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  • 1. The In’s And Outs of Google+ L Laurie DesAutels Jeremy Roberts
  • 2. L • Google+ Has 540 Million Active Users • 2nd to Facebook • Google continues to integrate all products with the Google+ • Google is not only a Platform but releasing new products! • Google Plus is not only Social Platform but they are continuously launching new Products!
  • 3. L Social News Daily - Source: Global Web Index 2/13/14
  • 4. Google Products: • Gmail • Google Drive (Documents, Spreadsheets, Forms, Presentations, Survey’s etc.) • Hangouts - Private (Up to ten people) Hangouts ON AIR - LIVE and uploads to a connected YouTube account for FREE There are so many more…BUT..Let’s get to why you guys are here:) SourceCon YouTube Check out SourceConLIVE every Thursday at 12:00 P.M. CST
  • 5. Operators: AND - Use to find more than one word. example: Aerospace AND defense OR - Use to find one word or another (one can also use “|”) example: Aerospace OR defense / Aerospace | defense NOT – To exclude a word from a search use the – sign example: -job –jobs –resume -cv Modifiers: Quotations – To find an exact phrase use quotation marks example: “El Segundo, CA” AND “company name” Parentheses – to separate a portion of the equation in order to use multiple operators use parenthesis example: (aerospace OR defense OR DoD) AND “El Segundo, CA”
  • 6. •To find a word in a website title – intitle: •To find a word in a URL – inurl: •To search for documents on a specific site, commonly referred to as the X Ray technique use – site: •To search for a certain type of document Filetype: (pdf doc xls)
  • 7.
  • 8. Sample Profile
  • 9. Home/People - Google will suggest folks to circle based on the information you add on your Profile. Example: Current and former colleagues, People you attended or graduated with in High School or any Universities listed. This is very similar to Facebook but a great way to start building your network
  • 10. J You can also enter Simple Boolean under Home/Search
  • 11. Managing Circles
  • 12. Sharing Circles You can share a max of 500 people You can also share a private circle with another contact Example: Jeremy sent me his Talent Acquisition circle so I could combine one I created with his. You can name a circle “talent peeps TX” or “Attended SC Atlanta 2014” The only person who can view the name you choose is YOU!
  • 13. This is how a shared circle will appear in a stream. Jeremy shared this particular one publicly. It will not appear in a public stream if you choose to select contacts or small circles, etc.
  • 14. Circles in Google Contacts
  • 15. You have one shot to email anyone on Google Plus UNLESS they have disabled this feature.
  • 16. Messaging on Google+ You can customize who can email you through Google Plus or Start a Chat Hangout (The name Hangouts replaced Google Talk
  • 17. FREE – Go to
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21. Will not work with Gmail Enter you work email or,, etc.
  • 22. Available in the Chrome Web Store Coming soon to Firefox, IE and Safari
  • 23.
  • 24.
  • 25. It will prompt you to login with Google Plus or Facebook.
  • 26. You can download this under people Extension in the Chrome Web Store