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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 2  Chapter 2.25
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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 2 Chapter 2.25


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  • 1. The Quest for Peace:
    Dark Moon Saga 2
    Chapter 2.25
  • 2. Aiden had returned home to Hidden City and found that things were very different from when he was here last. He learned through the grape vine that he had another daughter with Psyche. Though how that came to be still eluded him he hadn’t been here long enough to have another daughter. Going to Psyche wasn’t a good idea at the moment, he found an alternative destination instead; he hoped that they wouldn’t turn him away at the door and given his track record it was a good possibility they would…
    But he had faith.
  • 3. Aiden had hoped it would be Euphoria that would have opened the door…he didn’t know who the red-clad ninja chick was.
    Aiden: Look, can I just see Euphoria?
    Shadow: Why should I let you? What’s to stop me from kicking your lily white ass right here and now?
    Aiden sighed; his past would forever haunt him now.
  • 4. Shadow smiled to herself; toying with Aiden was hilarious. And kind of mean too.
    Shadow: Alright later on but until then you can tell me whatever you want to tell her. Just so I can decided if it’s worth her time to listen to you. It is still her honeymoon after all.
    Aiden: I need some help in stopping my daughter Callisto from carrying out the plan I told her to so long ago. I’ve changed a lot since then and I want to make it up to everyone I’ve done wrong here.
  • 5. Shadow: Okay kid, here’s the deal meet me at the pool table and we’ll talk.
    Aiden: The pool table? Why?
    Shadow: Pleasure sim haz needs…come.
    Aiden: Alright.
  • 6. Shadow took out her pool cue as Aiden chalked his tip.
    Shadow: So, why the sudden change of heart son of Dalen? Why go good?
    Aiden: It was hardly a sudden change, it took me nearly a year and half to regain my memories and come back here. I was on Elvendia after I was rescued from that dark asteroid.
    Shadow: And what do you need help with?
    Aiden: I told you, I have to stop Callisto. It’s my fault she’s on the bad path she’s on now and I have to set her right again.
  • 7. Shadow: So you want my help to get back your daughter, that you yourself sent on her mission to suck the power out of Nathan before she completes it?
    Aiden: You or Euphoria, either one. I mean she’s the half god they know.
    Shadow: Yeah…half god me…that’s right. (How little he knows)
    Aiden: So will you help me or not?
    Shadow: Sure. It’s been boring around here doing nothing anyway. I need to practice my skills constantly or they rust you know? Oh and you can earn your keep by helping us pack up the house. We’re moving to a less glitchy place.
  • 8. Meanwhile back at Academie Le Tour…
    Atalanta’s squeal practically deafened the Prince of the Underworld as she threw herself into his arms. He hadn’t been expecting to hear her call for him while she was still here at college, but he was glad nevertheless to hear from her. She had so much to tell him.
  • 9. Reias realized how perceptive she had become since she was just a little girl, she could tell what was wrong with him by a single glance. A trait she no doubt picked up from Pandora.
    Reias: Can’t hide anything from you can I? I’ve hit a dead end, literally. The Grim that took your aunt won’t let me get her back without this so called Bone Phone. You can imagine the fight I had over that little thing with it. Since my father is under Chaos’s spell, his duties now fall onto me. But the Grims who worked for my father saw his changing of sides as an opportunity to stage a rebellion against me and my mother. The Underworld is on the brink of war with itself.
    Atalanta was dumbstruck; she had no idea how much was really going on behind those beautiful green-gold eyes of her family’s protector.
    Atalanta: Oh…I didn’t know that. I’m almost sorry I called you all the way up here now.
    Atalanta: I missed you so much. What’s been going on?
    Reias: Well you tell me first. What’s new with you?
    Atalanta: I’m engaged!! He’s great, I think you know him. Iolaus, Hercules’ partner? I’ve got someone for the next generation and it’s only Sophomore year. You’re the last one I haven’t told yet…hey is everything alright?
  • 10. Night fell as they talked, she didn’t realize how late it was.
    Reias: Don’t be sorry, I’m glad I could tell someone. It’s been hard on me recently handling all of the rebellions down there from the Grims.
    Atalanta: Well if it helps, we have a Bone Phone. Lyssa gave it my brother a while ago when she joined the Secret Society. We had thought of using it to resurrect our aunt ourselves but if you need it I’ll give it to you.
    Reias: I had no idea you kids had another one. Last I heard, Liam took the only one and he hid it somewhere.
    Atalanta: So it’s yours to take, I think it’s better for you to have it anyway, it is kinda your domain.
    Reias: Thank you Atalanta.
    Atalanta: Call me Lanta, everyone else does.
  • 11. Reias: Just keep at it.
    Atalanta: Keep at what?
    Reias: Trying to bring Icarus back; having fallen to Chaos once myself, I know how hard it can be to come back. I know Icarus isn’t lost completely, trust your heart Lanta; you can find a way to get him back.
    Atalanta felt relieved; she had been worrying a lot about her brother and how she was going to get him back and he knew what was on her mind without her having to say a word. Having Reias with her provided a sense of security and safety. He gave her strength when her doubts threatened to weaken her, like a true god should.
  • 12. Once he was back in Tartarus he used the Bone Phone to summon back Helen’s soul and give her back her body. The Grim on the other side was back pedalling, claiming he didn’t say anything about the phone before; Reias was having none of it.
    Reias: Now you listen to me you worthless peon; I am the Prince of the Underworld; son of Hades and Persephone. You WILL return Helen Reed to life or so help me I will kill you personally and scatter your ashes to the farthest corners of the galaxy!!
    He rarely used his power this way; demanding obedience from a subordinate as a god, the Grim could not refuse him when he used that power.
  • 13. Helen examined her hands; they weren’t transparent anymore. She took a breath, her lungs were back. And finally, she blinked; she could see again. It was as if she was being returned from a long and frightening nightmare, but why that was, she couldn’t remember. In fact, she wasn’t even sure of where she was.
    Helen: Where—where am I?
    Reias: You’re home Helen, back where you belong.
  • 14. Reias: Do you remember anything?
    Helen: Not really, just a lot of jumbled pictures and sensations. It’s all a big mess in my head. What happened to me?
    Reias: You died; apparently the Fates killed you in an attempt to destroy your sons. They failed; your sons are fine and doing very well at college, I saw them myself.
    Helen: Why?
  • 15. Reias: I intend to find out why. The Fates cannot kill a mortal unless their life thread is out or if they’re specially ordered to by Zeus. Acting alone as they did heralds treason against the King of the Gods. I won’t let them get away with this, I promise you Helen. I swore to never again lose another Reed child under my care unless it was their fated time to go.
    Helen: So what do I do now?
    Reias: You go home. I made a promise to Goderic that I would find you and bring you back to him.
  • 16. Helen pulled him into her arms; he could feel a warm tear fall on his shoulder.
    “I love you Reias; more than you’ll ever know.”
    Reias: I know child; I always have. You have a lover and beautiful daughter waiting for you, I suggest you make good time and get home to them.
    Helen: I will. Thank you so much.
  • 17. Helen: What are you going to do now?
    Reias: I’ve got a few things to take care of before I see to the Fates. Don’t worry about me.
    Helen: Are you going to be alright?
    Reias: Yes, you should get changed before you go, I think Roxie might have something for you to wear.
  • 18. Roxie beamed at the younger woman; she looked so beautiful in her new dress and hair style.
    Roxie: You look amazing Helen. Goderic won’t know what hit him when you go home.
    Helen: It’s very beautiful; are you sure you don’t want it back?
    Roxie: No, I have too many dresses anyway. And besides, where else can you get clothing fit for a goddess? Aphrodite loved making this dress; it was her favourite.
  • 19. Helen: Hey, Roxie? What’s wrong?
    Roxie: Can I ask one thing of you before you go?
    Helen: Of course, name it.
    Roxie: My grandson, Nathan. I have been sensing some disturbing energy disruptions in his blood; like something or someone is slowly killing him. I would ask that you go and check on him, try to find out what it is; I am terrified I’m going to see his soul down here before his time, I don’t want to see it here this early.
  • 20. Helen: Of course I will. As a mother the worst thing imaginable is having one of your children in danger; or in your case a grandchild. I’ll find out what’s going on with Nathan.
    Roxie: Thank you. I would go myself to see but I’m the one thing that is keeping Chaos from reclaiming Rebirth; my husband. I have to stay here to protect him.
    Helen couldn’t think of anything else to say to her; facing a family crisis as she was, Helen was fortunate to not have to face the same thing with hers. She knew all too well how hard it was to stand by and do nothing while your family was in danger. Memories of witnessing Paris die in front of her caused a new wave of regret to overcome her. She didn’t remember much about being dead, but from what she did remember, she never found Paris anywhere.
  • 21. Roxie: And Helen? Please be careful yourself.
    Helen: I will, thank you.
    Roxie smiled, she knew Helen would be more careful now. Though there was still the fear in the back of her mind that Helen would remember what happened to her while she was dead; if Reias couldn’t even find her soul down here, it made Roxie wonder just where it had been instead…
  • 22. There is a saying, “ You can’t go home again.” The last time Helen was here, her sons were just leaving for college and Serena had just turned 6. Now the house had been repainted since she was here last, the flowers were all gone and the weeping willow in the front yard looked less healthy since she saw it last. She did notice her car was gone too.
    Helen turned to the house as the glass front door clattered open, she winced fearing that in the cold the glass would shatter from the impact.
  • 23. She watched as her lover came bounding out of the house like a child who has seen snow for the first time; he looked pale, well paler than usual. Maybe it was just the snow reflecting the sunlight off of Goderic’s face, or he had just stopped taking care of his heath since she died. She made a mental note to scold him for that if he had stopped taking care of himself.
  • 24. Helen was nearly knocked off balance when he collided with her; grabbing hold of her tightly. She coughed; he let go slightly.
  • 25. Goderic: I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it…you’re really back!!
    Helen: Honey, you’re repeating yourself again. And can’t breathe…
    Goderic: I thought I’d never see you again, it was so long.
    Helen: Longer than you know…
  • 26. Helen didn’t say anything else, she just held him as he went on about everything she missed while she was gone. He made it sound as if she was only on a vacation not that she was actually dead. Or perhaps he couldn’t bear to say it, as if admitting it would make it become real again. Reias wouldn’t let it happen again to her, she knew that but she wasn’t so sure Goderic did.
    In fact Helen wondered if he blamed Reias for letting her die in the first place. It seemed to her that that was more along the lines of what he really thought.
  • 27. Goderic: I won’t let anything happen to you again, ever. I swear by the All-Gods and the Creator I will protect you.
    Helen: It wasn’t your fault honey. It was an act by the gods; rogue gods who are now going to face serious penalties for it.
    Goderic: And as soon as I tell Death Boy that, he’s going to have to let me help punish them for what they did to you.
  • 28. Helen: I don’t want you to do anything foolish. Please don’t make me think about losing you so soon after I got you back.
    Goderic: Baby, please. Nothing’s gonna happen to me. I’m Goderic Marmite for gods’ sake.
    Helen: Promise me you won’t do anything, please. You’re only mortal, like me.
    Goderic: They can’t get away with this!! How can you ask me to stand idly by and let that stand?
  • 29. Helen: Because Reias will handle it. He’s my family’s protector and a god. Think about it; do you really want Serena to possibly lose another parent?
    She studied him seriously; she could see the conflict battling back and forth within his sapphire blue eyes and the pain of being helpless flashing across his face. It hurt her to see him so tortured because of her; she loved him and hated seeing him looking so lost and unsure of what to do.
  • 30. He pulled her close and kissed her; that told her his answer more than his words ever could. Helen knew he’d stay out of this and let Reias handle it; after all she had some catching up to do, not to mention figuring out what to say her sons and daughter.
    If only it were that easy.
  • 31. Helen had just come inside when she heard little footsteps bounding down the stairs. Her teary eyed daughter ran to her and threw her arms around her. Serena was babbling on about how she had missed her mother, apparently she was watching from the upstairs bedroom window when she arrived home. Perceptive as always, Helen was beginning to think it was a family trait…
    She was glad to be home again.
  • 32. When Serena took Helen upstairs, Goderic used the time to make his proposition to Reias clear.
    Goderic: I want in.
    Reias: I’m sorry?
    Goderic: You’re going after the gods that killed her aren’t you? I want in on it.
    Reias: Goderic, it’s too dangerous you’re a mortal, you’d have no chance against them.
  • 33. Goderic: You forget, I wasn’t born in this multi-verse; so if I recall correctly from the thing with Drinn the Fates can’t touch my life thread, because like his mine would be invisible to them.
    Reias: How did you know—
    Goderic: Don’t treat me like a fool Death Boy; I understand that only the Fates have the power to decide when a mortal is supposed to die in this place. I know my Greek mythology.
    Reias: Let me guess, since you bring this up when Helen’s not here I assume she doesn’t want you doing this, am I right?
  • 34. Goderic’s pale cheeks flushed scarlet for a moment. Reias smiled sagely.
    Goderic: Uhh…maybe?
    Reias: I thought as much. You tread a dangerous path my friend; is it worth her wrath if she finds out?
    Goderic: Look, are you going to let me come or not? I can be pretty annoying if I want something bad enough.
    Reias: And what excuse will you give her if she asks where you’re going?
  • 35. Goderic: I’m on tour for my music gigs. She should remember that it’s what I’ve been working towards the whole time here.
    Reias: I see. You do know that going after the Fates with me means risking your life and soul if they’ve found a way to locate non-native life threads right?
    Goderic: I’m not scared of a little danger. I’ve faced it before many times back home and lived to tell the tales.
    Reias: But never gods under the control and power of a much stronger evil entity. This isn’t like home, it’s worse here and far more dangerous than what you know.
  • 36. Goderic: I have to do something, do you have any idea what it was like living without the one you love?
    Reias’s mind clouded over with the painful reminder of losing Daphne so long ago; and feeling the same kind of helplessness he now saw on Goderic’s face. He pushed aside his rage and saved Dion but it never really went away. Dalen was now ten times more dangerous under Chaos than what he was back then. He knew all too well how he felt and it made his heart ache with the new pain of the old memory.
    “More than you’ll ever know. Alright, you can come with me.”
  • 37. Reias: There’s things you need to understand ; firstly, we’re going up against gods under the power of Chaos and because of that they can use any darkness they find in your heart and soul to turn you. Secondly, if you don’t have something strong and positive to keep you focussed they’ll take you. And finally, they might be able to find your life thread so be careful to not let them touch you.
    Goderic: I know, I have something strong and positive; in fact I plan on making it stronger now.
    “Helen!! Can you come down for a sec?”
  • 38. Helen came down, followed by Serena. She found Goderic waiting there for her down on one knee.
    “Honey? What are you doing?”
    Goderic: Helen, there’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since you left and I want to do it now. Helen Reed, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?
  • 39. Serena: Mommy can’t speak. Hehee!!
    Reias watched him; for a moment he thought that Goderic would tell her what he was going to do, but this was far better than having to explain to Helen why he let Goderic go with him after the Fates. He did have the right idea about how to make sure his positive bond would stay strong enough to survive if the Fates tried to turn him, he lost her once and he wasn’t about to do it again. This made sure he had something to come back for.
  • 40. As far as Serena was concerned; all was right in her world now. Her parents were back together and she could be happy again.
  • 41. Darian and Dione laid out on the cool grass outside his campus house, she was chatting away as usual when she brought up something he hadn’t heard about before.
    Dione: Did you know my oldest brother has always had a thing for your sister Camilla?
    Darian: No, I had no idea. Why?
    Dione: I just thought that maybe the two of them could hook up on a date or something. It might help him out.
  • 42. Darian: Maybe, but you know exposing my sister to him could easily make her a target for Chaos as well. I mean our blood, like yours, contains that of the gods and my grandfather happens to be the final piece of the Triad it needs to have complete control. I don’t want to give it ammunition to come after him by using her.
    Dione: And how do you think we feel? My brother is part of the legacy like I am, and Diamos told us that having a very powerful positive force in your life can break the hold of Chaos on its victims’ hearts. Icarus likes her, and she might just be strong enough to free him from Chaos. I think it would help both of them, they could be each other’s defence against it.
  • 43. Darian: Maybe you’re right. But I’ll have to ask her. She did say she wanted to have a bachelor challenge to find her true love like my parents did, but lately she seems so down.
    Dione: Exactly. You see things my way now. They already like each other, so obviously Camilla has given up on the bachelor challenge. He needs what the rest of us have, a true love. Lanta has the legacy to think about, and well Icarus isn’t high on her list at the moment…which sucks, but if I can help rescue him then she’ll have one less thing to worry about. Our families are both targets of Chaos and we’re the youngest of them so we gotta do something to help out right?
  • 44. Darian: Okay, okay you convinced me. I’ll call Cammy and ask her later alright?
    Dione: Alright.
    She was so sure this would work, but the nagging doubts were still there in the back of her mind. What if Icarus doesn’t want help and he hurts Camilla instead? It would be her fault she got hurt. Dione would never forgive herself if she got Darian’s sister killed because of her idea to put them together in the first place, not to mention Reias’s resentment for exposing his family to the danger. For the time being however, she just let Darian hold her, praying he wouldn’t sense her doubts.
  • 45. It was dark by the time Camilla was finished work and had time to come see him. Her career and dream of becoming a Hall of Famer was very close and she had little time for socializing anymore. But she couldn’t pass up a chance to see her baby brother, she did miss him.
    Camilla: Long time no see baby brother. What’s new?
    Darian: Actually, I had an idea I wanted to run past you.
    Camilla: Oh? And what would that be?
  • 46. Darian: A hook-up, or a date if you prefer.
    Camilla: I thought you and Dione were engaged? Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts.
    Darian: Not for me, for you.
    Camilla: What…but…my bachelor challenge.
  • 47. Darian: It’s not going to happen. You just don’t seem to want it anymore. I can tell you know, I’m your brother. And you hardly have the time for one anyway right now, so I was thinking you should go out with someone you already like.
    Camilla: Darian, I’m so close to becoming a Hall of Famer, one more promotion and I’m there. I don’t really want to go out on a date right now.
    Darian: Please, at least let me tell you who I have in mind before you reject the idea all together. I happen to know for a fact that he feels the same as you.
  • 48. Darian could tell she was very apprehensive about the idea of a hook-up, so thankfully Dione was still around and she asked Camilla to play a nice game of kicky bag; a Pleasure sim’s favourite past time. She somehow knew Darian would need help to convince Camilla to go along with their plan.
    Dione: We just think it would be a good thing for both of you. I mean look at the facts; your grandfather is a big prize Chaos is trying to win, he’s Rebirth. And so far your grandmother is doing a good job of keeping Chaos away from him. My family is trying to restore the God of Peace, the one thing that could easily wipe its miserable gloom from this planet at full power so it’s targeting my brother to try to destroy us before we get there…
  • 49. Darian picked up on where she was going with this and added his own arguments.
    “You could be another route Chaos could use to get to grandfather because you’re the only one of us who doesn’t have a strong defence against it. If you and Icarus were to get together then it would protect both of you .”
    Camilla: …I just don’t know, what if he doesn’t even remember me?
    Dione: He does, trust me.
  • 50. Camilla kicked the bag back across to Darian. She knew the two of them had a good point about her being an avenue that Chaos might take advantage of to get to Reias and force him to obey; but at the same time Icarus kinda scared her with his easily swayed personality. She only remembered bits and pieces about how Pandora’s kids grew up through the grape vine now and then; about how resentful Icarus was when he was passed over for heir ship in favour of Atalanta. Even how he hated Dade for being smarter than he was, if that was that kind of man he was did she really want to be involved with him? What if she did something that made him angry and he took it out on her?
  • 51. Then again, he might just need someone to appreciate him; to make him feel like he was something special. He was the oldest but he was also overshadowed by his younger siblings . Everyone wants to be seen, heard and acknowledged and it was true that she had thought that maybe if she offered to give him that, then he could come back from Chaos. It would mean so much to the legacy if she could help to save one of them from evil, her grandfather wouldn’t have to worry about Icarus anymore. It was worth a chance at least…
  • 52. Camilla: Alright, I’ll go. I want to.
    Dione: Awesome!! I knew this was a great idea!!
    Darian: I’m glad big sis, I was worried you wouldn’t accept the idea.
  • 53. The next day was her day off work so she called Icarus and asked him to meet her at the bowling alley downtown. She tried not to stare at the blood red colour of his eyes, it made her shiver. She began to think this wasn’t such a good idea after all, but she promised her brother and his sister that she would try at least.
    Icarus: It’s pink…and green…
    Camilla: I know, I’m sorry if you don’t like it we can go somewhere else.
  • 54. Icarus: If you like it then I suppose it’s tolerable. I’ll stay.
    Camilla: Okay…so I’ll go first is that alright?
    Icarus: Sure, whatever.
    Camilla tried not to look hurt, she thought it would be fun to come here, but he seemed utterly bored and distant. Maybe it was just the Chaotic energy in him making him act this way, or maybe he was just this miserable all the time…
  • 55. She realigned her shot and let the ball sail down the lane; maybe the satisfying pin-destruction would help her relax a bit. Who doesn’t love knocking those things down?
    For Icarus though, he was having a good time; as soon as he said whatever to her he mentally kicked himself for it. She was only trying to be nice and pick something they both could enjoy and he was acting like an asshole to her. Truth be told, he was thinking about her constantly the last few weeks, seeing his siblings happy and some getting engaged made him feel left out and alone. He then knew the only time he was truly happy was when he was near her.
  • 56. He cried later on after he thought about his great-grandfather. He was the only one to survive of his generation, the others, his three younger siblings; were all erased from existence when Dalen disrupted time to serve his own selfish purposes. How he must have felt knowing his entire family was gone and he was the only one left, that he would never have the chance to see them grow up, to have families of their own. He didn’t want that to happen to him; the mere thought of it broke his heart. Even so, the jealous raging half of him always fought back and reminded him of his birthright to be heir; and he listened to it.
    But now, here was Camilla someone who carried a light and power he had never felt before. A purity of soul that called to his own weaker protective half; like a beautiful melody. The Well Drop program was kind enough to send her into his life and when he was consumed by his dark side she left him alone. No one could make him feel like she did that first time he met her, he was a total jerk to her and eventually she just stopped calling. Until today, she was giving him a second chance to be with her, and he wasn’t about to let it slip away again. This time he would do things right, fight the darkness inside of him…
    On nights when he was alone, he would sit on the floor in his room. He locked the door and yelled at anyone of his siblings or cousins who came to it to ask him to come out. Even without seeing their faces, he knew it hurt them. He fought with himself constantly; one side of him was insanely jealous and angry that Atalanta was heir and was still convinced it was his right by being born first. That side was always very near the surface and that was the side that snapped and yelled at them; the other side however, his protective side the one that desires most strongly to protect the younger ones rarely got a chance to show anymore. His great-grandfather Dion was the oldest and once his mother told him everything he instantly regretted being selfish about the heir ship.
  • 57. “STTRIIKKEE!!”
    Icarus was brought out of his reverie by her cry of triumph. Here he was, lost in his own head and she was probably worrying about him more and more by the second.
    Icarus: Way to go Cammy!! I should try that out. Can’t have you making me look bad now can I?
    Camilla: So you’re not bored after all?
    Icarus: No, actually it’s nice. I’m sorry for being a dick.
  • 58. Camilla: I’m glad. You had me worried for a while there that I was boring you.
    Icarus: No, never. I was just being stupid. I tend to do that a lot.
    Camilla: This was a good idea after all wasn’t it?
    Icarus: Yeah, we have to remember to let our youngest siblings know that huh?
  • 59. “I really should stop spying on the kids, it’s not very nice of me.” Reias said to himself.
    They, of course, had no idea he was watching them. Like all gods he could hide his presence whenever he wanted to and remain invisible. He did it a lot, more so when his granddaughter Cammy was out on her own. He knew as well as Dione and Darian that she was the most vulnerable to Chaos and a means to get to him, Icarus was the open door into the legacy for Chaos as well. If the two of them can find love with one another then he would have taken two more keys out of the hands of evil and once more protect the newest generation from it.
  • 60. Camilla: Come back to my place, I would love for you to meet my father.
    Icarus: You sure? He won’t chase me off with that lightning rod wand of his will he?
    Camilla: No, of course not. Mom won’t let him.
    Dobby: Dobby would hope so. Dobby’s great granddaughter was always a good girl.
    Camilla: Thank you for the support great-great grandma. See? Even she vouches for her.
  • 61. As Camilla called for the cab, Icarus felt a lot lighter for some reason. The little things that he didn’t care much for before suddenly came alive and danced before his senses. Like the sunlight, it felt warmer, more vibrant. And the smell of roses on the wind, the park across the street looked a lot prettier.
  • 62. He breathed in the scent of the flowers, it was like he was coming out of a long tunnel; exactly as Reias once described his experience after being freed from Chaos’s control. Was he free now too?
    “You wish. I’m still here, you know I am.”
    He knew that cold voice; it was how his darker half spoke in his dreams. He wasn’t free yet, but he couldn’t deny that he did feel its tight, strangling grip loosen ever so slightly on his heart.
  • 63. When they got to her parents’ house, the same feeling returned. There was a good magic around this place; he felt it everywhere. It had to be Solan’s power as a white warlock and a half god. Or it was her touch, something was stirring his weaker good half and he enjoyed it.
    Camilla: I’m glad we let our brother and sister talk us into this aren’t you?
    Icarus: Yeah, definitely.
  • 64. **No real point to this pic, just that Solan cast his Beatificus Locus spell to get rid of the incessant rain clouds and well I love this house that came with Mansions and Gardens, it just looks so pretty with the colours and everything just works.**
  • 65. “OWWW!! DAMNIT AIDEN!!!”
    Back at the house of Koko and Euphoria, things were getting intense with Aiden and Shadow. She should have known better than to challenge a god to Punch You, Punch Me and expect not to get walloped.
    Aiden: Your own fault. You didn’t expect me to go easy just cuz you’re a girl did you?
    Shadow: JERK!! I am so gonna load you down with twenty boxes of all my cool ninja stuff once the truck gets here that’ll show you!!
  • 66. At the new house, Shadow finally got around to explaining what the plan was to try to stop Callisto from killing Nathan.
    Shadow: Can you do that?
    Aiden: I have to. It’s my fault she’s doing this and I have to stop her…even if I have to take her godhood from her to do it.
    Shadow: Can she live without the power your godly blood gives her?
  • 67. Aiden: Her godly blood is what gives her the power to suck out Nathan’s power. She would become entirely mortal and she would eventually start to age normally after a while.
    Shadow: And you’re alright with watching your child age and die right before you eyes?
    Aiden: No, I’m not alright with it; but the point is that it is right to do. If she’s abusing her power then she should no longer be allowed to have it.
    Shadow: And what if she accuses you of being a hypocrite? You abused your power too.
  • 68. Aiden: Are you trying to make me feel worse? I know that!! But this is all I can think of to do that won’t harm her or hurt her. It’s the least painful way to deal with what I’ve created.
    Shadow: Alright, alright chill out I’m just asking all the questions that need to be asked, devil’s advocate you know?
    Shadow: How do you take her godhood away?
  • 69. Aiden: All gods can do it, usually they don’t have to so it’s rarely done. Only under the most extreme of conditions is it performed because it’s essentially tearing out a piece of what made you who you are; splitting the essence of the soul’s power. And it’s painful, but much less so than leaving her to become something much worse after she steals someone’s power. It becomes like a vampiric addiction; once you take someone’s power it’s very hard to stop.
    Shadow: And you let that kind of creature loose on the world. Well done genius.
  • 70. Aiden: That was not necessary, honestly you’re the most infuriating half god I’ve ever met. I already told you I feel guilty enough as is!!
    Shadow grinned; “ I know, but your face is so cute when it’s contorted with guilt.”
    Aiden: Not funny.
    She continued to grin at him.
  • 71. Shadow: But seriously though, it’s a great idea. If the godly blood is what’s enabling her to be this vampiric battery then it’s the thing that we should get rid of first. I just hope that Dalen doesn’t get wind of what you’re planning to do and step in before we can get to her.
    Aiden: I don’t even think he knows I’m back from that damned asteroid where he sent me yet or that I remember everything he did to me.
    Shadow: As long as you’re sure about that…
  • 72. Back at campus…
    The date had a positive effect on Icarus; he even came out to play with his siblings and cousins that night. Dione was secretly proud of the turn-around he made after just one date, she noticed that the black shadow around his eyes was suddenly gone when he came back. A sure sign that the hold of Chaos on him was loosening. But there was still a ways to go the red colour hadn’t left his eyes yet.
  • 73. Their simultaneous football games turned into a late night water balloon fight. For the first time that Atlanta could remember, everything felt just perfect, everyone was getting along with one another; there was no fighting, no threats of violence or any talk of usurping the heir ship to generation seven.
  • 74. They could just be a family for once, siblings and cousins. Enjoying themselves and having fun despite the approaching numbing cold they all felt from being pelted with water balloons at 2 am in the morning. It was of no matter, the warmth in Atalanta’s heart was keeping it at bay.
  • 75. For the first time in what felt like ages, Icarus smiled. This was his Bliss. Family.
    End of Entry Thirty-Seven.
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  • 76. Pleasure + Romance = Oh Noes!!
    Seriously, Shadow tried to stalk him with romantic wants it was difficult to keep the triple bolters away from each other. Aiden and Shadow together would be bad for story and plotz.
    This is the result of my trying to keep elderly Pandora happy, two cats who loathe and despise one another. The same two cats I got for Dione as a child. The two are always fighting so there goes my shot at getting baby kittehs. 