Twitter Strategy Delhaize, Marketing Genius 2012
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Twitter Strategy Delhaize, Marketing Genius 2012



Award winning twitter strategy for Belgian retailer Delhaize.

Award winning twitter strategy for Belgian retailer Delhaize.



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Twitter Strategy Delhaize, Marketing Genius 2012 Twitter Strategy Delhaize, Marketing Genius 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Twitter Strategy Delhaize @Leaurend
  • Although I strongly believe that being present on social media is not an obligation for every company,I am convinced this is key for Delhaize. Since Delhaize has always positioned itself on quality and consumer experience, I personally believe buildinga strong twitter account is needed to further build the Delhaize brand and deliver added value to her (future)customers. The 3 main reasons why Delhaize could opt to use twitter are:1. Connect and interact with consumers2. Share news and information3. Give coupons / rebates 2  
  • First of all, I am convinced that building a twitter account would help Delhaize in gaining a more profoundunderstanding of what is happening in the surroundings she is active in and what is living in consumers theirminds. In the medium to long run, Delhaize’s twitter presence would help her to build better relationships and an evenstronger brand. One of the first steps in achieving this goal would consist of using an RSS-tool that searches twitter for strategictopics (#Delhaize for example). Once a message has been detected via this tool or when a message has beenposted on the regular twitter account, Delhaize should react in a fast and correct way. Not only should they tryto accelerate positive messages but also embraced the negative ones and reply to them. Special attentionshould be made to key-influencers (detectable via Klout-scores) tweeting about Delhaize. It is important toprovide those people with scoops and special bonuses in order to be able to make use of their network.The tone of voice should always be in line with the values of Delhaize and how they want to be perceived.Nevertheless, a fun, friendly and open approach is recommended in order to build a strong twitter-brand.Furthermore it is important to not take yourself too serious and to find a balance between fun andprofessionalism. 3  
  • @EvelineDM. We are happy you found love ;) Enjoy! @Hanskoyen. Vergeet de handleiding niet te lezen voor je je maaltijd in elkaar zet ;)@Shuchii. Oei, sorry! Hopelijk komt dit nietmeer voor. If so, please let us know! 4  
  • One possible pitfall when developing twitter would consist of using twitter as an advertising tool which isonly used to spread promotions and some basic company information. Since the promotional-offerswould not be personalized, they might easily be seen as clutter in the twitter feed.This is why Delhaize should work on valuable / fun / interesting content. Twitter is not about you as a brand but about your audience. It is important to figure out what the audience wants to hear about. Generating valuable content might be hard for Delhaize if they limit their scope to promoting products andservices they are offering. That is why I would propose to generate content which is in line with Delhaizevalues but not necessarily linked to the Delhaize portfolio. An Inspiring example on how to create valuable content is Delichoc (the biscuit). Since there was notenough valuable Facebook-content available around the biscuit itself, they chose to post fun content(found on the internet) people could read/watch during their breaks (the classic consumption moment ofbiscuits). These updates were called the “DailyChocs” and were well received by the target audience. 5  
  • CONTENT !!! Although interaction with customers is of greater importanceWhich creep are you going to play this than content !!! (content strategies are more valuable onevening? Don’t forget your tick or treat Facebook) I added some possible topics below:candy! #Halloween 1. Delhaize might tweet about nice recipes they found on the Internet or retweet messages from interesting international chefs. 2. Other tweets could be linked to special actions / Delhaize news. At this moment, while the stars and tunes action is running, Delhaize could tweet some new updates about a couple of artists. 3. Delhaize could also post and comment on news and special occasions (Halloween, valentines day, etc. ). !!! But in the end it is more important to monitor what information your followers share/like. Try to find a match between this content and your company profile. !!! When posting new updates on the twitter page it is recommend including a question or a contest since this will increase the likelihood of interactivity. 6  
  • CONTESTSAlthough I advise against using twitter as a bluntpromo channel I do believe that organisingcontests is a good way to promote your productswhile also boosting interaction. Contests howevershould only be organised after a while to makesure there will be enough interactivity. Delhaizecould launch its own hash-tag contest for instance. Listening to Moby @DelhaizeAn example would be #Star&tunes contest where #Star&Tunes  twitterati could should post the song they arelistening to (or the song they like the most) togetherwhit the hashtag of the contest. The winner wouldreceive Delhaize Star&Tunes credits. COCONUT water!!!Other contest (#WeWantDHZ) could be used as a @Delhaize #WeWantDHZ  form of crowdsourcing: “which cool drinks / food have you encounteredduring the summer holidays and would you like tosee at your Delhaize?”. 7  
  • CONTESTS / VARIAAn other way of promoting social interaction aboutcertain products/brands in an acceptable way islinked to the “social buying trend”. Delhaize couldlaunch a promo campaign where the reduction onthe product would become greater when thenumber of tweets about the product increases. An easier approach consists in launching a “paywith a tweet” campaign. After people have tweetedthey will directly be able to print out a coupon. 8  
  • TIPS FOR CONTESTS- Try to build a basic network first, otherwise you will not really be able to leverage your contest!- Keep subscribing super simple (max. 2 steps, ideally one step)- Twitter = timely => it is better to do 5 smaller contest of 50 euro than one of 250, especially in the beginning when followers are rather limited. Of course you have to make sure the prize is high enough to motivate. => Use short deadlines = “win today!”, again twitter = timely.- Ask people to retweet things! This is a great way to build your network.- Promote your twitter contest on twitter, Facebook and web. 9  
  • SOME ADDITIONAL TIPS WORTH MENTIONING In order to make Delhaize’s twitter reputation grow they could opt to organize a #Twunch (this is a lunchorganised via twitter).Furthermore it is important to make sure your twitter and Facebook accounts are communicated in allDelhaizes outgoing communication. An easy way to do this is to incorporate them in the e-mail signature.Using software like Conversocial is highly recommended. This allows you to easily follow back who follows you.In addition Conversocial will allow Delhaize to have a better understanding on when to post their new messageswhich is crucial to obtain interaction. Need more info? Want to brainstorm? Twitter: @Leaurend LinkedIn: 10