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  • My presentation today is on Project Based Learning.
  • What is Project Based Learning? It is an inquiry based project that gives students an extended process to solve an essential question, problem or challenge. At the conclusion of the project, the students create a unique solution to the problem/challenge.
  • Project? Isn ’ t this just a project?? NO! PBL helps students learn academic content and practice 21st centruy skills like collaboration, communication and critical thinking. They learn the content as they progress through the project, not before they start the project.
  • The essential part of any PBL project is a great driving question. This driving question is open ended, and intended to teach the important content and skills. The students will encounter many problems, and the project itself will allow the students to learn.
  • PBL is completely student centered. They create a unique solution to a problem. They are in the driver ’ s seat! PBL also allows students to reflect and revise their own work. In most cases, PBL also gives students the opportunity to present their findings and creation to a public audience.
  • Why should we use PBL? PBL allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the content. Students develop workplace skills they will need in the future and creates learning habits that will last a lifetime. Students learn to use technology and how to work and interact with groups and adults. PBL is MOTIVATING to students! They are in the driver ’ s seat!
  • How can we use PBL? It is up to you! One teacher might use PBL as their primary instructional method, and others may use it only occasionally. PBL based projects can last days, months or semesters and can be used at any grade level or for any subject.
  • PBL Travis presentation

    1. 1. Project Based Learning Lauren Travis EDIM 510 "One of the major advantages of project work is that it makes school more like real life." --Sylvia Chard, University of Alberta
    2. 2. What is Project Based Learning? • Inquiry Based • Extended Process to solve a complex question, problem, or challenge. • Creation of a unique solution • Technology!
    3. 3. Project? Isn’t it just a Project?? • NO! it helps students learn academic content and practice 21st century skills. • collaboration • communication • critical thinking
    4. 4. Driving Question • organized around an open-ended driving question • intended to teach significant content • creates a need to know important content and skills
    5. 5. Student Centered • allows students to create something new! • allows students to reflect and revise their own work. • give the students a public audience.
    6. 6. Why PBL? • gain a deeper understanding • develop workplace skills • create learning habits that last • learn to use technology • work and interact with adults • MOTIVATING!
    7. 7. How can we use PBL? • Primary instructional method • Occasionally • Varied length projects • all grade levels and subjects.
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