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Why Use Twitter
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Why Use Twitter


I've been asked this question a lot lately, and I ended up not having lunch plans today, so I used my lunch break to throw this together. :)

I've been asked this question a lot lately, and I ended up not having lunch plans today, so I used my lunch break to throw this together. :)

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  • 1. why use twitter? a slideshare presentation by lauren pressley
  • 2. that’s a common question lately
  • 3. …with no easy answer…
  • 4. twitter is different for different people
  • 5. a place to hang out
  • 6.
    • stay online throughout the day:
    • find out what people are thinking about
    • learn what your friends do in moments of down time
    • laugh at brand-new memes
    • share photos and blog posts in real time
  • 7. a place to meet people
  • 8.
    • lots of people use twitter!
    • old friends
    • classmates
    • colleagues
    • family
    • potential friends
  • 9. a place to network
  • 10.
    • follow colleagues!
    • find out what’s going on in colleagues’ work lives
    • share ideas and brainstorm
    • find out who will be at conferences
    • find people to co-present or write with
  • 11. a human search engine
  • 12.
    • add enough people and you have your own search engine!
    • ask for recommendations on products
    • ask if people have tried your idea
    • ask for input for presentations
  • 13. a window to what people are thinking
  • 14.
    • twitter has a tracking feature that lets you see what people are saying about your topic of interest!
    • track a word like “library” and see every time the word is mentioned!
  • 15. a way to bridge internet and phone
  • 16.
    • you can see your messages on the internet and on your phone!
    • see family members and close friends on your phone and everyone else on the web
    • if you’ll be away from the web, you can get all your tweets on your phone
    • standard rates do apply
  • 17. a place to experiment
  • 18.
    • twitter is still fairly new, you can come up with new uses!
    • try an account for marketing purposes
    • see how it works for business communications
    • see if you think the text message feature is useful
    • share your successes with the twitter community!
  • 19. what could it be for you?
  • 20. you’ll have to give it a go to find out!
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