Presentation for CILIP Y&H AGM June 2011


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Presentation for CILIP Y&H AGM June 2011

  1. 1. CILIP Y&H / CDG Y&H Joint Members’ Event and AGM: Advocacy in Changing Times and the Role of New Professionals Tuesday 7th June 2011 Lauren SmithVoices for the Library & Save Doncaster Libraries
  2. 2. A Very Undetailed Timeline…- July 2009: Temped in Doncaster Libraries- September 2009: Started MA Librarianship- June 2010: Joined Save Doncaster Libraries- July 2010: Attended CILIP Y&H AGM- August 2010: Wrote Comment is Free article- September 2010: Co-founded VftL, finishedMA, started working at University of Leeds
  3. 3. Brief History of Doncaster Libraries • Budget cuts • Lack of consideration of community need • Restructuring • Deprofessionalisation • Customer Service Centres • Poor management • No Head of Libraries since 2005 • Lack of training and support • Poor communication and isolated workers • Management by email • Lack of vocal advocates within service • Low staff morale and culture of fear
  4. 4. Why get involved?
  5. 5. Because people need and have a right to libraries andwe are here to protect the needs and rights of people.
  6. 6. People brave all kinds of conditions. So should we.
  7. 7. “I see libraries and librarians as the frontline soldiers in the war against illiteracyand the lack of imagination.”Neil Gaiman
  8. 8. “Intellectual freedom is the basis for democraticsystems. We expect people to be self-governors. Butto do so responsibly, citizenry must be well-informed.Libraries provide the ideas and information, in avariety of formats, to allow people to informthemselves.”Fitzsimmons, R. (1998). ‘Intellectual Freedom in aDemocratic Society’. Paper invited for theInternational Conference: Freedom of Expression,Censorship, Libraries, Riga, Latvia, October 14-17 1998
  9. 9. “The public library is a practical demonstration ofdemocracy’s faith in universal education as acontinuing and lifelong process, in the appreciationof the achievement of humanity in knowledge andculture. The public library is the principal means,whereby the record of man’s thoughts and ideasand the expression of his creative imagination aremade freely available to all.”UNESCO Public Library Manifesto 1972
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Aims1. Share positive stories from public libraries and librarians across the country.2. Provide factual information about library usage in the UK.3. Provide spokespeople for the media from a variety of different public libraries4. Be a voice for communities and individuals to speak out about why they value their public libraries.5. Support local campaigns to save libraries where it is apparent that the local council has not properly considered the impact of cuts to library services.
  13. 13. Activities• Collecting stories as evidence of value of libraries• Commissioning guest blog posts about value of libraries• Writing articles for newspapers/journals/magazines/blogs• Media liaison – tv, newspaper and radio interviews• Presenting at public events and LIS conferences• Helping local communities set up campaigns• Contacting MPs and councillors
  14. 14. Festival! Woo!
  15. 15. Eight days in the wilderness…
  16. 16. …was well worth it.
  17. 17. What Next?
  18. 18. CILIP Career Development GroupNew Professionals Conference 2011Professional Activism WorkshopMonday 20th June 2011#npc2011
  19. 19. Twitter: @walkyouhomeEmail: laurensmith2102@gmail.comBlog: www.laurensmithwordpress.comTumblr: