Appendix 3Outcome of Libraries Review - Proposed Future Staffing Structure1. Rationale for ChangeA full review of Doncaste...
e) ManagementThis proposal reinstates a qualified Head of Libraries position and reconfigures themanagement function as re...
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Doncaster Library Proposed Structure


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Doncaster Library Proposed Structure

  1. 1. Appendix 3Outcome of Libraries Review - Proposed Future Staffing Structure1. Rationale for ChangeA full review of Doncaster’s Library Service was completed December 2009-April 2010which resulted in a proposed plan for improvement ‘Better Libraries, Better Lives’. Thereview looked at the current staff structure and the performance of the service and maderecommendations based on extensive research, best practise and consultation with staff,elected members and trade unions.The review’s key conclusions are that significant changes are needed to change the out-dated service delivery model which has been a major factor in the decline of libraryservices in Doncaster and there is a need to refocus on delivering frontline services thatmeet the needs and expectations of the local community. The proposal was consideredby the Executive Board on 4th August 2010 and it was agreed that an extensive publicconsultation would also occur to inform the future of the service and a libraries strategy.This work is now complete and the strategy, proposed staffing structure and the futureservice delivery model for the libraries will be considered by the Cabinet.This coincides with the implementation of a new library management system which willreplace the current outdated system in January 2011 providing a more automated andstreamlined service. In addition to this, there is a need for Doncaster Council to saveapproximately £73 million over the next four years with £30 million achieved within2011/12 and some of these efficiencies must be found from the library service. Thestaffing structure will obviously be subject to consultation with staff and trade unions.2. Major Proposed Changesa) Bibliographical ServicesDue to the introduction of new technology, increased supplier selection, direct delivery tolibraries, relocation of the service to the central library and recommendations made withinthe review, the staff resources required for this support service will substantially reduce.b) The Central LibraryThere are currently three senior managers responsible for different functions within theCentral Library although they do have more extensive responsibilities across theborough. This paper proposes one manager with overall responsibility to ensure efficientresource management and a high quality customer experience. Self-service will also beintroduced to enhance the service provided and provide efficiencies.c) Community LibrariesThe management of the community libraries is currently split across three seniormanagers. The proposal is to reduce this to one as there will be less static sites andmore consistency is required across the borough at a senior level. The daily operationalelements of that role and the previous Senior Advisors who assisted will now be devolvedto an Assistant in Charge at each library. The library services delivered at the prisons willalso fall under the community libraries instead of being delivered in isolation although thespecialist staff who complete this role will not change. Any outlet self-service facilities andmobile services will also be managed within this area.d)Children and FamiliesAs recommended by the review, it is proposed that a more specific team for Children andFamilies is created. This will incorporate the current schools library service which will berelocated to the Central Library, reading development and learning functions andintroduces a dedicated Children’s Librarian. This function will also include the provision ofchildren and family activities across the borough including adult learning and haveresponsibility for the Central Children’s Library which requires much improvement.
  2. 2. e) ManagementThis proposal reinstates a qualified Head of Libraries position and reconfigures themanagement function as recommended in the review but as the financial environmenthas changed, provides a more streamlined outcome as recommended by the recentMirror Report commissioned by the Council which recommends an increase in directreports and less tiers of staff.f) Front-line StaffRevised job descriptions will be developed to ensure the staff are fully skilled in deliveringlibrary services, other Council services and providing excellent customer service. This willbe done without diluting the core library skills required.g) Use of VolunteersInitial outcomes of the public consultation reinforce that the use of volunteers is endorsedby the majority of our residents to assist in the delivery of the service therefore it isproposed that this will be a major feature of the service moving forward.5. Structure ChartThe proposed structure chart is attached as appendix A.6. ConsultationIt is proposed that formal staff and trade union consultation starts immediately after theCabinet decision.
  3. 3. Appendix A Proposed Library & Information Structure Health services funded by Head of Libraries School services funded Prison services funded Doncaster and Bassetlaw by schools as they are by HMPS as they are Hospital Foundations Trust currently currently. as they are currently. Health Libraries Central Children & Community Manager Library Families Libraries Manager Manager ManagerKnowledge & Knowledge & Archivist Local LibraryResource Information Children’s Schools Studies Operations Librarian Skills Officer Performance Librarian Literacy & Officer Officer Prison & Support Librarian Library Learning Library Officer Assistants in Officer Officer ChargeKnowledge & Library Cataloguer Stock Systems & Library Literacy & Assistant Assistants x 0.5 Maintenance Performance Assistants Learning in Charge X4 Assistant x Assistant Assistants Library 1.5 X 12.53 X7 Assistants Prison Volunteers Caretakers Library Mobile X2 Assistant Services Volunteers X2 Volunteers Van Driver Support X1 Assistant Volunteers