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Lib100_worksheet 2
Lib100_worksheet 2
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Lib100_worksheet 2


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  • 1. Name:___________________________________________________ 9/2/2009 LIB100: MLA, APA, ZOTERO, FINDING RESOURCES FROM CITATIONS MLA 1. Where on the ZSR website can you find MLA information?_____________________________________________ 2. What do you know about the following citation? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ APA 3. Where on the ZSR website can you find APA information?______________________________________________ 4. Why are there two APA style guides?_____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What do you know about the following citation? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. What are some differences and similarities between APA and MLA? Differences Similarities APA Holly, Mary Louise, Joanne M. Arhar, and Wendy C. Kasten. Action Research for Teachers: Traveling the Yellow Brick Road. Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2009. Print. Sadie, S. & Tyrrell, J. (Eds.). (2000). The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians (2nd ed., Vols. 1-29). New York: Grove.
  • 2. Name:___________________________________________________ 9/2/2009 MLA ZOTERO 7. Have you installed Zotero on your computer? Yes______ No______ 8. How do you add entries to your Zotero library?__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. How do you generate a bibiography from Zotero?_______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FINDING RESOURCES FROM CITATIONS 10. Use this citation to answer the following questions: 10. a. What citation style is this? 10. b. Is this an article, chapter, or book? 10. c. Who wrote the article, chapter, or book? 10. d. What is the title of the article, chapter, or book? 10. e. If it is an article, what is the title of the journal OR if it is a chapter, what is the title of the book? 10. f. If it is a book or chapter, what edition is it? 10. g. If it is an article, what volume and issue of the journal is it found on? 10. h. Do you have access to the journal or book through ZSR? 10. i. Do we offer electronic access to this cited work? _________________ (hint, pay attention to dates!) 10. j. Do we offer print access to this cited work?________________________ (hint, pay attention to dates!) FUZZIEST POINT What was the most unclear to you today? What would you like to learn more about? Griffin, M. R. & Neuzil, K. M. (2002). The global implications of influenza in Hong Kong. The New England Journal of Medicine, 347(26), 2159-2162.