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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 1.5
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The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 1.5


Coming to the brink...

Coming to the brink...

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  • 1. The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga, Chapter 1.5
  • 2. An exiled god is a forgotten god, it is a place that no one ever wants to be sent. It sends you slowly into madness where anything and everything can come out all at once. To be sent to exile is a death sentence for any god, they thrive on the proximity to mortals for their life force. If that’s taken from them, the god will slowly start to die and fade away. But to be sent there by your own father, your family hurts worst of all. Aiden learned the hard way that trying to take on your Chaos infused father alone was a suicide mission. His behaviour has isolated him from anyone who would have helped him, his sister, his lover, his daughter. All he can do now is wait to die, to watch his very existence fade away right before his eyes, all alone…
  • 3. So it’s come to this, exiled. Perhaps I should have seen this coming a mile away, people even tried to warn me against taking on Dalen but I ignored them all. I lied, cheated, stole and acted like an asshole to everyone I loved, this is probably what I deserve…
  • 4. My own child, I’ve turned her into exactly what Dalen turned me into. And I’ll never see her again to make it up to her, to stop her from making the same mistakes I did. And Psyche, oh gods, Psyche. How could I do that to her? She truly loves me and I threw it all away…
  • 5. Would saying I’m sorry do any good now? To say I was an asshole, a jerk and the worst kind of man there is be a confession to be heard? Who would hear it? I’m going to die here, in this black pit of nothingness, small comforts I manage to conjure before my power fades seem pointless now…
  • 6. Mom, Hope, Jason I’m so sorry I treated you so badly. My family, the ones who loved me unconditionally. I was stupid to leave with dad mom, I should have heard your wishes for me to grow up the way you wanted me to, I should have listened. He destroyed me, exiled me, killed my good soul, and I let him do it…
  • 7. I was happy once, innocent once, until he came. I remember when I was so carefree. Nothing bad would ever come to hurt me I remember thinking, I could be a great big brother, have lots of friends who wouldn’t care that I was a young godling…
  • 8. And Jason, oh gods, Jason. I owed you so much than I gave you. I should have protected you better, stopped the Fates from killing you off. I was your big brother it was my job to protect you and I failed that too…
  • 9. It wasn’t your fault, you were the best of us, the least likely to fall like I did. Your heart was bigger and shone brighter than all three of us, you just wanted to help them, the legacy, to survive against our father…
  • 10. I should have died, not you. It should have been my life thread they severed. You would have loved to grow up and meet your niece, my sweet Callisto…
  • 11. Mom, I should have listened to you; you never wanted me to become like him. I was stupid, I had no idea what I had until I lost it. If I knew what it would have done to you…
  • 12. That I would break your heart so much, I never would have left. It’s ironic really, here I am talking to myself and reliving my life like some old reel to reel movie; dictating my own epitaph. No one will ever know how much I regret wasting my life, how much bad I did to the ones who cared for me and who loved me…
  • 13. Hey, what do you know? I do still have a heart to break. I am crying and I never cry, ever. Not even when the Fates killed my brother, not a single drop. My change of heart is only ever going to be seen by me. Well, perhaps this is a fitting punishment for a life squandered. An immortal life too, if I had another chance I would use my life and my power to save the legacy from Chaos, to knock it back into whatever intergalactic hell hole it crawled out of. Too bad…
  • 14. Atalanta: And that’s how my brother made me learn to fly. He just shoved me off the balcony. Sora: Well, at least it worked out for the best right? Atalanta: We should go flying sometime, I think it would be awesome to fly with you. Sora: Yeah sounds good.
  • 15. Atalanta: Is something wrong Sora? You look distracted. Sora: Well, not really but… Atalanta: But what? Sora: Did you not feel it? The loss of another god? He wasn’t a big one, or really that important but we felt the loss all the same. Atalanta: Do you know who it was?
  • 16. Sora: I know who he was, because of my former Mistress. He was her son. Atalanta: Who was your former Mistress? Sora: Mokosh, daughter of Poseidon. Atalanta: Hmm, can’t say I’ve heard of a Mokosh. Reias never mentioned her, nor Diamos. Sora: I just felt his loss because of my Mistress, my connection to her is weaker but it’s still there. The longer I stay here, the more I feel it. Atalanta nodded, she never heard of Mokosh before but the nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach was uncomfortable, what was it? Was she…jealous? No, that was ridiculous why would she be jealous of someone she’s never met?
  • 17. Atalanta: So, what are you going to do? About this missing god? Sora: I don’t know, nothing I suppose. I mean I don’t know where he is or even why he went missing. Atalanta: Besides, you have to try to find Pellas anyway. Is there something coming back to you about that homing beacon thing Botan talked about? Sora: No, nothing. I honestly wish I could say that something was progressing for it, but it’s not. It’s frustrating. Atalanta: Can’t you like, feel her out psychically? You guys can do that right? Sora: Never tried, maybe I should.
  • 18. Atalanta: Go for it. She reached out for his hand, without really thinking about why. Sora: Okay. He closed his eyes and looked for something, anything that could be her energy. He jumped when he caught the wavelength for Drinn, Botan and Lunala and he knew they felt him searching too.
  • 19. Whatever it was, the contact with Atalanta must have been the jumpstart he needed to find the energy trails for the other Adriels. He felt each of the other’s shock at sensing him then mild annoyance from Drinn about it but they did it; they reactivated the homing beacons. Sora: I can sense them, all three of them. But not Pellas…the trail leading to her is blocked by some sort of huge, black obelisk I can’t get around it. Atalanta: So you do need a boost from a Master to get it. Sora: Apparently only one of us needed one.
  • 20. He grinned; Atalanta was struck by how handsome it made him look…oh, no. She suddenly realized she was falling for him, it wasn’t what she wanted to do. Her mother could never marry her father, he was a half god and now…an Adriel, an immortal. He would never age, she would. He would never die, she would. Now she felt what her mother must have felt when she realized this about her father.
  • 21. Sora: Atalanta, what is it? Now you look upset. Atalanta: Umm, it’s—get up for a sec Sora. I want to show you something. Sora: Okay…
  • 22.  
  • 23.  
  • 24. When she finally let him breathe again she wrapped her arms around him. Sora: Not that I’m objecting, but what was that all about? Atalanta: I just had to do it. I don’t know why or how, but I think I’m falling for you. Sora: Atalanta… Atalanta: Call me Lanta, everyone else does. Sora: Lanta, you know what I am. I won’t die, ever. Atalanta: I know, which makes it so hard to think about. Sora: What if you have to carry on the legacy? Atalanta: My father is a half god, did I ever tell you that? My mother loved him even though she knew he would never die and she would. But it didn’t stop her from loving him and having us. Our lives will be slightly longer than an average mortal’s because we are quarter gods. Sora: Are you prepared for where this might go? I mean, your cousins… Atalanta: My cousins got a raw deal with Drinn but now that you’re all back here to stay I don’t think it will matter, you won’t be leaving Earth…right? Sora: Lanta…we…I am not a half god, I’m much more dangerous to have here. I don’t think the gods will want beings around that can kill them, which is why we were all back on Elvendia in the first place. Atalanta: I think the gods have bigger things on their minds than you four right now. Besides, no one ever said you have to be a weapon all the time. Sora placed his forehead against hers; her offer was so tempting, so irresistible to him but could he really let it go as far as she wants it to? This all felt very familiar; Drinn must have had the same thoughts about Helen.
  • 25. Atalanta: Well, even if it’s only for a while. Let me love you. Sora: Lanta… Atalanta knew her mother went through this, her aunt too but at this point, she hardly cared anymore. There was just something about the alien men that drove her and Helen wild. And besides, why not? ******
  • 26. Back on campus… Pollux took her hand, Jane had been the one for him, he knew it. She was amazing, incredible and beautiful. Her adorable shyness made him crazy, also she didn’t seem to mind his unusual coloured eyes and skin either which helped a lot. They both wanted a family, there was nothing more important to them than having children around the house. Their interests also meshed well.
  • 27. Her smile had to be the best thing about her, he thought. Pollux: I can’t wait to graduate, can you? Jane: I look forward to it, though I will be done before you…it’ll be lonely while I wait for you. Pollux: But the reward will be that much better won’t it? Jane blushed; “Yeah, it will. I don’t mind waiting for you.”
  • 28. Pollux: I’ll be out of here before you know it. It won’t seem like long at all. Jane: Yeah, I know and we can still have dates and see each other too so it won’t be so bad. Pollux: See, thinking positive already. He twirled her slowly around, he couldn’t wait to spend his life with her.
  • 29. Back at Legacy Main, the youngest of the main line was about to celebrate becoming a teenager. Her mom bought two kittens for her as a birthday present and they were the cutest things she’d ever seen. A boy and a girl kitty. She was excited but at the same time a little sad, she couldn’t dance on her daddy’s feet anymore or have Grandpa Cupid swing her around she would be too big. Dione had rather grown to like that.
  • 30. Dione looked around at her party guests, her older siblings came home from college just for this and her uncle Perseus, or Diamos, both of them it was exciting.
  • 31. She gladly looked forward to being a teenager, her First Kiss, staying out later, more freedoms. College too, Lanta said it was a lot of fun at college.
  • 32. Atalanta: Way to get an awesome outfit little sis. Dione: Wow, I love it! Lucky me. Iolaus: Now that’s just not fair. Why couldn’t we have gotten awesome clothes?
  • 33. Xenon: You sure you want to be against me? I’m pretty stellar at pool. Dione: I can take you. I’ve watched mom play enough to learn a few things. Xenon: Prove it baby sis. I dare you. Dione: You’re on Fly Boy.
  • 34. Dade: I am most impressed; you have a real talent for billiards. Scholarship worthy I must say. Dione: I told you I was good at learning. Dade: Of that I have no doubt.
  • 35. Her teammate wasn’t half bad either. She was told by Pandora about how her uncle shares his body with their ancestor Diamos, most of the time she only saw her uncle but occasionally his face would show Dee’s. It fascinated her to see how well her uncle took to housing the essence of the god; impressive more like it.
  • 36. Diamos knew how much Perseus’s family meant to him; but lately his tolerance of being home to his energy was dropping faster and faster each time. Perseus kept assuring him that he was fine and he could handle it; but Dee was beginning to doubt it. Perseus was strong, but even he still had limits; he knew it would soon come to critical mass where he would have to leave his body and retreat back to the Astral Realm, if only to save Perseus’s life. He knew as soon as he did, Chaos would go after Reias. Right now Dee’s power was protecting Reias but as soon as it vanishes, Chaos will try to take him…like it did to Dalen and Talia. Yes, he had known that for a while now he felt their energy darken and suddenly the blockade was put up; the thing, a Dark Obelisk. He could no longer sense Dalen or Talia.
  • 37. Did he tell them about Dalen and Talia? Or would that make them lose all hope of getting the Triad together again? Secrets and lies were never good things to build trust on, their trust meant a lot to Dee; they were his family. He knew he would soon have to leave Perseus for his own safety, Dee feared that he would suffer terrible withdrawal when he did pull his energy out, he had been inside him for years now, ever since the triplets were kids. Perseus’s body had grown dependant on his essence by now, leaving could be just as dangerous as staying…
  • 38. When one ages up another is just beginning their journey. Over at the apartment of Orpheus and his wife Daisy, their place was filled with the small cries of a newborn baby boy. A late comer to generation six, little Corsica had his mother’s hair and daddy’s eyes. Tavi and Meadow finally had their first grandbaby and they couldn’t be more thrilled, except maybe…
  • 39. … by the close arrival of their second grandbaby. A little girl with her father’s hair and eyes, Mycene was going to be the apple of her daddy’s eye. Pyrrah was so happy to have a little one to care for. Though their quaint little house would need an extension built for her daughter’s new nursery. Life was good…
  • 40. For a while anyway. Atropos sat stone still in the Chamber of Sorrows, lost in thought. She was quickly scanning all the life threads that were slated to be severed by her. Her eyes darted back and forth underneath her eye lids as she scanned them. There was one in particular she was searching for, one that had been eluding her for far too long…
  • 41. Her eyes flew open, on the Mirrors of Reflection before her she had located the one mortal who she had been searching for all this time. Helen Reed. The mortal whom had birthed the heathen twins, the ones that she could not find. But her life thread was as clear as crystal to her, the mother was born on Earth.
  • 42. Her eyes, now darkened by the influence of Chaos stared unblinkingly at the window of the happy, young lovers. She spoke in Ancient Greek, the incantation: **Μια ζωή ατελείωτη ως ροή ενός ποταμού πρέπει τώρα να φραχθεί και να κόψει, από τη θέληση Atropos έτσι αυτό θα γίνει. ** **(A life unending as the flow of a river must now be dammed and cut off, by the will of Atropos so this shall be done. Courtesy of Yahoo Babel fish, may not be entirely accurate.)**
  • 43. Just as she had said good night to Serena, she was getting ready for bed when suddenly she felt numb, like she had been resting too long on one arm. The look of realization dawned in her green eyes, it was not just numbness she felt. “ Goderic…I don’t feel so well.”
  • 44. Helen barely registered a movement out of the corner of her eye, no…don’t let her see this…please. Serena: Mommy…MOMMY!!! NOOO!!
  • 45.  
  • 46.  
  • 47. Goderic barely managed to recollect himself long enough to hold his daughter. She was crying, and heaving heavy breaths. She had just seen something no child should ever have to see, a parent die right in front of them. He tried to calm her, but he was having trouble controlling himself in front of her. This was not right, it won’t remain this way…
  • 48. He took the night to collect himself, the next morning while Serena remained upstairs in bed, asleep; he made the call while she slept, he wouldn’t let Helen die like this not when he could do something about it.
  • 49. Goderic: YOU!! YOU BRING HER BACK RIGHT NOW!! Reias was taken aback by his sudden attack; he barely knew anything about Goderic, only that he was dating Helen. “Bring who back? What are you talking about?” Goderic: Helen, she died!! You bring her back right now. You’re the family’s guardian it’s your job!! Reias: Whoa, hold up a second. I have no idea what happened to her, I didn’t do it. She wasn’t on my Soul Collection list.
  • 50. Goderic: You’re the fucking God of the Dead, how can you NOT know she was dead? What the hell are you doing down there? Reias: Firstly, I am not the God of Dead, my father is; and secondly I really didn’t know and if you would stop screaming like a lunatic and tell me what the hell happened, then maybe we can figure out what happened to her.
  • 51. Goderic: She—she just got up holding her wrist, the look in her eyes scared me she looked terrified…then she, she just fell down dead. Right in front of me and our daughter who happened to wander in at the wrong time. Reias was stunned; and angry. He knew only Atropos had the power to kill a mortal off before it was their time to go. But she would never do that…unless Zeus ordered it. He figured Zeus would hardly care enough to order the termination of a mortal like that, so the only other explanation is Chaos got them, the Fates are under its control and that was very dangerous.
  • 52. Goderic was waiting for him to reply. But how to tell him? Reias: The only one who can kill a mortal like that without having their name on my list is Atropos and she wouldn’t do it unless ordered by Zeus. Goderic: So Zeus ordered her killed then? Why? Reias: No, not Zeus. He could really care less about some mortal who doesn’t bother him, no this has to be Chaos. It’s the only other thing powerful enough to control gods. Goderic: Can you bring her back or not? That’s all I care about right now.
  • 53. Reias: I have to find her soul first but I will bring her back. I refuse to lose another Reed child under my care unless it’s their natural time to go. Until I find it, don’t let anything take her urn, okay? Goderic: I won’t. I have it in my possession where it’s safe. I can’t let anything happen to her. Reias: Thank you. And really, you should go look after Serena. She needs her father right now. I will take care of it, you take care of her. Goderic: I will. I’m sorry about attacking you the way I did, I just didn’t know what else to do. Reias: I understand. It’s alright.
  • 54. Reias was right, she did need her father right now. The trauma of seeing her mother die like that will never go away but he can be there for her to help her through the pain, after all it is his pain too. He managed to make her smile when he told her what Reias was going to do, that helped tremendously.
  • 55. Reias just reappeared in Tartarus and as soon as he did, his aunt Celesta was there waiting for him, something told him this wasn’t going to be good news. Reias: Aunt Celesta? What’s wrong? Celesta: It’s—it’s Hades. Reias felt a chill crawl down his spine, what now? Reias: What about my father?
  • 56. Celesta: Your mother is with him, but something’s wrong with his eyes… Reias groaned; not him too…how many of the gods is Chaos going to take? Celesta continued; “She’s afraid it might be Chaos, and that anyone of us could be next.”
  • 57. Hades had indeed fallen under Chaos and its power. The same shadowing of the eyes and the colour change were present, his father’s blue eyes now bore the same black, crawling haze over a purple iris. Chaos was taking and controlling all the key players that would put up any kind of fight against it; the Fates, Dalen, Talia, and now Hades. It even had its tendrils in Icarus as well; it holds all the powerful cards and the side of good was quickly losing ground. He knew the only thing keeping him safe from Chaos taking him again was Dee’s power. As soon as that fades, he’s as good as gone too.
  • 58. Reias: Roxie, baby you know what’s going on don’t you? Roxie: Yes, I do. What do you need me to help with? Reias: Dee’s power is the only thing keeping Chaos from reclaiming me but he’s really starting to drain all of Perseus’s energy and ability to sustain his essence. Once Dee’s powers are returned to the Astral Realm I’ll be a big target. It will take a strong positive power to pull me back and you are the only one who can do it, the only one strong enough to save me. If it takes me, I need you to bring me back as fast as you can. Roxie: Of course, honey I won’t let it take you back.
  • 59. Reias pulled her close and kissed her deeply. His wife, his lover, the mother of his son; if anyone had the power to protect him it was her. Chaos cannot take control of Rebirth as well, all hope would be gone if it did. He knew this, and it still terrified him. The last thing he wanted was to hurt Roxie or Solan while under Chaos’s control. Then a frightening thought crossed his mind; what if Chaos used Hades to hurt his mother to force him to give himself over to it? Would Chaos really think of doing that? ******
  • 60. Part B: Coming to the Brink
  • 61. Two months later… Dade had heard about the famed Well Drop program from a few of the other students at the Quad. He was interested in the science behind it and how it knows who your perfect match would be without any information about your desires whatsoever. It was a scientific curiosity that he set out to solve, and the best way to solve a problem is to test its variables. He tossed in a dinar to see who the Well would drop for him.
  • 62. The Well dropped him a beautiful blond woman with unusual purple eyes onto the grass. After the daze of being dropped wore off, she came over to him and kissed him. While he was stunned by her sudden movement, he found it to be an oddly pleasurable experience to go through. And he was smitten with her. He didn’t even notice his brother standing there waiting for his attention.
  • 63. Eventually though, Iolaus took the hint and left him alone. And well, they ended up in his room…alone. Ariella looked wary but eventually came around to him. Another scientific curiosity he had to investigate…afterwards.
  • 64. Dade: Why did you drag me to this place? It was quite rude of you to do so while I was entertaining company. Xenon: Dude, please. Don’t need the mental image of my brother doing the Mattress Mambo…it’s disturbing. Dade: What is it that you wish to deliberate with me?
  • 65. Xenon: It’s Icarus. I am seriously worried about him. He’s not just being his usual ass-like self, he’s gone completely freak. He verbally went after Adonis, the dormie dude upstairs, for talking to Lanta. Then went for her too. Dade: I see. So it is escalating. I was fearful of such a turn of events. Xenon: What do we do about it? Dade: I am still not quite sure myself. I have been contemplating the situation for some time now…
  • 66. Xenon: Say, is that dad? Dade: Yes, it is. How embarrassing. Xenon: Ditto man. You think he saw us? Dade: It is likely; or perhaps he did not notice us.
  • 67. Dade left for the bathroom, Xenon decided to scope the room and look for some hottie. Melissa was pretty high on that scale, his Romancer senses were tingling…
  • 68. Was she here with the girl? Interesting…
  • 69. Dade: Do not tell me grandfather that you are here to watch us as well… Cupid: No, just hanging you know. Looks like Xenon might have found someone, how about you? Dade: I am fine, are you here to see what we are up to? Cupid: Can’t a guy come down to Earth just to hang?
  • 70. Dade: You are no mere “guy” grandfather. Cupid: Ouch boy. Well okay, maybe I came to check on you guys. Not to mess with your love lives or anything though mind you. But we know Chaos loves to take people with dark urges and desires to use against us and Love is a powerful, positive force that can give you some protection from its influences. Dade: Xenon and I have no such things. We are aware of what feeds it, we are actually trying to formulate a strategy to recover Icarus from its influence. Did Reias not tell you this?
  • 71. Cupid: Umm, no he failed to mention something as important as that. Damn that kid…this is my family we’re talking about here and he couldn’t even do me the courtesy of telling me what was going on!! Dade: I do not even think father knows. Reias has not informed him either. I believe that it might be his effort to make amends for uncle Paris. Cupid: I’m still gonna kick his ass for this though. Thanks for telling me kid…oh by the way, I really like that Ariella girl, you hang onto her okay? I’ll even personally bless her for you. Dade: I appreciate that.
  • 72. Back on campus… Drinn hated this idea; loathed it more like. He did not want to come all the way here and have to face them, his sons. Helen’s death nearly killed him when he found out about it, then anger replaced the pain when he found out about the mortal Goderic and their child. Still angry, but it mixed with guilt now. What was he going to say to them?
  • 73. Drinn swallowed but placed his hands firmly on his hips, if only to stop their shaking. Pollux: What do you want? Drinn: I came to see you boy. Do you know who I am? Pollux: Unfortunately, and I repeat with emphasis, what the hell do you want?
  • 74. Castor: YOU!! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT HERE? Drinn: You must be his twin. Castor: You sure have a set of brass balls coming here!! Give me one damn good reason why I shouldn’t knock your teeth right out of your head?!!? Drinn: You can try, if you want to break your hand a couple of times.
  • 75. Pollux placed his headphones in and tried to block out their fight. Castor may be his twin and just as nice but he still hated what their father did to them. He abandoned their mother when she was carrying them and now he shows up after they hear that the only parent they ever knew was killed by the Fates. What did he really hope to accomplish with them now? Drinn: I want to explain why I wasn’t here and where I was all your lives. Castor: Why should I care now? The only parent who truly loved us is dead!! Drinn immediately flared up; “ I didn’t know she was pregnant!! I had no idea!!” He yelled. Castor: Well isn’t that nice, is that what you tell yourself at night to sleep better? Drinn: I don’t fucking sleep at all!! I can’t!! Castor: Good. You shouldn’t be allowed to. Drinn: Look, I loved your mother a lot; more than you can even begin to imagine. You have no idea at all what it was like for me before her. Castor: Why should I care? I don’t even know you. Drinn: I’m your father. All you have. Castor: I have aunt Pandora, uncle Perseus and my cousins, they’re my family. Drinn: I don’t expect you to jump right in and go fishing with me straight away, all I want is a chance to explain; please. “ Castor?” He turned, Atalanta was behind him. Castor: What? Atalanta: Give him a chance, please? Castor sighed; when she begged him like that he couldn’t say no. Drinn: Thank you.
  • 76. Drinn sat down, he started at the beginning; how he was created, what he was created for and why he came back. He explained briefly about the events of Amber Dawn and what happened with Dalen. The news was earth shattering to his sons; they had no idea what he carried around with him, Pollux nearly let a tear slide out when he got to the part about what their mother did for him.
  • 77. Drinn: So now you know. Everything. And I have to ask, do you still want to knock my teeth out Castor? Castor: I—I had no idea what you went through or even how long you’ve been alive, it’s hard to deal with. Though I don’t know if I’m ready to get to know you yet, I need some space to think. Pollux: We thought you were dead, mom could never tell us where you were. Drinn: She didn’t even know herself. I left without even a good bye to her. And now I’ll never get the chance to apologize to her for it… Shouting, and sounds of a fight got them to their feet.
  • 78. Atalanta: PLEASE!! STOP IT!! She buried her face in her hands; the scene in front of her was something she couldn’t bear to watch. Icarus, oh gods why? Why would he do this to her?
  • 79. The attack was totally unprovoked; Icarus just snapped and started going after Sora. No amount of shouting from her would stop them, she couldn’t stand to see her lover and her brother fighting so horribly…
  • 80. Sora never felt such rage; anger from a mortal before. Chaos flared in Icarus’s eyes; deadly and powerful. He could just barely defend himself. He could hear Atalanta screaming and crying but he couldn’t spare a glance to check on her.
  • 81. Icarus eventually stopped; the rage still flared in his eyes. Sora was still shocked by his attacks but he had no broken skin or bruises. He had restrained himself from using his full power on Icarus, Atalanta was watching so were her other siblings and cousins. Sora: Icarus, don’t let Chaos win. Icarus: HOW??!! HOW ARE YOU NOT EVEN SCRATCHED???WHAT ARE YOU??!! Sora: I’m an Adriel Icarus; you can’t hurt me no matter what you do to me. Icarus: Bow Guardian, my revenge upon this hapless planet is at hand and you have nothing to save you this time…I will win, I will not be deterred. Icarus blinked; like he had no idea what just happened. Sora knew that he had just heard the voice of Chaos, because Icarus didn’t know he was the Bow Adriel guardian.
  • 82. Atalanta ran over to and hugged him tightly. He was sorry she had to see that. Atalanta: I was so scared; I’ve never seen him act like that before!! Are you alright? Sora: Lanta, no mortal can hurt me. Even one with godly blood. It wasn’t your brother who did it though. Atalanta clenched her jaw. “Chaos?” Sora: Yes, I’m sorry but it has him. Atalanta: I’m scared…really scared Sora. Sora: I know baby, I know.
  • 83. Atalanta wanted him to stay the night at least with her it reassured her that he was alright. Also she was still a little shook up from seeing him fight with her brother, it was a comfort for her. He wasn’t really comfortable with it, but if it made her feel better he was willing to do it. It worried him that she might want to carry on the legacy with him, then he would be faced with the same problem as Drinn had with his twins. Sora didn’t want to think about that right now though.
  • 84. The next morning he had hoped to sneak out unnoticed from Lanta’s room but he failed, Xenon was right there waiting for him. Xenon: Just so you know, I like you Sora. But don’t hurt my sister, or I might have to beat you. Sora: I wouldn’t worry about that happening. I love her, a lot. Xenon: Stay out of Icarus’s line of fire and you’ll be good. Sora: I plan to, don’t worry about that.
  • 85. Xenon: Dade and I are trying to figure out how to get Icarus back from Chaos and so far we’ve come to a dead end. You think you can help us out with anything, I mean you know what Chaos is capable of better than we do. Sora: Chaos killed hundreds of thousands of Elvendians, mortals and demons alike it was indiscriminate about who it killed. The five of us Guardians barely managed to survive, we thought it would kill us too. We stopped it once, 2000 years ago but that war weakened us so much we all ended up back in weapon form and couldn’t awaken again.
  • 86. Xenon: Until Dalen and his friends found you. Right? Sora: Right. Amber Dawn wasn’t as bad as the Demon and Chaotic wars but it was still a battle. Then we find out Chaos is free again, and we have no Triad of Power to fight it with this time. The four of us can’t take on both Chaos and Pellas without dying ourselves, they’re too strong. We need Pellas back and that itself is a long battle, Chaos learned how to beat us this time, it remembers. Xenon: I see. So that doesn’t really tell me how to get it out of my brother. Sora: All I can recommend is a very powerful positive force, something that he can’t deny or block out. Positive energy is the only way we know of to fight it with. Xenon: That’s exactly what Reias told Dade to use, are you sure there’s nothing else you can remember? Anything? Sora: I’m sorry, I wish I could be of more help to you Xenon.
  • 87. To get his mind off of Icarus for the time being, he called up Heather for a date. At the local karaoke bar, he didn’t really want to sing but she insisted on an old song from movie he’d never heard of before. I got chills, they’re multiplyin’ and I’m losin’ control Cause the power you’re supplin’ is electrifyin’…
  • 88. You better shape up, cause I need a man, And my heart is set on you You better shape up, you better understand To my heart I must be true Nothing left, nothing left for me to do…
  • 89. You’re the one that I want, (you’re the one that I want) ooh, ooh, ooh honey The one that I want ,(you are the one I want) Ooh, ooh, ooh honey The one I need (the one I need) Oh yes indeed (oh yes indeed)…
  • 90. If you’re filled with affection You’re too shy to convey Meditate my direction, feel your way…
  • 91. I better shape up, Cause you need a man I need a man, Who can keep me satisfied I better shape up, if I’m gonna prove, that my fate is justified Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure, deep down inside…
  • 92. You’re the one that I want (you are the one I want), ooh, ooh, ooh honey The one that I want ( you are the one I want) Ooh, ooh, ooh honey, The one I need (the one I need) Oh yes indeed (oh yes indeed) Song: You’re the One That I Want Artist(s): John Travolta and Olivia Newton John Movie: Grease (1977) (If you don’t know that by the first line get with the program. Hehe.)
  • 93. They headed to dinner next at One-Twenty-Five Café, Xenon was asking her about the song, she looked at him oddly. Heather: How can you like, not know Grease? It’s a classic. Xenon: Moreover, how do you know it? I’ve never even heard of it. Heather: Film and Lit class, duh. Didn’t you like it? Xenon: Didn’t say that. I just never thought much about stuff like that.
  • 94. Hearing her talk about some old American film made him feel even more disconnected from the real world than before. With everything that’s been going on, he realized how desperately he needed to get outside of his own isolated existence even for a little while, if only to gain perspective on things that were troubling him.
  • 95. Xenon: You think you could teach me more about it? Heather: Zee, of course I’d like love to. Xenon didn’t really care that she called him Zee, but it was a little odd. It’s not like they’re exclusively dating, maybe she thought they were.
  • 96. For Heather though, having Xenon with her made her look so cool in front of her sorority sisters, make them jealous even. He was rich, cute and the wings were adorable, she still couldn’t figure out where the straps were that held them on were, she tried to look a few times but never found them. Once she got him to third base she’d find out how he did it. If only she knew…
  • 97. Heather: The Tri-Vars are having a soiree soon for the upcoming Festival of Dionysus, I’d like love it if you came Zee. Xenon: Like a party? What’s a soiree? Heather: Duh, it’s French. Xenon: What is it though? Heather: Like, I dunno. So are you going to come or not?
  • 98. Xenon: Sure, what the hell? Heather: Stellar. “ I’m so gonna nail him, find out about those wings” She thought to herself. Xenon: Can my sister and brothers come? Heather knew about his sister, she didn’t really know her and his brothers aren’t that cute but she should let him bring them anyway. “ Like, sure. Okay.”
  • 99. Heather: Your brothers aren’t like weird are they? That would totally suck. Xenon: Weird? What do you mean? Heather: The one with the glasses, I heard he’s like a super nerd. Does he act weird? Xenon: Heather, is this whole thing just a popularity stunt? Heather: What? No, like totally not. It’s for the festival.
  • 100. Heather: Let’s have one more dance before we go? Please Zee? Xenon: Okay… He had a nagging feeling she might be using him for something other than what she said by the abrupt change in subject but he really didn’t want to call her on it just yet, he figured he’d take the wait and see approach instead.
  • 101. He hardly noticed Reias standing behind them, watching. Reias was doing his rounds, checking on the kids to make sure things were alright with them. Xenon looked fine with the girl he was with, something to use to defend against Chaos with if it ever came up. She looked nice enough for him.
  • 102. Xenon might be the key to keeping the kids together, his potential was clear and shone brightly even to Reias. He didn’t know it for sure yet, but he suspected, that at least one of the kids would inherit some of Dee’s powers. Even when they were young, Atalanta and Xenon in particular could see Diamos when he was in Perseus, even after they got older. Their ability to see him remained. Diamos told him this earlier, he had a strong feeling about them.
  • 103. It gave him comfort to know that the two of them could still see Diamos in his natural form. If Perseus can no longer handle his essence, then at least from the Astral Realm he could talk to Xenon and Atalanta. Reias had a feeling the time was coming very soon when Dee would have to pull out of Perseus. ******
  • 104. At Sim State… Lyssa strummed away on the campus lounge’s old guitar, starting out in college with her scholarship money only went so far. Her cousin’s old place needed some work, actually a lot. The placeholder they left there had let it fall apart and it cost her and her sibling’s a pretty penny to fix it up to liveable standards again. Oh, the placeholder Mya got an earful from Alex about it. But now that was not on her mind, all she wanted was to play.
  • 105. She played on, but also had a ear open to the loud gossiping of Heather. Heather: And it’s like totally tragic. Zee lost his aunt just like that. I heard that she pissed off the gods somehow and Atropos cut her off. Tattooed Dormie: Uh huh… Lyssa mistruck a chord at the mention of Zee. She had heard Heather like to call Xenon Reed by that annoying nickname, she had met his brother Iolaus when she was in high school.
  • 106. She had heard once about something her father did when he was in college, her grandfather Jonah was killed and her father was obsessed with trying to find a way to bring him back; to reunite her grandfather and grandmother again. He raided the Secret Society at Academie Le Tour to get the Bone Phone to bring him back with. Lyssa always had a crush on Iolaus, ever since she saw him that day in their history class but she never had the nerve to ask him out or really get to know him that well. If she could get the Bone Phone from here…maybe she could help him out.
  • 107. Lyssa finished the song, and started to think about how to get in. She already knew one of the members, one-third of what was required for admittance. She needed two more endorsements to get in…
  • 108. It took some creative ingenuity and vigorous phone-stalking but she eventually made it in. Though the Chicken Scratch Peck thing that the recruiter did was still as freaky as ever.
  • 109. For a Secret Society, getting into it wasn’t exactly that hard…Alex sniggered as she was hauled off into the waiting black stretch limo. Alex: Bring us back a nice cow plant would ya sis? This place needs some excitement. Lyssa: Yeah, yeah.
  • 110. She did get the Bone Phone, but stopped off to make some spending money before she left. They could use the cash after all. Lyssa: I wonder if this gets me a one way ticket to the Asphodel Caverns? Or does it not work like that? Oh well.
  • 111. The next morning she called Iolaus over, she was nervous and the butterflies in her stomach threatened to make her lose her breakfast. But it was a small discomfort to bear if it would make him happy with her. Lyssa: I—umm, I got you something Iolaus. I hope it helps you out. Iolaus: Help me with what? Lyssa: Umm, with your aunt. Iolaus: Lyssa, you didn’t have to do this, really. Lyssa: I wanted to, are you mad?
  • 112. Iolaus: No; I’m not mad it’s just how did you know about my aunt? Lyssa: Never let anything slip out when Heather’s around, it’ll never stay secret for long. Iolaus: Thank you Lyssa, I appreciate it. Lyssa: You’re welcome.
  • 113. She chanced a closer hug, the worst that could happen was he’d push her off him but she had a feeling he wouldn’t. And he smelled good too, she loved it; it was like a dream come true for her, she’s wanted to get closer to him for a long time now.
  • 114. For Iolaus, he thought she had another reason to do this for him. He knew she liked him, truth was he felt the same about her. But they were both so shy that neither of them were going to make the first move. He was impressed she managed to make the first move, he respected her for going to such lengths to help him out.
  • 115. Back on the main lot… Dione: Wow, that thing really works doesn’t it Darien? Darien: Hehe, yeah. I never get used to it though. Dione: So, are you getting ready for college too? I can’t wait to go. Darien: Yep, I’ve been waiting for the end of the year to go. Just got one more scholarship to get.
  • 116. Dione had one more in mind to get too, the Alien one. She wanted to be the first one to get it in her family. She chose the Knowledge life path for a reason, this was it. Though she did wonder if it was too close to daylight for them to come…
  • 117. Apparently not. Just as she was about to stop, they came. Now came the fun part.
  • 118. Or not. That was nothing like what she thought, pervy aliens… she wanted to learn all she could about them but all they wanted was other stuff. Good thing she wasn’t a boy, that would have sucked far worse than it did. Pandora laughing at her misfortune was hardly nice, but then again her mother was not all that nice anyway at times.
  • 119. Pandora: Serves you right baby girl!! HAHA!! Oh that’s classic. Dione: MOOMM!! That’s not funny!!! ******
  • 120. I thought I’d end on a kinda happy note there, Dione is off to college with Darien and the ones already there have much to tell her when she arrives. Also: Notice the reflection of the crescent moon in the pool water, but when I look up to get a cooler shot of it, it’s not even there. Why? I wanted that cool shot. *sad face* End of Entry Thirty-Four.