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Beginning to current Machinima and culture.

Beginning to current Machinima and culture.



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  • Machinima is an example of emergent game play.
  • The result of emergent game play
  • Diary of a Camper: first film to be widely viewed and distributed 100 second demo file contained to the action and gore but put in a context of a story (instead of the usual deathwatch) Very simple narrative, but it established Machinima
  • Upon launch of website, the underground community was surprised by the new term: machinima. Initially it was spelled: machinema, a contraction of machinima cinema and was intended to disassociate the in-game film production process from a specific game engine. The variant with the “I” stuck because it included a reference to anime.
  • Output of movie is immediate
  • Output is slower, due to post production time. But quality tends ot be higher.

Machinima Machinima Presentation Transcript

  • Machinima New Media Studies Pro-Seminar Fall 2007
  • What is Machinima?
    • Animated film making
    • Within real-time 3D environment
    • Rendering of computer generated imagery (CGI)
    • Uses real-time interactive (game) 3D engines
    • Let’s ask Officer Dan for a more detailed definition
  • Emergent Game Play
    • A process of putting game tools to unexpected ends
    • Artistic computer game modification
    • Real-time nature allows established film techniques to be applied in a virtual environment
  • The Result
    • Production is cheaper and more rapid than traditional CGI animation
    • Produces more professional appearing production
      • Instead of traditional at home techniques
      • Machinima production results
  • Multimodality and Machinima
    • Makes use of multimodality
      • “an increasing variety of materials…to cross the boundaries between the various art, design and performance disciplines.” (Kress and Van Leeuwen 1)
    • These disciplines include:
      • Digital cinema, video games, audio, music.
  • Breaking Out
    • Moving from underground community
    • Becoming more widely recognized
    • Mainstream audiences
    • South Park
      • Make Love Not Warcraft
      • Won an Emmy
    • Commercials
      • Coke
  • History: Precedent
    • 1980s hackers created demo scenes and attached them games
      • Demo scenes : intro sequences with 3D computer graphics, narrative style
    • The first Machinima Film
      • Diary of a Camper
      • October 26th, 1996
  • History: Modern Era
    • Hugh Hancock, founder of Strange Company, launched website
      • www.machinima.com
      • January 2000
    • Machinima from Machinema
  • Mainstream
  • Influential Years
    • 2000
      • Film Hardly Workin’ won best Experimental and best in SHO awards at Shoretime’s Network’s 2001 Alternative Media Festival
    • 2001
      • Steven Spielberg used Unreal Tournament to test scenes involving special effects for A.I.
  • Influential Years (2)
    • 2002
      • Formation of The Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences
    • 2003
      • In the Waiting Line became the first machinima music video to air on MTV
  • Influential Years (3)
    • 2003
      • Red vs.. Blue Series released on machinima.com
      • First machinima film to be released onto DVD
      • Created by machinima production company Rooster Teeth
  • Influential Years (4)
    • 2006
      • South Park Make Love not Warcraft
      • Won Emmy
    • 2007
      • EA (Electronic Arts) commissioned Rooster Teeth to create machinima broadcast commercials for Madden NFL 07
  • Genre - Stunt
    • Began in 1997 with Quake movies
    • Uses external programs to manipulate camera positions
    • Marks shift from cyber athleticism to making movies
    • Halo and Battlefield 1942 commonly used games
    • Built in features for making Machinima expected in Halo 3
  • Genre - MMORPGs
    • Enable players to live different life online
    • Miss Galaxies and Second Life common games
    • A beauty pageant was held in 2004 in the virtual world of Star Wars Galaxies
    • Footage distributed on cover disc of gaming magazines
  • Genre - Comedies
    • Production company ILL Clan based in NYC pioneered this genre
      • Hardly Workin’
      • Apartment Huntin’
    • Most Successful
      • Red vs.. Blue
    • Humor game based
    • Strong writing and characters allow this genre to transcend the typical gamer
  • Genre - Drama
    • Committed film makers use this genre
    • Productions resemble visual setting of game
      • Battlefield 1942 for war based dramas
    • Not as widely produced or viewed in comparison to other genres
  • Communities
    • Online forums/communities
      • http://www.machinima.com/film/community
      • http://www.machinima.com/forums/
    • Film Festivals
    • Gaming Conferences
    • Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences
      • NYC non-profit to help grow machinima
      • www.machinima.org
  • How to make Machinima
    • What you’ll need
      • Video Game Engine
        • Computer Based Games
      • Video Games
        • Halo, Grand Theft Auto, SIMS
      • A Computer
      • Video/Audio editing software
  • Live Action
    • The action takes place in a game
      • Commonly a FPS game.
      • Every player/actor controls a virtual character via mouse and keyboard commands.
    • Each player/actor uses a microphone to perform dialogue
    • One of the players serves as the camera.
      • This point of view is recorded to tape (or hard disk) and represents the "film-footage”
    • Recording of action, dialogue takes place at same time.
  • Scripted
    • Each player/actor is controlled through a pre-defined script
    • The script is set up
      • game mechanics
      • modeling tools
    • Cameras can be assigned to pre-defined paths
    • Scripted movies often allow for a higher level of customization
      • import your own characters, animations, sounds, music and/or textures
  • Examples
    • Live Action
      • Halloween Safety
    • Scripted
      • Alice