendees of an event/meetup: • site:events.linkedin.com "networking/meetup" “engineering" TX - intitle:popular • Also find events: http://events.linkedin.com/
    • Other LinkedIn Tips• Track Companies and get notified on changes• (New Hires, Recent Departures, Promotions, etc.)• Profile Organizer (Paid accounts only / Linked In Recruiter) • Create folders of people, add notes, and organize • Engage with your network (participate actively in 2-3 groups, ask and answer questions, start a poll, add events, etc.) • Create templates in your email – You can respond quickly to invites accepted and invitations sent to connect. -Send a quick invite to a candidate or client while you are on the phone with them. “I understand the timing is not right but I just took a few notes positions you would be interested in hearing about. May I send you a quick Linked In invitation?”  How often to candidates email you personally when they make a change?  They definitely update their Linked In profile! Create multiple or very simple drafts so you can modify words easily. John, I found your profile on Linked In and noticed we share multiple contacts and groups. Please accept my invitation to share professional networks on Linked In. Sincerely, Laurie DesAutels Kevin, Congratulations on your recent promotion! I knew you would take over a staffing company soon! Will the name change to Rogers Staffing? Have a wonderful morning! Sincerely, Laurie DesAutels
    • LinkedIn and Xobni in Outlook• Shows senders employer, job title, and photo• Direct link to complete profile• Add them as a connection• Tells you real number of connections• Also notable are Twitter, Facebook• Xing and Salesforce integration